Hair application

Your friends have recommended you a new hairdresser, but you hesitate a bit about the idea of ​​thinning your beloved long hair. I'd be tempted to just give it a cut and ask the hairdresser to reproduce that long bob that is so fashionable. But what if you actually delete it? that pixie cut it could fit your face shape well.

Okay, I get it, you're an eternally indecisive person when it comes to hair, but that's exactly why you need my help. Apart from the fashion tips, what most worries my field of action is the technology. Precisely for this reason, I want to recommend the installation and use of some hair applications. The applications that I will talk about in this guide of mine will allow you to virtually try on different hairstyles, in order to find the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

All you need to understand the best way to use these hair applications is a few minutes of free time. So have your device handy Android o iOS and discover in detail the most outstanding features of these applications. You will see that if you follow my instructions, changing your haircut will be as simple as drink a glass of water. Are you ready (or ready, as some of the apps I'm going to tell you about also offer men's haircuts) to start? Yep? Very well! As usual, I wish you a good read.

Comb my hair (Android / iOS)

The first app I choose to recommend is called Style My Hair and it's an app Free for Android and iOS developed by the renowned company in the beauty sector, L'Oreal. The purpose of the application is to allow you to virtually change your appearance, by taking a photo or using a previously taken image of yourself to virtually try out different haircuts and colors.

The application will also help you find the nearest beauty salon, providing you with useful information for a possible reservation. The strong point is its attractive and intuitive interface.

To use this application, once downloaded to your mobile device, launch it by touching its icon. Indicate Italy in the list of countries and then accept the terms of service by pressing the button The experience begins. Optionally, you can choose whether to allow access to your location.

From the main menu of the application, touch the item Try a look to start trying different haircuts and colors. Then choose between the articles Try a new style (allows you to try a different hairstyle) or color (to try to virtually change hair color). Whatever your decision, you will still have to choose whether you want to take a selfie on the spot (button Take a photo ), upload a photo from your device's default gallery (button Choose from gallery ) or whether to try different haircuts and colors on a predefined image of a model (button Choose a model ).

Once you have uploaded your image or have chosen one of the predefined ones, you will have the possibility to virtually try different hair cuts and colors, being able to choose between different shapes and lengths. You can also get advice directly from the application according to your visa form (button Tips on face shape ), you can choose according to the desired length (button Choose the desired length ), by color (button Choose the desired hair color ) and depending on the effect (button Choose the desired effect). When you have finished your virtual style, press the button Before after to see the differences and then on the button Final.

The Style my Hair app is completely Free and it has no advertising banners.

Hairstyles - Hairstyles 2017 (Woman Hairstyle) (Android)

An application that will allow you to change hair color and cut it with a few taps on the screen of your mobile device is Hairstyles - Hairstyles 2017. Available only on mobile phones and Android tablets, the application in question is characterized by a simple and definitely minimal user interface.

Once you've downloaded and started it, all you have to do is press the button with the camera symbol (if you want to take a photo on the spot) or on the button with the image symbol (to import a photo from your media gallery).

The application in question has basic functionality and allows you to change the cut, but not the hair color. You can also use this application to create photomontages, applying your face to images of famous people; so you can also try more elaborate hairstyles.

To take advantage of the indicated tools, touch the half-length stick figure symbol, or at the symbol stick figure in foreground. Other additional tools are provided by the possibility of embellishing photos (button with the magic wand symbol and the one with the lever symbol ). It is also possible write in photographs touching Symbol T.

Once you have finished edit your photos, touch the share symbol to share the image in other applications or social media. Alternatively, touch the symbol of floppy disk guidance on save the image in your default gallery mobile phone or tablet.

Hairstyles - Hairstyles 2017 is an application Free which is supported by the presence of advertising banners. Some of these, however, are a bit invasive.

Hairstyle Photo Editor (Android)

One of the Best Apps Aimed at those who want to try a new look is without a doubt Hair Style Photo. The application in question can be downloaded for free and, present only in Android devices, is aimed at both male and female users, since there are also haircuts and beards.

Among the additional features of this application is also the ability to perform collages photos (useful for create photos comparison charts showing the "before and after" hairstyle change). A basic tool for edition of photographs.

If you want to use this application to virtually change the hairstyle of your hair, press the button Room o Gallery depending on whether you want to take a selfie or if you want to import a photo from your device's media gallery.

Once a photo has been imported, make a crop and confirm by pressing the button with the Symbol V check mark. All the tools for editing the image and, consequently, for the change of look, are visible in the bar located at the bottom.

In particular, you can experience a revolutionary change of look through voices. Hair, Woman, Beard, Turban es lenses. By pressing these buttons you will have the possibility to change and experiment with different types of hairstyles, beards, hair, turbans and even glasses and sunglasses.

Once you have finished the virtual modification of your hairstyle (you can also change the hair color with the button Color ), Press the button Save to save the edited image to the media gallery of your device. To share, press the button instead Share.

Hair style Photo is an application Free which is supported by the presence of non-invasive advertising banners.

Beard Photo Editor (Android / iOS)

Application aimed exclusively at male users, Beard Photo Editor is aimed at men who would like to change the look of their beard and hair, but before completely changing their style, they would like to do virtual tests.

For this, the application for Android and iOS Beard Photo Editor is perfect. Its user interface is simple but at the same time attractive and there is the possibility of taking a photo on the spot or uploading an image already present in the media library of your device.

All you have to do to use it is press camera symbol to take a picture of the moment or in the image symbol to load a previously taken image into the application editor.

Once the image is cropped, the tools to edit the look are distinguished by preview images that refer to the beard, hair, hats, objects and the possibility of applying filters in the shape of animals to the Snapchat-style photo. .

Personalize your photo and change its appearance with the tools of your choice. Once done, press the button with the down arrow symbol which is in the upper right corner. You can save the image to your device's media gallery by choosing the resolution. It will also be possible to share it on the main social networks and messaging applications.

Beard Photo Editor is an application Free This is supported by the presence of several advertising banners: only some are a bit invasive.

More hair applications

There are several Free that allow you to virtually change your appearance; however, only a few are truly remarkable and capable of accomplishing their task with excellent results. Next I want to point out in particular the applications to change the cut and the hair color that I consider valid to mention.

  • Your perfect hairstyle - available free On iOS, this app allows you to take a photo on the spot or upload a previously taken one to change the color and haircut in a few taps. Only some styles are free as there is the option to perform microtransactions or purchase the version Prima of the application (3,49 euros). The app also features a somewhat dated user interface, watermarks on edited photos, and somewhat invasive banner ads.
  • Hairstyle Lite - an application with a user interface in English that also allows you to choose predefined images for the makeover. Of course, you can also import your own photo or take one on the spot. The application is Free, available only on iOS, offers the possibility of making microtransactions or buying the version Banco Pro at a cost of € 3,49.
  • HairStyle: Hair Color Maker - a very simple and minimal application that will allow you to upload or take a photo and color your hair to help you choose a new color. Available on iOS free.