How to change the e-mail in SHEIN. Has been registered in SHEIN, a famous digital clothing store, so you can buy online. However, after you have made some purchases, you have realized that you have subscribed to the service with an email address that you do not use frequently and, for this reason, you would like to be able to change this information to have more at hand the communications about your orders.

In that case, you'll be happy to know that you've found the right tutorial at the right time. In the next chapters of this guide, I will provide you with all the necessary information in this regard and explain how to remedy the situation (although, as we will see shortly, things are not as straightforward as you might imagine).

How to change email in SHEIN step by step

As mentioned at the beginning of the message, change email in SHEIN It is not very simple, in the sense that it is possible to do it directly because this feature is not currently endorsed by the well-known clothing store.

If, then, you have created an account at Shein with an email address other than the one you are interested in, you need to implement some workarounds, including deleting your account (or simply logging out) and make a new one.

I will give you all the details about these operations in the next chapters, indicating how to proceed both from the computer, through the official website of the clothing store, and from smartphones and tablets, using the application Shein guidance on Android (downloadable for free from Play Store or alternative stores) and for iPhone e iPad (downloadable free from the App Store).

Delete your SHEIN account

Since it is not possible to change the email of your account SHEIN. The first solution I propose is to delete your account, to create a new one with another email address. In this regard, you should know that the Italian website SHEIN does not allow direct deletion of accounts.

To be successful in this, you must contact the SHEIN Customer Service and request that your account be deleted. Alternatively, you can put a simple strategy in place that I'll tell you about later.

Contact customer service

As anticipated, to delete your account Shein… You should contact him Customers service from the well-known online store, as the website does not support this feature.

To get started, then log into your SHEIN account from the official website or through the application that you have downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. After that, if you're acting from Web> Headphone icon located in the menu at the top and click the Customers service.

If you're acting out of SHEIN app, instead, hit first on the little man icon located in the menu at the bottom and then in the headphone icon.

Then press the button Customers service to access the chat ! support and start interacting with the SHEIN virtual assistant.

At this point, you should try to enlist the support of a human operator. Contact with them is limited to working hours: Monday to Sunday from 09.00:22.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX via chat ! or Monday to Friday from 09.00:17.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX Phone call. Also, you can send a Ticket to get a response in 24 hours.

In order to speak to a human operator, then press the voices SHEIN account; Security problem; Manual service. At this point, select the available support option and ask to have your account deleted.

Through the SHEIN website, in addition, in the section Contact us at (accessible by clicking on the article of the same name at the bottom), you can contact the company through Facebook Messenger, pressing the button Facebook messages.

Delete your SHEIN account manually

In case you don't have a chance to speak with a Customers service From SHEIN, you can go for a workaround through which you can manually delete your account. This is the possibility of to update to the US version of the SHEIN website or app, so you can delete your account yourself.

However, to be able to do so, your account must not have been compromised in terms of privacy, all orders must have been completed and, furthermore, there must be no money not withdrawn from your wallet. Otherwise, your account cannot be deleted.

To proceed, click on the country located at the bottom of the SHEIN website and then select United States in the menu that appears.

Through the application of SHEIN, instead, press on the little man icon located at the bottom, and click the Gear icon and in Country / Region. At this point, select the United States in the menu that appears.

You can now proceed to the deletion of your account. Scope, then your profile screen through the little man icon after which, since site > Account security; Delete account.

In the app, on the other hand, press on the Gear icon>   Account Security and finally in Delete account.

Once done, in both cases, click on the element Apply to delete account… Put a check mark in the entry… Accept the description of the SHEIN account deletion and press the button Keep going.

Indicate the reason why you want to delete your account and press the button Next. Finally, confirm the deletion of your account by entering in the corresponding text field the Verification code which will be emailed to you and click button Confirm the request.

Log out of account

If you don't want or can't delete your account Shein you can simply log out to create a new account.

To do this, all you have to do, acting like Web is to move the mouse pointer on the little man icon and press on the Get out of on the menu that is offered to you.

To exit the application, instead, press on the little man icon> team and finally on the button Get out of.

Create a new account

After deleting your account or logging out, you can create a new account through the official SHEIN website or through the app that you have downloaded to your device.

Either way, all you have to do is press on the little man icon which is found in the upper menu (on the website) or in the lower menu (in the application), then you have to click on the Get in and they register using the form shown to them.

Then fill in the text fields that are proposed, writing the email, el Password and the confirmation of it.

Then choose if you want to customize preferences and whether to receive or not exclusive email offers putting a check mark on the appropriate entries.

Finally, accept the Terms of Service and press the button Check in, To complete the operation.