How to change the face in a video. Hollywood star? Rockstar? If you want to become a star, and you want to put your face on other videos, I will teach you how to do it.

In the following lines, in fact, we will review a whole series of interesting tools thanks to which I managed change the face in a video inserting my face into the body of this and another celebrity, of fantastic characters and whoever has more. Would you be interested but not very practical in terms of IT and new technologies? Don't you think you're ready for the task?

Come on, don't be silly. These are very simple resources. And, I don't see what you're worried about if I'm here with you, ready and readily available to give you all the necessary instructions.

Come on then, let's not waste any more time chatting and immediately start working. Get comfortable in front of the PC and immediately start concentrating on reading this article. In the end, you see, you can say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned. Are you ready? Great!. I wish you lots of fun and good luck with everything.

How to change the face in a video with Filmora (Windows / Mac)

The first of the useful resources to change the face in a video that I want to talk about is Wondershare filmora. It is a very easy to use video editing software. That allows you to perform various editing operations, including the one we are talking about.

It is available for Windows PC and for Mac. It is paid (with prices starting at 39,99 euros depending on the type of plan chosen). But you can still download and commit to a free version (the one I used for write this step) which applies a watermark to the final film.

How to use filmora

Are you asking me how to use it for your purpose? I will show you immediately. First, connected to the program's website and press the button Free Download / Free Download which is in the center to start the download immediately. When the download is complete, if what you are using is a Windows PC, open the obtained .exe file. Click on lo and on the button install then click on the button Start now.

If you are using a Mac, open the downloaded .dmg package and drag the program icon to the folder icon applications in the window of discoverer that opened on the screen. Then go to the folder applications macOS, right click on Filmora icon and choose open twice to start the program.

Now, regardless of operating system in use, once the program window appears on the screen, click the button New project. Then press the voice Import Imultiemdiali files here located at the top left of the editor that appeared and select the video file for which you want to act.

The change of face

Once your chosen video file has loaded, bring your preview on the timeline at the bottom, after which you can finally proceed with replacing the faces. Then right-click on the movie added to the timeline and then choose from the menu that opens the option Electrical tool. In the additional window that opens, click the button Face change which is at the bottom right and check the box next to the item Apply to face clip.

Then select your preferred face from those available in the list on the right to replace the faces in the video. Then take the video to where the faces are to see the changes. The changes will automatically be applied to the faces that are detected and the program will automatically follow the movement.

If you want to use a custom face to replace the ones in the movie, go to the folder C: ProgramData Wondershare Video Editor Resources Contects images on Windows (taking care to enable the display of hidden files, as I indicated in my guide on the subject). And drag the reference image inward to make sure it's in PNG format. Then you can select it from the list of faces to be used in the program editor, as seen in the previous lines.

To confirm the application of the changes, click OK. Export the edited movie by clicking on the item export, indicating the format you prefer among those on the left, the name and the save position through the appropriate fields on the right. Pressing the button export which is below.

Fake App (Windows)

If the above program has not satisfied you because it is your intention to get even more credible results and if you have a little more patience, I suggest you consider using fakeapp. This is a free application for Windows written in Java which demonstrates how it is possible to change a face in a video by replacing it with that of another person.

To download it to your PC, connect to the FakeApp website. Click the button Download placed in the center and then on what you find in the latest software version available. Then complete the form displayed on the screen by typing in your email address and the password you want to associate with the account you are about to create to use the tool.

Then press the button Register and click on the link next to the wording Application download: on the page that opens. Direct download of the software from MEGA will begin. Also click the link below the item Download from the main library:. to download the program library.

When the download is complete, open the obtained .exe file and click run. Then close the application and extract the file ZIP downloaded after clicking the second link in C: Users username AppData Local fakeapp app-2.2.0 api resources. Then restart FakeApp and you can finally start using it.

Once the application window is displayed on the desktop, in fact, you can select the video to be used in the tab Get dataset, the photo to replace the face with the card train. Then you can use the section crear to generate the movie For more details, you can consult the tutorial from the application website.

Photofunny (online)

Instead of using a PC software like the ones I have suggested, would you rather use an online service to change the face in a video? Can be done. In this regard, I recommend that you take a look at photofunny that makes available to everyone the possibility of making beautiful video montages by inserting their own face (or that of others) in that of funny and hilarious characters who jump, dance, etc. or, again, within animated scenarios of various kinds.

