How to activate 4G in iPhone

You recently bought a iPhone new generation in order to navigate Internet and download applications at full speed, versus buying a SIMs. with several GB of Internet included. You are no longer in your shoes and, after turning on and configuring your new "iPhone by" to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fiyou wonder how to use the packet data connection included in your rate plan, even when you're away from home.

How do you say? That's the way things are and you wonder how to activate 4G on iPhone ? In this case, I will give you good news right away: with this tutorial of mine I will help you do this, explaining step by step how to activate 4G through the settings of iOS. In the following paragraphs of this guide, I will also clarify all your doubts regarding this new technology which is now considered a navigation standard. Next, I will explain what 4G is and what are the best offers mobile phone that allow you to use it.

With that said, if you are interested in learning more, sit back and give me a few minutes of free time. Also, take your iPhone in your hand so that you can follow the instructions that I am about to give you in detail. Are you ready to start? Yes? Very well! Read the following lines carefully; I wish you a good read and a good internet surfing.

  • What is 4G
  • How to get 4G
  • How to activate 4G on iPhone

Table of Contents

What is 4G

Before explaining how to activate 4G on iPhone, I want to briefly illustrate what this technology is. In fact, you need to know which 4G is the fourth generation abbreviation and is the update of mobile connections in 2G es 3G. You should also know that this speed is already included in practically all mobile phone offers, since there are also superior technologies such as 4.5 GRAM and 5G.

The minimum speed at which 4G can reach is equal to 100 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload, depending on what is the standard LTE also called Cat.3. In reality, however, the speed can be even higher and also varies depending on your category. In this regard, I indicate below which are the most popular categories with their download and upload speeds:

  • LTE Cat. 4 - the maximum speed is 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.
  • LTE Cat. 5 - the maximum speed is 300 Mbps download and 75 Mbps upload.
  • LTE Cat. 6 es 7 - the maximum download speed is 300 Mbps, while the upload speed is, respectively, 75 and 100 Mbps. From this category we talk about standards Advanced LTE o 4G + ( 4G Plus )
  • LTE Cat. 8 - the maximum speed is 3000 Mbps download and 1500 Mbps upload.
  • LTE Cat. 9 es 10 - the maximum speed is 450 Mbps in download, while the upload is, respectively, equal to 50 and 100 Mbps.
  • LTE Cat. 11 es 12 - the maximum speed is 600 Mbps in download. However, on upload, the respective speeds are equal to 50 and 100 Mbps.
  • LTE Cat. 13 es 14 - the maximum speed is 400 Mbps in download and 150 and 100 Mbps in upload respectively.
  • LTE Cat. 15 - reaches download speeds of up to 4000 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps.
  • LTE Cat. 16 - the download speed reaches up to 1000 Mbps, while the upload speed is 150 Mbps.

That said, to be sure to take advantage of 4G on the iPhone, there needs to be specific Apple support for the iPhone. mobile phone, as well as support from the telephone operator. In fact, compatibility with the standard should be indicated on the iPhone data sheet. Advanced LTE, 4G + or a category equal to or greater than 6.

Anyway, keep in mind that 4G is compatible with newer iPhone models (from iphone 5s onwards), so if you've bought a new iPhone, you shouldn't have a problem with that.

How to get 4G

As anticipated, to be able to take advantage of 4G on the iPhone, it is necessary that the device be compatible with this technology and also, if it is successful, you must subscribe to a mobile phone offer that allows you to use this new Internet browsing speed.

In this regard, I indicate, in the following lines, which are some of the most convenient offers that allow you to have Internet in 4G. For more information, I suggest you check out my dedicated guide to the best mobile phone deals.

  • TIM Unlimited Gold - is a rate that offers unlimited calls and unlimited Internet traffic for some messaging applications and social media. Also, 18 GB of 4G Internet traffic is available per month. The price is € 18 / month. More info here.
  • Vodafone Shake Remix Unlimited - It is a plan at a cost of € 15 / month that offers unlimited minutes and 60GB of Internet in 4G. For some messaging and social media apps, GB is unlimited. More info here.
  • All digital wind - The plan offers unlimited minutes and 50 GB of Internet in 4G at a price of € 11,99 per month. More info here.
  • 3 Play Power 60 - the plan offers unlimited minutes, 200 SMS, 60 GB of Internet in 4G. It costs € 11,99 per month. More info here.
  • Illiad GIG 50 - The plan offers unlimited minutes and SMS, 50 GB of Internet in 5G and costs € 7,99 / month. More info here.
  • Fastweb Mobile Freedom - the plan allows you to get unlimited minutes, 100 SMS and 30 GB of Internet in 4G. The price is € 9,99 / month. More info here.
  • I have. All clear - The virtual operator of the Vodafone group offers unlimited minutes and SMS, as well as 50 GB of Internet in 4G (with speed limited to 30 Mbps). The price is € 12,99 / month. More info here.
  • Kena 12,99 - The plan of this virtual operator offers unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 GB of Internet in 4G at a cost of € 12,99 / month. More info here.

If the offers that I have recommended in the previous lines are not for you, I suggest you take a look at the page dedicated to the comparison of mobile phone offers on the SOS Rates site, to compare all the different rate plans, at through the appropriate buttons made available.

Also, before subscribing to a mobile phone offer that includes 4G connectivity, remember to make sure that coverage is available in the area where you live or frequent. In this regard, check out my guides on 4G TIM coverage, 4G Vodafone coverage, 4G Wind coverage, Iliad coverage, Network 3 coverage and Fastweb Mobile coverage.

How to activate 4G on iPhone

If the iPhone model you own is compatible with the 4G Internet speed provided by the rate plan you have subscribed to, it is time to take a closer look how to activate 4G on iPhone.

To do this, press the gear icon located on the home screen, then touch the item Mobile Phone that you can see on the next screen. Now, move the lever up EN, corresponding to the article Mobile data, to enable data packets.

Once this is done, click on the item Mobile data options and then press the wording Voice and data. Finally, activate the option LTE (o 4G ) touching the latter. Then wait a few seconds, so that you can surf the Internet using the Internet connection in 4G. Did you see how easy it was?