How to be unreachable with iPhone

When a person doesn't want to be disturbed on their cell phone, what do they do? Of course you turn off the phone and the matter is resolved. But if you have a next-generation smartphone, like the iPhone, which in addition to making calls allows you to do many other things, turning off the device completely becomes too limiting. Fortunately, there are also systems to solve this problem. You ask me which ones? Well, start reading my guide at how to be unreachable with iPhone and you will see that in a short time you will have much clearer ideas about it.

You probably didn't know but you should know that iOS, operating system on which the "iPhone by" is based, a special function is available thanks to which you can block calls, and therefore be unreachable, without necessarily having to turn off the phone. . With this feature, your phone line will be busy for anyone trying to call. In addition to that, as I just indicated, then it is possible to be unreachable with iPhone by exploiting other interesting iOS features and an application designed exclusively to avoid annoying calls. In short, as you can check by yourself, There are several options!

So if you are really interested in knowing what to do to be unreachable with iPhone, I suggest you don't waste any more valuable time, take your trusty mobile phone Apple brand and start reading this tutorial right away. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy with the discovery made and that, in case of need, you will also be ready and available to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends eager to receive a similar tip. What do you say, we bet?

Do not disturb function

What is that?

The first unattainable system with the iPhone that I invite you to appeal is the one that involves the use of the function Do not bother. Have you ever heard of him? No? No problem, I will immediately explain what it is about. The Do Not Disturb function is a special feature available on Apple mobile devices that allows you to block all calls except possibly those from numbers added to a favorites list when the terminal is on hold or always, depending on which calls are your own. needs.

How to use?

To be accessible with the iPhone using the Do Not Disturb feature, simply call Control center of iOS by sliding your finger from the bottom up on any screen and pressing the gray icon that represents a Crescent moon.

After activating the Do not disturb function, at the top right of your iPhone screen you will see an icon that represents a Crescent moon. The icon indicates that the Do Not Disturb feature has been successfully activated and therefore the iPhone Accessible feature is active.

In addition to the way I just indicated, you can take advantage of the Do Not Disturb function by configuring its use to your liking. To do this, go to the home screen of your iPhone, press the icon configurations and then tap on Do not bother. On the screen that appears at this point, open EN the lever located next to the item planned then specify in which time frames you want the function to activate automatically by filling in the field Send and the field a as you see fit.

Then touch the item Allow calls from and, depending on your needs, choose one of the following options

  • All contacts - This option allows you to receive phone calls only from those in your address book and not from unknown contacts.
  • Favorites - This option allows you to receive calls from only a small number of contacts in your address book, those that you have added to your favorites list. To add a contact to your favorites, simply press the application icon Phone number on the home screen, touch the item Contacts placed at the bottom, press on the contact of interest and then tap on the item Add to favorites. If more than one phone number is associated with a specific contact, you will also need to specify which of those listed you want to include in your favorites.
  • Anyone - This option does not allow you to receive calls from anyone, be it friends, girlfriend, family, co-workers, strangers, etc.

You can also choose if you want to enable silent mode always or if having it activated only while the iPhone is locked. To do this, simply click on the option you prefer in the section In silent mode: located at the bottom of the displayed screen.

To confirm the application of the changes, press the button <Volver located in the upper left of the displayed screen. Easier than that?

What to do in case of doubt?

If necessary, you can always disable the use of Do Not Disturb to make it unreachable with iPhone by accessing the adjustments from iOS, touching Do not bother and then go ahead OFF the lever relative to Manual o planned depending on the option you previously chose for block iPhone calls.

If you've manually enabled the feature, you can also instantly disable it by going to the iOS Control Center and pressing the purple icon of the Crescent moon.

Function locked

What is that?

Do you want to be unreachable with iPhone always and in any case, but only for specific contacts? Then you can take advantage of the function locked also available "standard" on iOS and which, as is easily understood by the name itself, allows you to block calls of numbers in the directory but also of those that are not attached to the contact list.

How to use?

