It is important to know how the internet works Since it is an indispensable service today, this will allow it to be established correctly and used in the best possible way, exhibiting a constant development and advancement of the technology, which is explained in this article.


How does the internet work?

The internet service is made up of a high amount of resources, including what is known as IP address that allows computers to establish a connection taking advantage of the service.

The operation of the internet is carried out because there are open standards that have the ability to establish the connection of various networks, in such a way that the person can make use of the service for different areas, since it is based on the use of certain components, being essential information to know how the internet works.


It is the physical component that allows the operation of the internet, since it deals with the establishment of networks, so that the devices can be divided from the correct form, such as the following points:

  • Final points: This is presented in the case of cell phones, computers, and other devices that allow you to surf the Internet.
  • Servers: Machines that are responsible for storing all the information that can be found on the internet.
  • Transmission lines: They can be presented by wiring, as well as by wireless signals that are functional in mobile devices, satellites and others.

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In the case of protocols, they are rules or points that the machines must comply with in order to follow their objective, which allows communication between them to exist through the use of the internet service.

Types of protocols

The transmission can be carried out by the protocols that are met by the internet service, it is presented in a way that allows the control of different connections, according to their level in order to carry out the transfer of data through the internet.

Among them is TCP which allows communication between two computers by the information of an IP address, which allows them to browse and find a network in a massive way, since each of the addresses can be searched in a navigator, details on the specific process later.

How does information travel on the Internet?

The use of a browser is related to how the internet works, since by adding a web address in this the server connects with the computer, and is in charge of carrying out an information transfer process to establish an ISP, which is an internet service provider, which is in charge to route this request made to find a domain as searched for, which is known as DNS.

This request goes through this process to get directly to the web server, which must issue a response in various types of packages, as well as certain aspects of the web sites that match the information which will be displayed on the computer, it is a process It seems long, but it occurs in microseconds, so fast that you do not notice the how the internet works.

This is a required process so that the information can travel through the internet service, thanks to this different types of options that have been created with the use of the internet and that require the transfer of information to establish communication can work.

Simple network

Connecting a network is presented as an important point about how the internet worksIn this case, when you want to establish communication between two computers, it is necessary to link them, which can be carried out physically by using a Ethernet cable, or by wireless means, which can be Wi-fi o bluetooth, since these are currently the connections that are made.

For the establishment of this connection, it is necessary to have a device called a router, which will allow the transfer of each of the data presented by the computers and can reach its destination, including the sharing of the internet service, being a relevant point of how the internet works in computers, and this ensures that two computers can communicate with each other thanks to it.

Network of networks

In this case, the connection between more than two computers requires the use of more than one router, which makes it possible for thousands of computers to establish communication, since the computers can connect to the routers and then each of the routers that are Employees must be connected to each other.

Different devices can be connected by some type of infrastructure, which becomes the internet service, at the moment they send a message to the network they want to connect, it will be necessary to operate by an internet provider , since these are the ones that offer the possibility of obtaining routers, in such a way that the transfer of data to the computers that are interconnected is possible.

This is the way in which there is a transfer between ISP-type networks, which are characterized by having established interconnections reaching their goal in an efficient way without any problems.


An important point about how the internet works, is the fact that the internet requires a special infrastructure and full and constant operation, given that it operates independently and presents an open operation, which allows it to work in a regulated and automatic way, presenting an optimal functionality that may have improvements constantly.


As indicated above, know how the internet works requires taking into account each of the services that it offers and that are constantly used by users, including the following:

  • Web pages are each one of the documents that can be obtained on the internet, which offer amounts of information, multimedia content, audio and others.
  • Email: It is a communication service between people, through which they can transfer information, images, videos and much more, so that its reception is possible, the address to which it is addressed must be indicated.
  • FTP files: It is characterized by allowing the transfer of files at high speed between two computers.

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