To use it, go to the home page on the Photofunny website, click on the entry categories located in the upper right corner. And, from the menu that appears, choose Animations, gif creators. On the new page that will be shown to you, select the video montage that you like the most from the list (if you need, you can filter them by category using the elements on the right). Then click the button Upload photo and upload the photo you want to use by taking it from your PC by clicking the button Open file / Choose file in the box that appears

Then select the option Add filters / remove watermark to remove the watermark, press following. Adjust the size of the chosen photo so that the face of the person portrayed is centered in the photo montage on the right. Then press finished.

Finally, indicate if you want to download the video montage generated on your PC in the form of a GIF image by clicking the button Download image. If you share it by clicking Share image Or if you want to make more changes by adding stickers, writing, comments and / or cutting or rotating even more the chosen photo by pressing the relative buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Saga 2012 (online)

Another web service that I think you should consider is Saga 2012. It's a free, easy-to-use online resource that allows you to insert your face into a kind of thriller HD trailer taking on the role of protagonist. In short, it doesn't allow you to correctly change the face in a video, but it can still be useful for the purpose in question.

To use it, first connect to the service home page and click the button Upload photo to upload your front photo (or that of a friend of yours) saved on your PC. Or on the button Take photo from webcam Take a photo right now using the PC webcam.

When the upload is complete, marry and resize the rectangle attached to the web page shown to center your face on the photo. You can help him move the rectangle with the buttons at the top. Always at the top, you will also find the buttons to increase and decrease the zoom level. On the right, however, the shot preview is shown.

Then press the button Create my movie who is on the right and wait for the progress to be processed with your face. You can follow the progress of the procedure through the corresponding bar.

Subsequently, the video will begin playing immediately. If you wish, you can see it in full screen by clicking the button with the four arrows that you find at the bottom right of the player. With the button arrow next to it you can download it to your PC. However, the buttons on the left allow you to stop and resume playback and manage the volume.

JibJab (Android / iOS)

Are you looking for a tool that allows you to change the face in a video from a mobile device? So the suggestion that I think I can give you is to try the application JibJab. In fact, it is an application that can be used both in Android than in iOS through which it is possible to select various types of scenarios. You can place a face at will (your own or someone else's) inside it, replacing it with what the immortalized characters should have been.

To use it, therefore, download and launch the application on your device and then register by choosing to use your account Facebook or your email address and provide the requested information.

Then you can start creating the video montage by clicking or clicking your friend, colleague etc. a picture. When doing this, try to center your face or, in any case, that of the reference person within the shape you see appear on the screen. Stop at the button with the camera placed at the bottom (if you want to use the rear camera of the device, you must first press the button with two arrows ). If you prefer to take a photo from the device gallery, press the button with two squares and select it from there.

Then choose the type of shape that best suits the immortalized face from those available below and try to center your eyes and mouth with the guide lines that have appeared on the screen. Press the button with the green tick.

Scroll through the list of various proposed video montages (or select the reference category first by tapping the button with three horizontal lines. Or, again, search by keyword by first pressing magnifying glass top left) and press what you like best. If necessary, follow the on-screen procedure to select other participants, define their roles on stage, and establish mouth movement.

Use the share buttons to post your video to the social media, send it by message or email or copy it to the clipboard, by touching the button (...). Alternatively, press the button with the arrow to save it to the device gallery as GIF or animated video. If you want print in a text before save the video, select the tab text and fill in the appropriate field as you see fit.

Face Swap Live (Android / iOS)

Another good resource specific to mobile devices that you can turn to in order to change your face in a video is Face Swap Live. It is an application that can be used on both Android and iOS that allows you to change the face in video in real time by exchanging it with that of the other person, possibly taken, and with that of other "ready" characters. It is also very easy to use and the end results returned are definitely credible and fun. It's free, but for Record videos and take advantage of other additional functions, you must pay for the paid version.

To use it, first download and launch the app on your device, and then allow access to the camera and microphone (if necessary). Position the camera so that it frames both your face and that of the person you want to exchange it with. Start recording the video using the circular button at the bottom.

If you wish, you can also use a photo already taken or take one right now with the mobile phone camera to exchange your face with that of the person pictured. To do this, press the button with the happy face and the "+" symbol found at the bottom right. So choose whether to import a photo from the mobile gallery or take one right now and wait a few moments for the effect to be applied to the face. As for recording the videos, you can proceed as indicated above.

If you want to change the face with one of the characters and effects already included in the application, select the one you prefer at the bottom of the screen and you're done. I also point out the possibility of adjusting the video effects to your liking by pressing the button with cursors located at the top left of the screen.

I hope you liked the tutorial on how to change the face in a video.