To be unreachable with iPhone by going to intervene in a number already present in the address book, the first step you must take is to access the home screen of your device and press the icon. configurations. On the new screen that will appear, tap the item Phone number, press Call blocking and identification and then select the item Block contact ….

Now select from the address book the name that refers to the phone number you want to block. Depending on what your needs are, you can add one or more names, there is no limit.

If, on the contrary, you intend to block iPhone calls by acting on a phone number that is not among your contacts, press the icon of the receptor located on the home screen, select the tab Recent and then press the icon (he) located next to the phone number to block. Finally, select the item Block contact in the menu that opens and confirm the execution of the operation by pressing again Block contact.

What to do in case of doubt?

In case you have to think again, always and in any case you can go to unblock the blocked contact or contacts by pressing the button configurations on the home screen by tapping the item Phone number and then Call blocking and identification.

Then swipe from right to left on the name you want to unlock and press the button unlock appearing sideways. Obviously, the procedure that I have just indicated must be carried out for each numbering that you intend to unlock.

Truecaller application

What is that?

If, on the contrary, your need is to be unreachable with the iPhone because you want to avoid receiving calls from call centers, telemarketers and other annoyances, then I recommend that you resort to the use of TrueCaller. It is a free application that, thanks to a database Updated daily with input from users, it allows identifying in advance the numbers of the "annoying" and blocking calls from them.

It is very easy to use but it has a disadvantage in terms of privacy: to use it, in fact, you need to create a free account with your phone number and the number is made public on the service's website (

How to use?

Having made this important clarification, let's immediately find out how to use this application. To install TrueCaller on your iPhone, open the Store applications, search for TrueCaller inside the latter and press the button Get / install located next to the application icon in the search results. You may be asked to enter your Apple ID password or, if your iPhone supports it and you have enabled the feature, to verify your identity with Touch ID. Alternatively, you can connect to the section of the App Store dedicated to the application also by touching directly from your iPhone the link that I gave you a moment ago.

When the installation is complete, start TrueCaller, allow the application to send notifications, write your own Cell Number in the corresponding text field and then first press the button Begins and then Sip. Then write the Verification code received by SMS and complete the creation of your TrueCaller account by entering your first and last name in the corresponding text fields (the address of e-mail and photo are optional).

At this point, follow the brief introduction of TrueCaller and then turn on the Caller ID feature. To do this, go to the section configurations iOS, select the items Phone number es Call blocking and identification and climb EN the lever that you find in correspondence with the writing TrueCaller. If you don't see the TrueCaller switch, it means that you are using an iOS version earlier than 10 and therefore cannot take advantage of the phone number identification feature (so you cannot allow TrueCaller to alert you when a nuisance is communicating with you).

Now open TrueCaller again, go to the tab Junk IDs and touch the button Update ahora update the database with nuisance numbers (I suggest you do this from time to time to keep the list always up to date).

Once all the above steps have been performed, TrueCaller will be able to "intercept" all the incoming calls on your iPhone and it will notify you with an on-screen message when known nuisances contact you. Convenient, don't you think?

If you prefer, you can enable automatic nuisance call blocking by allowing TrueCaller to create a special contact in the address book and using the iOS blacklist to block it (as I explained a few lines above). Then open TrueCaller, select the card Other which is in the lower right, go up configurations, tap on Major discomfort, Bring up EN options lever Save how do I contact you and allow TrueCaller to access your iPhone's address book.

Then open the adjustments from iOS, go to Phone number, press Call blocking and identification, tap on Block contact ... and then select scoundrel from the address book.

What to do in case of doubt?

When in doubt, you can always disable TrueCaller monitoring by going to the menu configurations from iOS, touching Phone number and then Call blocking and identification and disabling the application toggle. To unblock the numbers of the annoyances blocked with the iOS blacklist, you need to act manually and remove them one by one from the system menu.

If you decide to uninstall TrueCaller, I suggest you first deactivate your account by going to the menu Other of the application, touching Info and then in the voice Deactivate account and cancel your number from the service site by following the instructions you will find on this web page.