Since you were a child, you have had a great interest in the world of animation and your biggest dream has always been to make a cartoon. Draw It is not your strong point, but this does not mean that you have given up and are constantly looking for a tool that will allow you to be successful in your attempt. I guessed it right? Let me tell you that your tenacity has rewarded you, because you have come to the right place at the right time!

With today's tutorial, in fact, I will explain how to make cartoons and thus realize, at least in a small way, your dream. Regardless of your experience in terms of animation, you should know that you have different solutions available for create a movie animated: you can try some services that will allow you to create a cartoon by choosing settings and characters from a rich online library or rely on applications, to install on your mobile phone or tablet, which will allow you to draw every frame of your cartoon. Interesting, isn't it?

So come on, let's not waste any more time talking and let's start working. Take five minutes of free time, read the following paragraphs carefully, and choose the solution that you think best suits your needs and abilities. Put the instructions I am giving you into practice and I am sure that, with a little time and dedication, you will be able to make your own cartoons. Enjoy your reading and, above all, have fun!

Animatron (online)

Among the best solutions for caricature or animatron, an online service that allows you to use out-of-the-box animations and import your own creations. Its free version allows you to export the cartoon in low quality, save a maximum of five projects and, above all, apply a watermark to the film. To remove these limitations and take advantage of the additional features, you must subscribe to a paid Animatron plan by choosing between pro ($ 30 / month or $ 15 / month with annual billing) e business ($ 60 / month or $ 30 / month with annual billing).

To start creating your animated videos, then connect to the Animatron website and click the button Free Trial present under the heading Create HTML5 and animation video, then press the button Register at the top right to create your account. On the page that opens, click on the logo Facebook, google o twitter to register with Animatron by linking to your social account, otherwise enter your email address in the field Enter your email and click on the button Create an account. In a few moments you will receive an email with an activation link: press the button Activate your account and, in the new open page, enter your data in the fields Your Name, password y industry, then press the button Create my free account to complete the registration

Now click on the button Start creating top right to access the Animatron editor and choose whether to work in beginner mode ( Lite ) or expert ( expert ). Through the left sidebar, select one of the available elements to start creating your cartoon.

  • Animated sets (the missile icon) : Allows you to access a catalog of ready-to-use animations and to use their individual elements, such as the background and characters.
  • Backgrounds (the landscape icon) : to choose one of the many backgrounds to apply to cartoon scenes.
  • Text (the T icon) : to insert text into the cartoon, choosing its font, size, color and alignment.
  • Audios (music note icon) : a library of music files. To wear down the Songs In your cartoon, you must sign up for a subscription plan.
  • Project Library (the box icon) : to import images, music and files present on your PC, useful for making cartoons. Alternatively, you can import files in JPG, PNG, TIFF, MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, SVG and MP4 by pressing the button import present in the top menu.

Once you have chosen the elements of your interest, drag them onto the workspace to create your cartoon. To add new scenes click the button + present in the upper right corner. Doing so will add a new empty scene, otherwise you will press the icon of the + within a square to duplicate the previous scene.

You should know that with Animatron you can also duplicate your cartoon, just click on the icon microphone present in the toolbar at the top. Then press the button allow To allow Animatron to access your PC's microphone, click Red button to start Record and press the icon plaza when you're done recording. To listen to the recording, click the button. game and if you like it press the button Add to add it to your cartoon timeline.

To save the project, click on the icon gear wheel in the upper left and enter the data of the cartoon in the fields name y description, while if you want to download it on your PC or share it on the Web, press the buttons Download y cuota.

GoAnimate (online)

GoAnimate is another online service that allows you to create cute cartoons. It allows you to organize your idea using standard templates and hundreds of characters, with the ability to upload your own animations and record dialogues. New users can try it for 14 days in a limited trial version, after which it is paid at a recurring monthly cost (I'll talk about it soon).

