How to convert letters into numbers. Have you ever had to copy numbers from one excel file to another and ran into calculation problems or confusion in data order as the software treated them incorrectly and formatted as text, after pasting, instead of as figures? Have you ever worked on a project that needed to convert letters to binary numbers and don't know how to do it? I bet yes, since you're here and you're reading this guide on how to convert letters to numbers. Anyway, no problem: be it a student, a professional, or a simple enthusiast, now I will illustrate the steps to reach the solution that is most convenient for you.

As for Excell, the numbers copied into a worksheet sometimes get filed in cells as if they were text. This type of problem usually occurs when importing data from external sources, probably because it was originally formatted differently. In this case, the numbers formatted as text are shifted left and not right in the cell, and are usually indicated by an error indicator. However, it is an easy problem to solve.

Regarding projects that include the treatment of binary numbers or the encryption of a text transforming letters into numbers, the solutions available to you are also multiple and easy to adopt. Let's go together to understand how to do it.

How to convert letters to numbers in Excel

Having trouble copying numbers from one Excel sheet to another as the numbers, once pasted, are in text format? I will explain how to solve this problem in various ways using Microsoft Excel.  It is famous spreadsheet software included in the Office suite (but also available in a standalone version in Windows and macOS stores) and compatible with Windows and macOS.

Conversion by error checking

The first method to solve the problem that I propose is based on error checking present in excel, currently only available for versions desk application.

As you may have already noticed, the numbers stored as text are aligned to the left of the individual cells. Then select the cell or cells you want to convert, click the icon with the exclamation mark next to the number, and then in the drop-down menu that appears, click Convert to number.

If this option is not available, select the cell or cells to convert (or the entire column, if necessary; the important thing is that all the selected cells are in the same column), then in the tab data located in the upper right, click on the button Column text. In the window that appears, immediately click the button. finalso if you use windows Press the button Ctrl along with the button 1.

If, on the other hand, use a Mac, Press the button command along with the button 1. From the window that appears, call Format cells, select the category on the left number, then write in the central box how many Decimal places you want to see and finally in the box below the display format of Negative numbers. When you are sure you have successfully customized the overall number display, click the button. good, Bottom right.

An alternative to the aforementioned procedure (also valid for Excel online ) is to open from the card casa the central drop-down menu by pressing arrow to the right of the wording general, then select the last option Other number formats. From the window Number format to open, select the category on the left numberCustomizing the general number is displayed as desired on the desktop. Finally click good, bottom right, to convert the desired cell or cells to numbers.

If you are using Excel through the application Android at their mobile phone, press instead arrow located at the bottom right (making sure the menu on the left is set to casa ), or if it is acting as a tablet, press the tab casa placed on top. Then scroll through the options until you reach the paragraph Number formatpress it and touch number, specifying how you want to display negative numbers.

Using the Excel application to iOS or iPadOS, you must go to the section casa (via the menu at the bottom of the iPhone or the tab at the top of the iPad), Press the button ABC123 located below the button view and finally select the option number.

Conversion via the «Value» function

As an alternative to what we saw in the previous chapter, you can use a native Excel formula to convert letters to numbers: it's the Value function, which returns the numerical value of the entered text. The following procedure is valid for both desktop versions both Excel online, while it differs in the mobile versions.

First insert a new column next to the cells containing the letters to be converted by clicking the Right mouse button  in the identification letter of the column, then selecting the option enter from the dropdown menu. Be sure not to create a new one from which you want to convert; otherwise the formula will not work.

Inside a cell in the new column, type the term = VALUE () and then, placing the mouse cursor between the two brackets, click on a cell that has the value you want to convert to a numeric format (in this case, cell E3); the cell reference must appear between the two brackets. Finally press Enter so that the value finally appears in numeric format.

Now move the mouse cursor to it Lower right corner of the newly converted cell, until it takes the form of plus sign (+) : Click and drag down, using the left mouse button, thus duplicating the formula in the cells below.

At this point, you will have obtained a new column of values ​​in numerical format; you can use them directly, or you can copy and paste them into the original column at your convenience.

If you want to copy them to the column you started from, select cells you just filled with the Value function, press Ctrl along with the button C ( command along with the button c, if you are using a Mac), click on the first cell of the original column. In the desktop version select card casa, in the upper left corner, then click arrow near the button Catch, select the last item from the dropdown menu Special paste and select the field nutritional, at the top left, finally by clicking accept in online version select card casa, in the upper left, click the arrow under the button Catch and select directly Paste values.

In case you are using the Android version of Excel, insert a new column next to the cells containing the letters, touching an existing column other than the one to be converted, go to section home, press Insert and deletethen touch Insert columns.

