How do you use Twitter

Twitter is one of the services of social media most famous and used in the world. Surely there is someone among your family, friends and colleagues who uses it and surely you have heard of it on several occasions. However, if despite this you are still wondering How do you use Twitter it may be the case that you read the following lines.

While it may seem difficult and not exactly within your grasp, keep in mind that use Twitter it is really very simple, as well as extremely useful and fun. So take a few minutes of free time to spend reading this article and discovering how to use Twitter.

To start using Twitter, the first thing to do is open your navigator favorite web and write in the address bar to see the main page of the service. At this point, proceed by creating your own account so that you can start taking advantage of the social network. To create a Twitter account you can follow the appropriate procedure outlined in this guide.

Now that you have signed up, the first thing I recommend that you do is quickly change your profile so that you can make yourself easily recognizable to everyone. To do this, place the mouse cursor in the box representing an egg placed in the upper right part of the web page next to the button cheep, click on it and select the item View profile placed under his name.

Your profile web page will open. Then click the button Edit profile and proceed by inserting a profile picture by clicking Change your profile picture and a cover image by clicking Change the header photo. Then add some details about yourself in the section Bio below the profile photo and then click the blue button Save cambios.

Now try sending your first tweet by clicking the blue button cheep located in the upper right. In the window that opens, write the text message that you want everyone to read, taking into account that you have a maximum of 140 characters. If you wish, add a photo or geolocate your tweet by clicking respectively on Add photos es Add a location and then click on the blue button cheep. Done, your first tweet has been published.

Now you are ready to find out what the cards are for. Home, Notifications, Messages es Discover at the top of the page. The board Home is the one that allows you to view the main page of Twitter and in which your tweets and those of the users you follow are collected, the tab Notifications allows you to view notifications related to your account, the tab Messages allows you to view direct messages that other users have sent you or that you have sent to them while tabs Discover allows you to find out what is happening on Twitter right now by providing information based on who the followed contacts are. Depending on the information you want to get, you need to click on one tab instead of another.

To use Twitter in the best way, it is also essential to know the hashtags. Hashtags are nothing more than words preceded by the deleted ones that serve to identify the subject of the tweet and that each user can freely add to their messages.

You can see which are the most used hashtags at the moment by taking a look at them Trends present in the left section of the web page while you can add a hashtag to your tweets by simply pressing the hashtag button in the keyboard and writing, without leaving spaces, the word with which you want to tag your tweet as #sapevatelo.

Also note that in the social network the beautiful blue bird, unlike Facebook, there are no friends. Everything is based on followers es Following. Followers are the people who follow you, while the following are the ones you follow. If a person follows you, you don't necessarily have to follow them and vice versa.

To be able to follow someone on Twitter, all you have to do is look at the picture Who to follow at the top left of the social network website and click on the item Meet friends, if you want to follow some of your friends who are already subscribed to the service, or in Popular accounts, to see the most popular accounts in the social network and that could be interesting to follow (there are athletes, celebrities from the entertainment world, politicians and much more).

Once you have identified the persons of interest profile click on it and then click on the button follow to start following it. When in doubt, know that you can stop following to a user at any time simply by opening their profile, moving the mouse cursor over the button Following and clicking on it when the message appears Stop following.

When someone starts following you on Twitter, you receive a special notification that you can see by clicking on the tab Notifications.

Before you want to have fun on Twitter, you need to know one last thing. All the tweets you write and post are public. In case you want to communicate with private form With the user you can do it first by starting to follow him, waiting for him to do the same, opening his profile, clicking on the gear icon and choosing the element Send a direct message.

At this point a window will open through which you can write your text message and send it by clicking on Send message. Any response to your direct message will always be notified to you through the section Notifications of Twitter.