In this post, we will talk about different types of technology, which are currently booming; also, here you will know how the technology works NFC, 7d, 5g and seismic alert on mobile phones.


How does NFC technology work and what is it?

NFC technology, whose acronym stands for Near Field Communication; is a form of data transfer, without a connection to Internet (either Wi-Fi or Mobile data).

Now How the technology works NFC ?, It really is something very simple; NFC technology uses the same principle as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), the truth is that NFC is an evolution of RFID.

It is important to mention that this technology makes use of a special chip that is integrated into the objects manufactured under its principles, and it is the one that makes the wireless link, which is activated with another chip and the data that is transferred in small amounts to a specific point, and both must be close to each other.

How can you use NFC technology?

The main and best known function of this technology is payment by cards or mobile phones, without the need to have any contact with a person; In the case of cards, the microchips that are integrated have NFC technology, so it is not necessary to insert or swipe the card to pay at a point of sale.

In the case of Smartphone, we can use this same payment option and, in addition, transfer other types of files such as music, photos and videos, but, for this, you would have to have the two devices near.

The seismic alert on mobile devices

This does not take long to be announced. On the other hand, there are not many details about it, due to the newness of the project, but also on the web, scientists have given the public some relevant data about this technology.

Google, which is the main developer of this new mode, made it clear that only the most recent devices will be able to access this technology; The newest smartphones will now become seismic detectors, something that is actually quite useful.

The way how the seismic alert works, too easy; only system phones AndroidThey have access to this technology, which works by the movement of very small motion sensors; In the event that our Smartphone has detected seismic movements, this information will be sent to a seismic plant, where the data will be processed.

Other types of technologies

We will name three other types of technologies and we will briefly explain how each of them works. These are:

Inverter technology

This technology is exclusive to fans and air conditioners; what it does is, by optimizing the system of these devices, improve performance, in order to achieve greater efficiency, with lower costs and electricity consumption.

How does inverter technology work?

Inverter technology regulates the mechanism of the entire device, so that its oscillations always remain constant, without drops, so the air conditioning system never stops, the compressor will keep turning continuously , unlike normal devices, which do stop and start again.

7D technology

This type of technology is quite striking; to put it in some way, it is the evolution of 3D, 4D and 5D technologies. In this case, use is made of the virtual reality, but without the need to wear a helmet; images projected by holograms of any size and any shape are represented.

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How does 7D technology work?

And they will wonder how the technology works of this type, and it works in a very simple way, 7D technology makes use of two laser beams and a camera, which has images microscopically recorded in itself; at the moment that these receive the signal of photons (light), from a certain suitable point, the images will be projected holographically to us.

What is 5g technology and how does it work?

5g technology is the next generation of mobile networks in the world, being the successor to connectivity 4g of mobile phones; Although it was announced a short time ago, most of the mobile phones still only reach 4g networks. However, by 2021, this technology will begin to be used more frequently, replacing 4g cell phones little by little.

Basically, 5g technology works the same as previous technologies, with the difference that the frequencies that are going to be assigned will be higher than those of the previous generation; reaching an approximate of 6 Ghz.

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