How to change the account Google.   Would you like to enter or change certain personal information in your Google account but don't know how?

No problem, you have come to the right place at the right time. With today's tutorial, we'll actually see how to change google account and how to change the data associated with the latter in numerous circumstances.

Therefore, we will find out how to change the mobile number, personal data or password of a Google / Gmail account, how to manage the Google accounts associated with the Chrome browser (which is available on Windows, macOS, Linux and portable devices) and how to replace the Google account configured in a mobile phone a tablet Android (used to sync contacts, email, calendars, and other important information).

How to change Google account step by step

If you want to change the information associated with your Google account, such as your mobile number or password, connected to o, Click the button to access located at the top right and log in to your account.

At this point, click on your profile picture located in the upper right, press the button Personal account to access the Google account administration page and select the information to be changed.

To change the personal information associated with your Google account, such as your name, email and phone number, go to Personal data and privacy, move the page that opens to the box Your personal information and click on the information to modify.

Then press the icon pencil placed next to the data to be modified and make the desired variation. Just a few clicks.

To change your Google account password, go to the section Access and security. From the account administration panel, scroll the page that opens to the box Access to Google and click password.

If prompted, log back into your Google account, type your new keyword in the fields New Password y Confirm new password and press the button Change Password guidance on save the changes.

I recommend using a long password (at least 13-15 characters), difficult to guess, and containing uppercase / lowercase letters and numbers and special characters.

Still on the page dedicated to access and security You can change the phone number, email address, and secret question to retrieve account login information in case of loss (via box Account recovery options ) and you can manage both the list of recently used devices either applications linked to your account.

Another tip I can give you is to activate the two step verification. It is a function that allows you to increase the security of your account by associating a temporary code that will be received by SMS with the Google password.

Just click on the appropriate item in the box Access method and password and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you want to view and manage History of GoogleThose are the search data that the search engine automatically stores when you do your research online, go to Personal data and privacy.

Select the item Manage your activities on Google from the left sidebar and click on the box Go to my activities to view history or chart Access to business management.

Finally, let's point out that by going back to the home page to manage your Google account and clicking on the item Account Preferences you can change the language in which to use Google services, manage yours Storage space Google Drive and change the preferences for the accessibility.

On the same screen there is also the option to delete Google account, but if you are interested in this topic, better check out my guide on how to delete a Google account.

Change Google account in Chrome

To browse Internet do you use chrome?

Then you can change Google account to synchronize the browser data (bookmarks, history, extensions, etc.) or, if your PC is used by more than one person, you can configure additional Gmail addresses and allow other users to use the browser by synchronizing the browsing data with account own.

To replace the Google account currently in use in the program with another, click on the button (...) located in the upper right and select the item adjustments from the menu that appears. On the screen that opens, press the button Disconnect your Google account and confirm the operation by clicking on Logout.

Then click on the icon little man located in the upper right corner, select the button Sign in to Chrome From the box that opens, log in to your new Google account and confirm your willingness to associate the account with the browser by clicking the button. to accept.

If you want to adjust the data synchronization settings, that is, choose what information to synchronize with the cloud, return to the menu adjustments from Chrome, press the button Advanced sync settings and select / deselect the items that interest you (eg extensions, history, passwords, applications).

Do you want to add another account from Google to the one already configured in Chrome without deleting the current one? No problem Chrome is a browser with support for multiple users, this means that it can be used by several people in the same pc (or on the same mobile phone / tablet) keeping different settings and preferences for each one.

To add a new account to Chrome, click your name located at the top right of the browser window and select the item Manage users from the menu that appears.

Then, in the box that opens, click on the item Add person, choose the name and avatar to assign the user and log in to the Gmail account of the latter (as explained above).

Once the setup is complete, it will be possible to switch from one user to another (and thus from one Google account to another) simply by clicking on the name of profile located in the upper right and selecting the account to use from the menu that opens.

If you want to change the Google account associated with Chrome on your mobile phone or tablet, follow the instructions in the next chapters of the tutorial.

Change Google account on Android

If you have a device Android and you want to change the Google account associated with it, go to the menu adjustments (the settings icon) and tap the item first account and then in that Add account.

At this point select the logo google, log in to your account (by entering the email address first and then the password), accept the terms of use of the service by pressing the button to accept and wait a few seconds for all your information to be verified.

If a payment method has not yet been associated with your account (credit card or PayPal), you will be prompted to do so. If you don't want to enter any data, put the check mark next to the item No thanks and click following.

After setup, you will automatically return to the Android settings menu. Then select the Google account you just added to the device and check that all sync options are active (calendar, contacts, app data), etc.

Otherwise, activate it by moving it up in O N relative levers.

Finally, if you want to delete any Google account previously configured on Android, go to the menu Settings> Accounts> Google, select the address you want to delete, press the button (...) located in the upper right and select the item Delete account from the menu that opens.

When adding a Google account to your Android device, this will be used automatically by all applications and system services, including the browser chrome  and the email client gmail.

By deleting it, instead, all the data associated with the latter will be removed from the device (but will remain synced in the cloud, so if necessary, you can recover it by resetting the account on the device).

Change Google account on iOS

If you use a iPhone or iPad and you want to change the google account you associated with your device (maybe following my tutorial on how set up Gmail on iPhone), open the app adjustments by pressing the settings icon located on the home screen and selecting the item mail from the screen that opens.

At this point, go to your account, tap on the entry related to your Google checking account and press the button first Eliminate and then Delete from iPhone / iPad to remove the iOS address.

Now you need to associate a new Google account with your iPhone / iPad. To do this, go back to the menu Settings> Mail> Account from iOS, press Add account and select google from the screen that opens.

Then log in to your Google account, choose if you want to sync mail, contacts, calendars y / o notes, activate or deactivate the special levers and press the button Save top right to save changes.

Mission accomplished! In this way, you have changed the Google account associated with your iPhone / iPad and therefore all information (contacts, emails, notes and calendars) will be synced with the latter instead of the old account.

For contacts, remember to set Google account as default in iOS settings, otherwise, iCloud will be used to automatically sync phonebook.

When installing the Google applications on the device, such as Gmail, Chrome or Google, you can choose the account you want to use by importing it directly from the iOS settings.

On windows

New versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, allows you to associate accounts from Google, Microsoft or other providers to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar.

If you have associated a Google account with your PC / tablet with Windows 10 and now you want to change it, proceed as follows: access the dashboard adjustments pressing the gear icon in the hy menu Home, Click on the icon account present on the screen that opens and selects the item Email accounts and apps from the left sidebar.

At this point, locate the Google account you want to remove from your PC, select it and click the button manage / administer that appears next.

In the box that opens, you can choose whether change sync settings account (for example if you only sync email or even contacts and calendars) or if delete the latter to replace it with another address.

If you choose to delete your Google account to replace it with another, you must click the button to add the new address Add an account found on the menu Settings> Accounts> Email accounts and apps Windows 10, you need to select the logo google from the menu that appears and finally you need to log in to the account that will be configured on the PC.

On Mac

MacOS allows you to associate multiple Internet accounts with your user profile. If you have set up a Google account and now want to change it, open the System preferences (the gear icon located on the dock bar) and select the icon Internet account from the window that opens.

At this point, if you simply want to change the account sync settings, select it in the left sidebar and enable or disable items related to the items you want to sync: mail, contacts, calendars, Messages o notes.

If instead you want to delete the account and replace it with another, click the button negative (-) lead located in the lower left.

Then click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom left, select the logo google from the screen that opens and you log into the Google account you want to associate with your Mac.