Guide to all the village missions in Monster Hunter Rise. As in previous titles in this saga, to progress in your adventure you must complete a series of missions, divided into village missions and hunting base. In this guide to all village missions in Monster Hunter Rise We list them and what you must get to complete them.

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Guide to all the village missions in Monster Hunter Rise, full list

The twins Hinoa and Minoto will be in charge of the missions in Monster Hunter Rise. To start a mission, simply talk to them.

  • hinoa: It is located in the center of Kamura and will order you the missions of the village in Monster Hunter Rise. They are tied to the main story of the game and can only be approached by a single player.
  • minoto: He's in the meeting room and takes care of the hunting missions in Monster Hunter Rise. The missions are more complex so are activated only in multiplayer mode.

Village missions in Monster Hunter Rise

The village missions in Monster Hunter Rise begin at level one, once you overcome them it will reveal more challenging missions, until Hinoa offers you special tests. Completing missions will reward you by instantly increasing your mission rank, in addition to obtaining new tools or features to use in the following areas.

In order to create objects or orbs for your armor, you must accept secondary missions that will also be offered by the twins Hinoa and Minoto.

Missions 1 ★

  • Chinese lanterns everywhere
    • Deliver 8 lanterns of fire
  • Fungal frustration
    • Deliver 8 mushrooms discounts
  • Outlaws in the temple
    • Kill 8 Jagras
  • Work in progress
    • Kill 8 Izuchi

Jagras Monster Hunter Rise missions

Missions 2 ★

  • A ferocious glutton
    • Hunt an Arzuros
  • Soft and juicy
    • Deliver 10 rafts
  • Ice paradise
    • Kill 10 Baggi
  • Out of action
    • Hunt a Great Baggi
  • Furious rabbit
    • Hunt a Lagombi
  • Great Izuchi, great pain
    • Hunt a great Izuchi
  • Insect disgust
    • Kill 14 Altaroth or Bnahabra in total
  • Mmmh, we haven't arrived yet
    • Deliver 3 Popu

Monster hunter rise

Missions 3 ★

  • Impossible to digest
    • Hunt a tetranadon
  • How to walk on eggs
    • Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Dirty game
    • Hunt a Barroth
  • Such a teacher, such a monster
    • Hunt a great Wroggi
  • Sponge oasis
    • Hunt a Royal Ludroth
  • Feathered frenzy
    • Hunt an Aknosom
  • Refueling mission
    • Deliver 6 ingredients classics by dango
  • Faceless monsters
    • Hunt a Khezu
  • The cactus diet
    • Deliver 10 Cactus Trinkets
  • The Mystery of the Plains
    • Kill 14 Jaggi or Jaggia in total.
  • The shadow of the past
    • Deliver 10 prisms simple
  • The ladies of the lake
    • Kill 10 Ludroth
  • Infernal tear
    • Hunt a Somnacanth
  • Raging blizzard
    • Hunt a Barioth
  • The Queen's Advance
    • Hunt a Rathian
  • Creeping shadows
    • Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi
  • Chronicles of Lava and Fire
    • Hunt a Volvidon
  • Control track
    • Hunt a Basarios
  • Monkey wrench in the works
    • Hunt a Bishaten
  • Recover the ingredients
    • Deliver 6 ingredients secrets by dango
  • A poisonous project
    • Hunt a Pukei-Pukei
  • It takes guts!
    • Deliver 5 guts monster
  • Hot to melt the griddle
    • Deliver 12 pieces of coal
  • Best mission
    • Kill 10 Rachnoids
  • Third drawback
    • Hunt all monsters assigned

Missions 5 ★

  • Wyvern as fast as the wind
    • Hunt a Nargacuga
  • An electrifying idea
    • Hunt a Zinogre
  • Night hound
    • Hunt an Anjanath
  • Waltz in the moonlight
    • Hunt a Mizutsune
  • Beware of the Rathalos
    • Hunt a Rathalos
  • Punishment
    • Hunt a Magnamalo
  • The secret ingredient
    • Capture a Sonacanto
  • A monstrous dilemma
    • Hunt a Khezu and a Somnacanth
  • Annoying monsters
    • Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku and an Anjanath
  • Two exalted
    • Hunt a Tetranadon and a Volvidon

Missions 6 ★

  • Swamp hermit
    • Hunt an Almudron
  • Abominable Snow Beast
    • Hunt a Goss Harag
  • Thunderous voice
    • Hunt a Tigrex
  • Twisted wish
    • Hunt a devil
  • Courage test
    • Hunt the Magnamalo and a Zinogre
  • Like lightning
    • Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi and a Mizutsune
  • Destroyers of heaven and earth
    • Hunt a Rathalos and a Tigrex

This is ours guide to all village missions in Monster Hunter Rise they are very important to advance the history of this video game. You can also check more guides here all weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.