How Record a DVD with Nero. Just bought Black, the famous recording software, to put all the data in CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. But he still hasn't managed to understand c How to burn a DVD with Nero.  In today's tutorial, I will show you how to perform this simple operation by using this software. I will explain the different forms of writing you can use based on the data type. In this way, you can create your video or audio DVD or a simple data disc to store all kinds of files.

How to burn a DVD with Nero step by step

Download Nero

Black is software that includes tools to burn data to disc (CD, DVD or Blu-ray). Through the official website, you can buy the full version of Nero Burning ROM at a cost of € 34.95. But the complete suite with additional useful recording tools is priced at € 54.95.

If you are interested in trying the program without paying for it, for now, you can download the 14-day trial version for free. All you have to do is go to the Nero website, which I provided you in the lines above, and head over to the section download, in the top menu.

Then click on the button discharge and enter the address Email and press the button Download it now.

After taking the file .exe, double click on it and press Yes, in the User Account Control window. Now, on the screen that appears, wait for the download and installation of the components necessary for Nero to work.

At the end, check the checkbox to accept the license conditions and press the button siguiente. Once this is done, wait a few minutes for the installation to complete and press the button Launch Nero.

Burn DVd Disc

Now that you have installed black on your PC, you can start using it. In the next chapters, I will show you some recording modes that may be suitable.

I'll tell you about the mode Video dvd, to create DVD to play movies on any compatible player. Also from Audio, to record your music y of data, to keep any kind of data on disk. And finally, I will explain how to burn a disc image to DVD.

Burn Video Disc

To record Video dvd compatible with all living room readers, two cases should be distinguished:

-Create a disk for which you already have the files in the folder AUDIO_TS y VIDEO_TS

-Create DVD from video file in format MP4AVI, MKV, etc.

Don't you know what I'm talking about? Don't worry: I'll explain it to you in the next few lines.

Create DVD format disc

If you have used video creation software and have chosen the format as output DVD, They were generated two folders in the final project: AUDIO_TS y VIDEO_TS.

Often the first folder is empty, but the one called VIDEO_TS It contains all the data for correct DVD playback on a classic player.

In this case, all you have to do is start Nero Burning ROM, select the item DVD from the drop-down menu of the project creation screen and click on the icon Video dvd.

At this point, go to label and enter the project name in the field Disk name, then click on the button new.

Now you need to import the files into the folders AUDIO_TS y VIDEO_TS of the previously created video project, in the respective folders in the left sidebar of Nero.

Then click on the folder VIDEO_TS and use the routes navigation on the right to get to the source of the files to be imported. Perform the same procedure with the folder AUDIO_TS if it contains.

After entering all the data, check if, through the bar at the bottom, the files do not exceed the established threshold. If you have a dual layer DVD, you will need to configure DVD9 in the drop-down menu at the bottom; otherwise for classic DVDs please choose item DVD5.

After that, press the button Record, in the top center and click the button Comment, on the screen shown to start the recording process. If the disc has not been inserted, the drive tray will open, waiting for you to insert a recordable DVD.

Use Nero Express

As an alternative to the above procedure, you can use Nero Express, a wizard for quick creation of recording projects. After launching it, on the screen that appears, click the icon video and choose the option DVD Video Disc.

In the new section, press the button Add and go to the folder VIDEO_TS of the project. Then click the button Add, to import the files into Nero. Press the button siguiente, enter a title for the project, using the box Disk name, and then click the button Record.

MP4 or AVI files

If you have video files in format MP4, REVIEWS or similar, the options are two: treat the project as a Data DVD or convert the files into a project DVD with menu and then burn it to disk.

In the latter case, start the form of Nero Video and click Import files on the screen you are viewing, selecting the video to import.

Now, insert the video in the timeline below and press the button siguiente. In the new section, choose the articles Create disc > DVD > DVD-Video, press siguiente and select one of the available menus. Clicking on the various items and choosing the tab Personalize, you can change the menu as you like.

When you are satisfied with your work, press the button siguiente twice in a row and from the box at the top right select options Write en > (disk drive), to burn it to DVD, or Write to the folder HDD, to create the folders AUDIO_TS y VIDEO_TS, to be burned with the same procedure that I explained in the previous paragraphs. Then press the button Record, to export the project according to the option you have chosen.

Burn Audio DVD

If you want to record a Audio dvd, you can create a Data DVD, which I will tell you in the next chapter or a DVD Jukebox, which supports files MP3, WMA y Black AAC. To perform this last operation, start Nero Express and choose the icon music, then select the item Jukebox DVD audio.

Once this is done, on the screen that appears, you will be asked to insert a compatible DVD. Now click on the button Add and imports all the music tracks to insert into the DVD that are on the PC. Then press the button siguiente and write a name to assign to the disk, through the field Disk name. Finally click in recording, to start the recording process.

Burn data DVD

In case you want to create a generic DVD containing different types of files or not linked to the project settings indicated in the previous chapters, the only viable solution is to create a Data DVD.

To do this, you can use both Nero Burning ROM Be Nero Express. In the latter case, the DVD disc creation procedure is faster.

Therefore, start Nero Express, select the icon data and choose the option Data DVD. Now, on the screen you see, click the button Add and select all the files and folders to import, being careful to watch the bar at the bottom, so as not to exceed the capacity limits of the DVD disc.

At this point, press the button siguiente, set a label on disk using the field Disk name and click on the button Record, to begin the writing process.

Instead, using Nero Burning ROM, the data writing procedure requires a few more steps. First, start Nero Burning ROM and, on the project creation screen, select the item DVD, in the drop-down menu at the top and then click on the icon DVD-ROM (UDF).

You can use the different tabs to customize the burning process, but I advise you to leave them unchanged to use the default settings.

Once done, press the button below new and, in the new screen, use the correct area to get to the folders and files to be added to the project, by dragging them to the left section.

After you have entered all the files, click the button Burn, in the top center, and on the screen you see, press the button Comment to start the process of writing data to the DVD disc.

Burn a DVD image

In case you have copied a DVD to your PC, you will thus obtain a disc image in the format ISO, NRG, CUE o I'M G, you can burn it to DVD via Black.

To perform this operation, start Nero Express and click on the icon Image, project, copy and select the article Disc Image or Saved Project.

On the screen that appears, select the image file located on your PC and press the button. open. After that, press the button Record, to immediately start writing image data to the DVD disc.

With Nero Burning ROM To record an image, after starting the program, close the screen to create a new project and click archive > open.

After selecting the project, press open  and on the new screen press the button Comment, to start the recording process.