How Lovoo works

After you have ended a romantic relationship, you are looking to make new friends, hoping to find a new love. In this sense, some of your friends have advised you to download the Lovoo application, a tool that, according to them, will allow you to make new friends virtually and, later, make new meetings.

If that's the case, I can't help but agree with your friends: Lovoo is a dating app that is available free en Android and iOS, stands out for its multiple functionalities designed for those who want to start a new romantic relationship. You would like to know more and would like to know in detail How does Lovoo work? No problem; You can find all the information you need in this guide of mine.

In the course of this tutorial, in fact, I will explain to you step by step how to use the application in question to make new friends, telling you in detail about the features of this application. All you need to read this tutorial is your Android and iOS mobile phone or tablet: always keep it handy and try using the Lovoo app by following my instructions. Are you ready to start? Yep? Very well! As usual, before we begin, I wish you a good read.

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How to download Lovoo (Android / iOS)

To use Lovoo, you must first download the app for free from your Android and iOS mobile phone. In the following lines I want to explain how to do it, step by step.

Are you using an Android mobile phone and would like to know how to download Lovoo? No problem, the first thing to do is locate the Play store de Google (symbol of pennant colored) and open it. On the main screen of the Android virtual store, click on the search engine at the top and type Lovoo ; then confirm the search parameters by pressing the Search button in the keyboard of the mobile phone.

When the first search results appear, locate the Lovoo app among them. The app has a multi-colored heart icon on a White background and is developed by the applications of Lovoo GmbH.

You found it? Very well! Tap its icon and to install it press the button Install / Accept. At this point you just have to wait for the application installation to be correct: once it is finished, instead of the button Install / Accept, the button will appear Opens and you can start the application.

Alternatively, if you're reading this guide directly from your Android mobile device, tap on the link I'm about to share below to download the app. In fact, it will be sent back to the Android PlayStore and then you will have to press the Install / OK button.

  • Lovoo - Download the application for free from the Android PlayStore

If you have an iOS mobile device, you can download the Lovoo dating app just as easily. Do you want to know how? Follow the instructions that I am about to give you on the following lines.

First, locate and open the iOS App Store, the virtual store for your Apple device.

Once open, touch the button Search, icon with magnifying glass symbol. Then type Lovoo in the search engine located at the top and then press the button Send from the keyboard of your device.

Once you've seen the results of your search, locate the Lovoo app - it has a multi-colored heart symbol on a white background and the app developers are the Lovoo GmbH app team.

You're almost done: to download the app in question, just tap the button Get / install that you see next to the application icon. Now wait for the download to complete successfully and then launch the application by pressing the button Opens.

Are you reading this guide on your iPhone? If you want to install the Lovoo app even faster, tap the link below to download the app. The link in question refers to the iOS App Store: to download the application, you will need to press the button Get / install.

  • Lovoo - Download the application for free from the iOS App Store

How Lovoo works

Lovoo is one of the best known and most appreciated applications for meet singles; the strong point of this application is its simple and intuitive user interface, as well as its various functions. By accessing the location of your mobile device, the application will be able to show you the profiles of other users of the application who live in your city.

Lovoo will also allow you to start conversations with other users, but only after the match between two people: in order to chat with each other, two people must have indicated their mutual appreciation in the app.

To use Loovo, you must first register with the service to create your user profile.

You can perform this procedure directly on the main screen of the application: press the button Register and indicate if you want to register by linking your profile Facebook o Google, or if you want to register by indicating an email address different from the previous ones. In this specific case, click on the item Register with your email address, enter the email address to register and click the button Venga.

In the event that you have chosen to register with the email address, you will have to manually complete your profile, upload a photo and indicate some of your personal information, such as date of birth and gender, and then click on final.

Once you have completed the service registration, in addition to customizing your profile, you will have to activate your smartphone's GPS, so that Lovoo can help you hold new meetings in the city where you live. Then press the button Find nearby people, activate the location and allow the application to access it when prompted.

One of the things you should do, before you start looking for people to meet, is to verify your email address and fill out your profile to give them more personalization. To confirm your email address, go to the email you indicated during registration and press the button Click here to complete registration. Then, return to your user profile and confirm the authenticity of your profile through the in-app wizard. This way you will get the status verified in your profile.

To complete your profile go to the section Profile (symbol of a little man ), tap on Details and then fill in the data in section Personal card.

To start discovering the profiles of people close to you, click the button Near you. In the section Guests You can see a list of users and by touching their profile picture, see the detailed sheet with more information.

In the parties section, however, you can vote for the cards of the proposed persons. You have three main buttons: the symbol heart that allows you to express a positive opinion towards the displayed user while the symbol of X to indicate that the person is not interesting, depending on your tastes.

The third button is the one with the symbol message and, by touching it , you can use the tool Icebreaker. In fact, you will have the possibility to contact a user with a personalized message. However, these messages are limited in time and therefore it is necessary to write a well studied message that can capture the attention of the person.

Before entering a rating, you can tap on a user's profile photo and, by scrolling down, view other photos taken, if any. Alternatively, pressing the button Details, you can read the profile of the user in question. To play Game It is very important to use the application correctly: through this classification system you can increase the possibility of be seen by other users within the application.

If you want to customize the search for people, press the button again Near you and then touch symbol gear What do you find at the top right . In this way you can activate some filters and indicate some parameters regarding the configuration of your search. For example, you can indicate whether you are looking for men or women and their minimum and maximum ages.

The Lovoo app is free, but there are some limitations to its functionality, which can only be unlocked by subscribing to the program. Prima. The subscription also allows you to highlight your profile but also to activate the invisible mode that allows you to view user profiles within the application in an unknown way. Other features of the paid version of the app include the ability to send more than one IceBreaker per day.

The subscription to Lovoo Premium costs € 19,99 for the duration of 1 month, € 38,99 for the duration of 3 months and € 119,99 for the duration of 1 year. The application also integrates a virtual credit system that allows you to unlock features included in the subscription. Virtual credits can be purchased with real money o win in the app by completing suggested operations such as submit invitations to Facebook friends or register in the indicated advertising circuits.

Lovoo is also available as a dating website - by going to its official website, you can also use it from a PC or Mac, through the browser you use most frequently to browse Internet. In the web version of Lovoo you will find all the functions present in the application for Android and iOS.