How to complete all of Charlie's challenges in Deathloop. To unlock this "A Charlie Montague Game" bronze trophy, You must complete five games on Blackreef, divided between El Complejo and Karl's Bay. Some of them are only available at certain specific times of the day. If you want to know how to complete all Charlie's challenges in Deathloop continue reading this guide.

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How to complete all Charlie's challenges in Deathloop, complete guide

Charlie is one of the eight Visionaries, charged with entertaining the inhabitants of the island of Blackreef called Eternalists. If you manage to beat the different games of the "A Charlie Montague Game" trophy, you will get as a reward one of the special weapons Strelak 50-50.

Deathloop Trophy: A Charlie Montague Game

Then We clear all your doubts about how to complete all Charlie's challenges in Deathloop. One of the five simplest games is that of Moxie, you simply have to overcome a race against time, another game consists of correctly answering some questions asked by the Yerhva machine or picking up some boxes among other missions, but if you need help, here we show you how to complete each and every game:

All Charlie Montague Games

  • The Yervha: This machine is located in Karl's Bay, in a building dotted with brown cubes, it is almost impossible to get lost. To overcome the challenge, you must correctly answer all the questions in the questionnaire.

Yervha in Deathloop

  • Wake Up Challenge - Wake up challenge: It is located in the Complex and can be approached in the morning. From the moment you arrive in the area, a 3 minute countdown will begin, during which you must be as fast as possible to open the 4 boxes before the time runs out.
    • The first one is on the ledge to the right coming out of the tunnel, on a metal beam.
    • The second is later, continue along the coast until you reach the snowy beach in the Wenjie laboratory area, you will find her right on a layer of ice.
    • The third is in the area of ​​the other entrance to the tunnel, and it is located in a small dry area behind a turret.
    • Fourth and last is located inside the bunker, at the checkpoint (where we will need to hack the antenna to enter).
  • The moxie - In Updaam in the afternoon. It is one of the buildings in the lower part of Updaam, located to the east. The objective of the game is to overcome three floors where you will try to solve puzzles with lasers within a time limit. If you manage to get there in time, you will get a Rapier (rifle). If you want to know how to get all legendary weapons in Deathloop you can find out here.

All Charlie Montague Games

  • Reward Scheme - Rewards scheme: Located in Karl's Bay at night. This task consists of opening several Charlie boxes scattered around the bay, many of which have traps or puzzles. After that, you will be rewarded with the Heritage Shotgun special weapon.
  • Haul-a-quinn: It is located in Karl's Bay, just in front of Yerhva, it will take you a full day. In addition, you will need to access the drop-off point (you will need the code that you will find in Fristad Rock written on the board of the Fia bunker, but you will have to remember or write it down). What you need to do is bring four items to Haul-A-Quinn in Karl's Bay.
    • During the morning: First, save Amador in Karl's Bay from being sacrificed by Harriet in hangar 2., and to do so you must be very fast, enter her room and kill her. Make sure he doesn't press the button to drop Amador into the gas. Second, take a battery from one of the turrets and take it to the Haul-A-Quinn mannequin. Now go to the expedition point, use the code on the Fia dashboard and request that they deliver a crank in Karl's Bay.
    • In the afternoon: In Karl's Bay go to Amador's workplace, Big Smiley, and the door will be open. In his workshop you can find the head of the Haul-A-Quinn mannequin. Go to the drop-off point, use the crank and request an amplifier. Give the crank to Haul-A-Quinn.
    • Noche: In Karl's Bay, you will finally have to go to the boarding point, pick up the amp and take it to Haul-A-Quinn.

Ready! This is all you need to know about how to complete all Charlie's challenges in Deathloop to get this trophy. You can also check our guides Deathloop: Photo location at Fristad Rock.