How to change language on Lenovo laptop with Windows 10? The language that is configured in our Lenovo laptop will determine the use of acetos and special characters that are displayed on the keyboard.

Once we have the language of the laptop, we will have a better management with the keyboard. This will allow us to have a better interaction with the character commands. Continuing with this premise, let's see How to change the language on Lenovo laptop, from Windows 10.

Table of Contents

First step to change language

As we will see hereinafter, change Lenovo laptop language With Windows operating system, it is a really simple process, therefore, we will do it in a few minutes. We will start with going to the “Settings” configurations, which are displayed in the start menu.

Later, we will see some options, but the one that interests us is “Region & Language”, therefore, we will click here. We will access a screen where we can see the languages ​​that have been installed On your computer, you can always choose to download a language pack, if the one you want to configure is not found.

Second step

Now, once we are on this screen, we will continue with the settings. In the menu called "Country or Region", you will look for the country where you are, once it has been located, click on it. This will determine the language.

In case your country does not appear, you can choose to download itSo, there is no reason to be alarmed if we do not see our country. To download a language, we will go to the next step. This in case of not seeing it enabled in the options.

Download your language to put it on your Lenovo laptop

For, download preferred language, we will do the following:

  • Go to the section where the languages ​​are found and select the option "Add a language".
  • When you have selected the language you want, you will see the “Region & Language” window appear.
  • This action will take us to the section where we must select the language corresponding to the country, after that, we will click on "Set as default".
  • By checking this option, we will be indicating that the language you have selected will be the default language on the computer.
  • When the language has been downloaded, it is ready to use, if it was not already downloaded.

After these procedures, the idioma of our preference will have been configured to the Lenovo laptop. Remembering that it has been done from the Windows 10 system.

Set up your laptop

Of course, you can continue to use the settings of your Lenovo laptop, within the Windows operating system. There are options that will make our experience the best, as we specify our preferences.

All this will help us to maintain an efficient use of our equipment, especially if it is in our language. As we have mentioned before, this will depend on successfully obtaining accents or special symbols, with a specific key combination. If you wish, you can reconfigure the previous language, following the same steps.