Subjects of Google Chrome. In addition to its undeniable speed in the loading of web pages and very useful functions, such as the synchronization of favorites and browsing data between multiple devices, Google Chrome it is also very successful because it is an extremely customizable browser. And I am not referring only to the possibility of installing extensions capable of expanding its functionality, but also to its themes, which allow you to "dress" the program interface as you prefer.

Would you also like to change the look of your browser and customize the color of the tabs, the title bar or the background of the home page?

So here is all the information you need to download Google Chrome Themes (or even create new ones) in just a few clicks. All for free, of course. I also won't stop explaining how to use the 'standard' built-in themes in the mobile version of Chrome to Android y iPhone.

Google Chrome themes: what they are

Before entering the article, it seems correct to explain what are the themes for Google Chrome. As I already mentioned in the introduction, the themes are nothing more than customizations that are applied to the graphical interface of Chrome, which allow you to make it more pleasant and fun.

The desktop version of Google Chrome, available for Windows, Mac OSLinux, offers the ability to easily install many ready-to-use themes.

As for the mobile version of Chrome, available for Android and iOS / iPadOS, however, it is not possible to download themes - all you can do is set the system theme light or dark.

Google Chrome Themes: Free Download

Now is the time to get down to business and see how to do free download themes for google chrome and how to create your own.

Google Chrome Themes for PC

If you want to download themes for Google Chrome on PC, don't think twice and link to the Chrome Web Store page, which lists the best styles to customize the look of the browser.

So use the drop down menu Categories (on the left) to browse topics by category and used by section Qualifications Identify the issues that have received the most recognition from the community.

Once done, go to the search for the theme to apply to Chrome, scrolling through the displayed page, to identify the type of theme of interest.

If you have opted to view all topics or if you have opted to view third-party topics, you will notice that these are organized into very specific categories (eg. Dark and black themes, contains dark themes; Space exploration contains themes inspired by the universe; Minimal themes, contains "essential" and "clean" themes; A touch of color, contains themes rich in colorful elements, etc.).

Once you have identified the topic of your interest, click on your miniature, to see a larger preview, and proceed to its application by clicking the button Add which is in the upper right.

If you are not satisfied with the result, click the button Cancel that appears at the top, to restore the theme you had previously.

Alternatively, to return Chrome to its default appearance (without any themes), click the button located in the upper right, select configurations from the open menu and scroll down the displayed page until you find the section Appearance.

Finally click the button Restore default settings.

Google Chrome Custom Themes

Regarding the creation of Google Chrome custom themes, know that it is possible to publish them in the Chrome virtual store (Google browser extensions and themes store).

How is its creation done? Themes must be created as if they were real extensions and for this you must use the file format manifest.json.

Below you will find a simple example of how it should be structured, but since creating a custom theme is a complex operation, I recommend that you also consult Google's guide for developers, to better understand the theme.

"version": "2.6",
"name": "Tema Chrome Personalizzato",
"theme": {
"images" : {
"theme_frame" : "images/theme_frame.png",
"theme_frame_overlay" : "images/theme_overlay.png",
"theme_toolbar" : "images/theme_toolbar.png",
"theme_ntp_background" : "images/theme_ntp_background_norepeat.png",
"theme_ntp_attribution" : "images/attribution.png"
"colors" : {
"frame" : [71, 105, 91],
"toolbar" : [207, 221, 192],
"ntp_text" : [20, 40, 0],
"ntp_link" : [36, 70, 0],
"ntp_section" : [207, 221, 192],
"button_background" : [255, 255, 255] },
"tints" : {
"buttons" : [0.33, 0.5, 0.47] },
"properties" : {
"ntp_background_alignment" : "bottom"

After creating a theme, you need to log into the Chrome developer panel, log into your developer account (if you don't know, the developer accounts are linked to your Google account) and click the button add new item to insert a new item (in this case, a theme) in the Chrome Web Store.

If this is your first time doing this, remember to accept Google's development agreement (which requires, among other things, the payment of U.S. dollar 5 when a new item is published).

Then click the button Choose the file and go to the location on your PC where the file is saved ZIP related to your custom theme and upload it.

Now you just have to enter all the information about the topic you are uploading, pay the commission of $ 5 to proceed with its publication (subsequent uploads are free) and click on the corresponding publication button.

However, when it comes to the actual realization of the subject, it is possible to trust some Online services useful for this purpose.

Some of these are very easy to use and are also free, but I don't recommend using them because they often have security concerns or require some commitment in terms of privacy to be used.

Android and iPhone

Now let's talk about Google Chrome themes for Android and iPhone. As I already told you in the previous lines, the version of Chrome for Android and iOS / iPadOS does not offer the possibility of applying the same themes available on its desktop counterpart.

The only thing you can do is select one of the two available default themes: light and dark.

To continue Android, launch Chrome on your mobile device, press the ⋮ icon located at the top right and touch the item configurations in the open menu.

Now, locate the entrance Themes placed at the bottom of the screen that opens and clicks on it.

Then select the topic you prefer: default, to activate the dark theme when the power saving option is activated on the device; Clear, to activate the clear theme, u Dark, to activate the dark theme.

iPhone or iPad

Do you use the Chrome version for iPhone o iPad ?

In this case, know that the activation of the dark theme occurs only by activating the Dark mode (Available from iOS / iPadOS 13 ).

To activate it, go to Settings> Display and brightness and select the option Clear if you intend to clarify the issue u Dark to set the dark theme.

Forward ON the switch lever located in correspondence with the wording Automatic. Instead, you can make the dark theme apply from dusk to dawn or set a custom time.

Alternatively, to activate dark mode, invoke the Control center of iOS by sliding your finger down from the upper right corner (in iPhone X and later models and iPad) or from the bottom up (on iPhone 8/8 Plus and earlier models), press and hold your finger on the brightness adjustment bar and touch the button Dark mode.