How to create folders Android. Creating a folder on the Android home screen is really a game of children. Simply select an application, hold your finger on its icon and drag it to another icon: the system creates a folder that contains both icons and to which you can also add other applications.

The procedure works with all the most popular launchers, including the default of the latest versions of the operating system, but some friends have asked me for something different; they asked me if they could create android folders in the application drawer, found in the menu where the icons of all the applications installed in the mobile phone (or on the tablet). Well, even in this case the answer is yes.

Thanks to some custom launchers, which can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and they do not require root permissions to work, you can group the apps from the drawer and organize them in folders that are easy to find and consult.

How to create Android folders step by step

Google Launcher (Now / Pixel)

Let's start with the official Google launchers, which are pre-installed on the devices belonging to the series nexo y pixel and can be downloaded to other devices through the Play Store: Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher.

Google action launchers allow you to create app folders only in starting screennot in the drawer, so not in the menu where the icons of all the applications installed on the device are located (for that you must resort to alternative launchers such as those that we will examine later).

To create a folder on the Now Launcher or Pixel Launcher home screen, hold your finger on the icon of one of the applications that you want to include in the folder and drag it to the icon of another application that you want to include in the same folder.

Then select the folder that is generated and rename it as you prefer by selecting your name which is below.

After creating a binder, you can add other icons by simply selecting them, holding your finger on them and dragging them to the folder in question.

Also, he notes that by opening a folder and holding down the icons it contains, you can reorder and arrange them in the sequence you prefer.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is considered by many, including myself, the best launcher for Android - it's lightweight, packed with advanced features, and can be customized down to the smallest detail. Could you ever miss a feature like that to group drawer apps into folders? Of course not, but unfortunately it is one of the "features" reserved for users of the Prime version of the application, which costs 4,50 euros.

If you agree to make this small investment, know that before buying the "Nova Prime" package from the Play Store, you must download the launcher in the basic version, which is free.

The app will automatically detect your "license" and unlock all features intended for Prime users (including, for the note, creating folders in the drawer).

To download both applications, go to the menu adjustments from Android (the gear icon in the drawer), "tap" the icon Home>   Nova Launcher as the default launcher for your mobile phone / tablet by putting the check mark next to its name.

Now comes the fun! To create a folder in the app drawer, go back to the Android home screen (which should now be managed by Nova), hold your finger on an "empty" spot on the screen, and select the icon for adjustments which appears in the lower right.

On the next screen, select the item Application menu, scroll to the bottom of the menu that opens and 'tap' the item Groups in the application menu.

At this point, select the tab folders located in the upper right, press the button + (also located in the upper right) to start creating a new folder, type the title you want to assign to the latter in the appropriate text field and press the button Add To complete the operation.

Then, press the icon of pencil placed next to the folder name you just created click the button Select application and choose which applications to include in the folder. Repeat for all the folders you want to create and you're done.

Mission accomplished!

Now go back to the home screen, go to the app drawer and you will find your folders among the apps available in the menu.

To add new applications to a folder or rename it, select its icon and press the corresponding buttons in the box that opens.

If you want the folders inside the drawer to be displayed in alphabetical order and not before the other apps, go back to Nova Launcher settings, select the item Application menu and put in OFF the lever relative to the option Folders first.

To delete a previously created folder, you must go to the menu Settings> Application menu> Application menu groups Nova Launcher, select the tab foldershold down the name of the folder you want to delete and press the button Eliminate present in the box that opens.

Finally, I point out that to create folders on the home screen, you must follow the "classic" procedure that has already been seen for Google launchers, or you must take the icon of an application and drag it to another application (or on that of an existing folder, if you want to insert the application into the latter).

Smart Launcher

Looking for a launcher that can automatically organize applications into folders? Then I suggest you try Smart Launcher.

It is a free launcher (in its basic version, there is also a Pro that costs 2,99 euros and includes some additional features), extremely read and elegant that does just what you need: examine the list of applications installed on the phone and organize them automatically according to their categories (eg. channels, Internet, games and so on).

To take advantage of Smart Launcher, download the application from Google Play Store, launch it and press arrow located in the center of the screen.

Then you agree that the initiator can transmit to its servers the list of applications installed on the mobile phone (to classify them instantly thanks to a database remote), choose whether to use a stylish icon layout flower o grill and set your default apps to listen music, el browsing online ...

Finally, press the button and you will find yourself in front of your new home screen: a menu with circular icons (related to your favorite applications for listening to music, browsing online, sending messages, taking photos, making phone calls and viewing images), the current time and a research .

To access the drawer with all the applications automatically divided into categories, "touch" the icon with 6 squares located at the bottom left and navigate through the menu that opens with the left sidebar.

To set Smart Launcher as the default launcher for Android, go to the menu Settings> Home page on your mobile phone / tablet and put the check mark next to your name.


If you use a mobile phone Samsung and its default launcher is not the "pure" Android, but the TouchWiz developed by the Korean giant, you can create android folders without resorting to third-party applications.

All you need to do is open the app drawer, press the button edit (located in the upper right) to activate the « edition»And merge the applications just as you would on the home screen, that is, keep your finger pressed on an icon and drag it over another icon. At the end of the modifications, press the button final and ready.

Some launchers that reflect the appearance and functionality of Samsung's TouchWiz are also available on the Play Store, such as S Launcher.