Now double tap on a cell in the new column, type the term using the keyboard numerical = VALUE (), place the cursor between the two square brackets, press a cell with the value to convert and finally touch the button with the tick  green up to the right. Repeat the above operations individually for each cell you want to convert, until you have obtained a new column of values ​​in numerical format.

If you want to copy them to the starting column, select the first cell you just converted, then all the others by dragging the Green Point at the bottom right of the cell along the entire column; from the menu that will open, choose the option copy (represented with two sheets side by side ). Then double-click on the first original cell, select the down arrow next to the comment in the menu that opens, then choose the option nutritional.

If you are a user instead IOS / iPad OS, tap an existing column other than the one to be converted, then select the option enter. Double-tap the first cell in the new column, type the term using the keyboard = VALUE (), place the cursor between the two square brackets, select a cell to convert and then press the green button with check mark located at the top right. To get the new column filled with numerical values, you will need to repeat each of the steps described above.

To copy the new values ​​into the starting column, tap the first converted cell, then select all the others, dragging the Green Point bottom right of cell along entire column. From the menu that will open, select the option copy, then double click the initial cell, choose the option Paste special and finally the option nutritional.

Conversion using the "Paste Special" and "Multiply" functions

If you have not been able to convert letters to numbers in Excel with above methods then this may be for you: it is very useful especially for converting multiple columns at the same time.

First select one empty cell not involved in the conversion problem, type button 1 inside and press the button presentar. Awards Ctrl along with the button C ( command with the key c, if you use a Mac) to copy it, select the cells you need to convert from letters to numeric format.

Of the card casa, in the upper left corner, then click arrow next to the button Catchclick on the last item Special paste, then from the menu operación click on the field Multiply and finally press up good (Bottom right).

In doing so, you have just instructed Excel to multiply each cell by 1, effectively converting the letters to numbers. If you want to change its format, press Ctrl along with the button 1 ( command along with the button 1, if you use Mac) to open the window Format cells, select the format you prefer from the menu category left and finally click good Bottom right.

This method is suitable for the version. desk Excel; over the versions instead en línea, androidiOSYou can apply the following guidelines based on my tutorial on how to multiply in Excel.

How to disable error checking

If when entering a number in a cell you see a green triangle in the upper left of the cell itself, it means that error checking is active (functionality active only in version desk Excel). You can stop the display by selecting the general menu item formulas, then clicking the button Error verifying, then on the button Options, bottom left, and finally removing the item check Numbers formatted as text.

Convert letters to binary numbers

If you look instead of convert letters to binary numbers, for pleasure or for work, know that there are several tools suitable for this purpose: let's discover some of the most interesting ones and you will see that you will find the one that is suitable for you. Whether you are working on a cutting edge IT project or want to learn the basics of binary crypto, I am sure you will be satisfied.

Convert text to binary (online)

Converting text to binary is an efficient online service that allows the conversion of letters into binary numbers. By clicking on the link I have provided, you will come to the page ready to receive the text you want to convert, to be inserted in the field Input data.

First make sure that the tool convert, in the middle of the page, it is positioned in the option text to numbers bin (As you may have guessed, the option for other binary numbers to text does the exact opposite), then type manually or copy and paste the letters you want to convert. You will notice it immediately, in the field below. output, the text you entered was converted to binary code.

Binary Code Translator (Android)

Binary Code Translator is a valid conversion service for letters into binary numbers available to users Android.  If you tap from your mobile phone or tablet on the link above, you will immediately connect to Play Store, from where you can download the application by pressing the button install.

Once installed on your device, pressing the button open You will be face to face with Binary Code Translator: check that you are in the section Text to binary (the first one on the left) and not in "Binary to text", so type or paste the text to be encoded in binary. When you're done, tap the command code Located in the lower left: You will immediately notice the translated text below what you wrote just now.

The application has two other very useful commands: copy (you can find it right next to Encode) allows you to copy the translated text to your clipboard and paste it manually into other apps on your mobile phone, while share  (the last one at the bottom right) also helps you share your binary code directly with other installed applications.

Text to Binary (iOS / iPadOS)

Text To Binary is also an excellent tool for converting letters to binary numbers, but dedicated exclusively to users who prefer the use of an iPhone or iPad. To use it, tap on the link I just provided, then hit the button Get / Install of App Store, verify your identity through Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password (if necessary) and finally press the button open.

Can write immediately what you prefer in the bar located at the top, even if necessary by copying and pasting the text of another application in use. You may have noticed that the application translates what you type in real time, so you don't need to commit input or perform further operations - simple, right?

You can now easily copy the binary code you got, using the command Copy to clipboard placed just below the translated text. You will have confirmation that you have copied it correctly if a popup appears with a written message Correctly copied to clipboard.