How to close Facebook Messenger

Would you like to be offline at Facebook Messenger but don't know how? Since you installed Facebook Messenger on your mobile phoneDo you get a lot of notifications that annoy you at any time of the day? Obviously, you still haven't had time to learn more about how the app works and therefore you don't know. how close Facebook Messenger. Okay, do not worry. I'll take care of lending you a hand.

Take some time off and follow the instructions I'm about to give you. In no time, you will find out how to appear offline on Facebook Messenger (so how to remove the green dot from your name), how to disable app notifications, and if necessary, how to completely disconnect from the service while staying connected to the app. Main Facebook.

Whether you have a mobile phone Android or iPhoneFollow the instructions below and you will temporarily ditch Messenger, just what you need when you are at work or busy with something important and you don't want to be disturbed by messages from your friends. . I assure you that this is an extremely simple procedure to complete. Happy reading and have fun!

How to log out of Facebook Messenger on Android

How to be inactive on Facebook Messenger for Android

If you are using an Android mobile phone and want to appear as "not available" in the chat Messenger (that is, without the green dot next to your name), launch the application and press the button Menu go to the top right (the icon with the three horizontal lines). Then select the tab called asset and climb No the lever next to his name. Until you reactivate the option, you will continue to receive Facebook chat messages, but your contacts will see you without a green dot next to your name.

Disable Facebook Messenger notifications for Android

To disable notifications, go to Messenger settings by pressing the icon of the little man which is in the upper right. In the screen that opens, select the item Notifications and sounds, ascend No the toggle at the top and choose whether you want to disable Facebook Messenger notifications for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, or 24 hours. If you wish, from the same screen you can also deactivate the sounds or vibration of notifications (when they are active).

Alternatively, you can go to adjustments Android (the gear icon on the screen with all the applications installed on the mobile phone), go to Sound and notifications> App notifications, select the icon Facebook Messenger and activate the function Block. As long as this feature remains active, you will not receive notifications related to Facebook Messenger.

How to log out of Facebook Messenger for Android

Do you want to completely disconnect from Messenger? Unfortunately, there is no specific option to do this, but with a quick "hack" you can do it anyway. What you have to do is go to configurations Android, select the item Application (o Applications ) in the menu that opens, choose the icon Mensajero from the list of applications installed on the phone and press thebutton. Delete data. This will delete all data from the app, including data related to your account, and the session will be closed.

Another way to log out of Messenger is to log out of the application. To do this, open Facebook (the main application of the social network), press hamburger icon located at the top right and select the item account settings which is at the bottom of the screen that opens. Then "tap" the icon Protection, go to panel Active sessions and delete the session related to Messenger for Android by pressing the button X placed next to the latter. In some cases, the Messenger session is reported as Device Type: Unknown, to recognize it you have to take into account Last access.

When you open Messenger again, you will have to log in again and you will have to follow the application's initial setup procedure: it will be as if you had just installed it on your smartphone.

How to log out of Facebook Messenger on iPhone

How to be inactive on Facebook Messenger for iPhone

If you use an iPhone and want close Facebook Messenger to not be "available" in the eyes of your friends, start the application, go to the section Guests (pressing the corresponding icon seen below) and select the card asset. Then go up OFF the toggle next to your name and voila: you'll still get Facebook chat messages but you won't have the fatal green dot next to your name.

Disable Facebook Messenger notifications for iPhone

Do you want to disable Messenger notifications? This can also be done with a few "taps." Launch the application, go to the tab yo (lower right) and press the voice Notifications. So go up EN options lever Do not bother and choose whether to turn off notifications for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, or until 8.00:XNUMX the next day. If you wish, from the same screen you can also deactivate the sounds and vibrations of the notifications (when active).

To disable Facebook notifications indefinitely, go to adjustments iOS (the gear icon located on the home screen), move to the section Notifications, choose Facebook Messenger and climb OFF the option Enable notifications.

How to log out of Facebook Messenger for iPhone

Even on the iPhone, unfortunately, there is an option to log out of Facebook Messenger. But don't worry, even in this case there is a "trick" that allows you to do it quite easily.

All you have to do is open the main application of Facebook, go to the configuration menu by clicking on hamburger icon located in the lower right and select the items configurations es account settings.

After that you have to go up Protection, select the option Active sessions and log out of Facebook Messenger by pressing X. If you cannot find the Messenger entry, close all the social network sessions except the current one and the PC.

Please note: If you wish, you can also log out of Facebook Messenger for iPhone or Android from your PC. All you have to do is connect to Facebook, press the icon arrow located at the top right (in the blue bar) and select the item configurations in the menu that appears. On the page that opens, select the icon Protection in the left sidebar, click the item Edit placed next to the wording Devices you signed in from and ends the session related to Facebook Messenger.