To create cartoons with GoAnimate, connected to the service's website, enter your data in the fields Name, Last Name, Company name , Job role, Work telephone, Work email y password and click on the button Sign up for a free trial to create your account and activate the 14-day free trial. In a few moments you will receive an email with an activation link: click on the item Activate now to complete the registration

On the new open page, press the button Make a video and click on the button select about the option Business friendly to access the GoAnimate editor. Now, start creating your cartoon by choosing the background of the first scene: then press the option templates (the icon of a square and two rectangles ) in the upper left corner, select a template category from workshop, mercadeo, sports, casa, vacation, space, Superheros, pirate, travel etc. and click on the template you prefer to import in the GoAnimate workspace.

To modify the added scene, press the scene itself and choose the type of change you want to make by clicking on the elements. opción, narration, effects y room present in the sidebar on the left. If, on the other hand, you want to modify the individual characters in the scene, click on them and, using the left sidebar, choose one of the two available options: action to change the selected character and change its facial expression or dialogue to record the "joke" of the character in question or upload an audio file from your PC.

Once the scene and individual characters have been modified, you can add additional characters, props, and background music by clicking one of the options shown on the left.

  • Characters (the little man icon) : to add a new character to the scene. There are hundreds of characters divided by category, like casual, vacation, children, policy, sports etcetera
  • Props (phone icon) : to add accessories, emoticons, arrows and more.
  • Text (the T icon) : to insert text in the scene, with the possibility of choosing its font, size and color. It also allows you to insert bullets.
  • Sound (the music note icon) - To add background music or sound effects, such as an ambulance siren.

Once the first scene has been created, you can go to the next scene by pressing the button + present in the timeline below or by clicking on the item Add scene - Doing so will duplicate the previous scene. To have an empty scene, click on the added scene and press option clear from the menu that appears.

After creating your cartoon, click the button preview present in the upper right corner to show a preview and press the button Save to save the project You must know that to export the cartoon and remove all limitations (including watermark), you must register for a subscription you choose between Gopublish ($ 39 / month) GoPremium ($ 89 / month) e drip ($ 159 / month).

Scratch (online / Windows / Mac / Android / iOS)

scratch It is not a tool for making cartoons, but it allows you create animations free using a block programming language. It allows access to a rich catalog of characters and backgrounds, creating animations and sketches with simple commands. It is available in an online version without registration, but requires a connection to Internet. To use it in offline mode, you can download the software for Windows PC and Mac or the tablet app with Android and iOS.

For, use Scratch from the browsers, connect to the main page of the service and click on the button crear to access the editor. Then press the icon landscape located in the lower left, under the heading New background, and choose the background to use for your scene, otherwise click on the icon binder to load one from your PC.

To add new characters, instead locate the item New sprite and press the icon of the little man choose a character from Scratch's library. Alternatively, click on the brush tool to draw a new character or press the icon folder and an arrow to load a character from your PC.

Now, select the inserted character right now and use the commands at the center of the page to create the animations: for example, if you want the character to move, select the command category movement and drag the command Perform (number) steps on the right side of the work area.

As mentioned above, Scratch is also available for PCs and tablets. For more information, I leave you with my guide on how download Scratch.

Animation desktop (iOS)

Animation desktop is a free application for iPhone and iPad that allows you to create your own animations in a fairly simple way. It is a professional tool, suitable for those with good drawing skills and intends to create a cartoon that takes care of the smallest details, starting with the creation of characters and animations. With iPad it supports the use of Apple Pencil.

After downloading Animation Desk to your device, start by selecting its icon (one V upside down on a yellow background ) and press the button continue to access the work area. Then touch the button +, press the voice Empty project in the menu that appears, enter the name to be assigned to the project in the field name and press the ✓ button.

Now, choose the type of pencil to use in your design and start drawing. Complete the first frame, tap the icon right pointing arrow to go to the next frame and repeat the operation for all the frames that make up the animation. Then press the ▶ ︎ button to see the final result. To export the animation, tap the item export and select the option that you like the most available.

Other solutions to make cartoons

If the solutions proposed above have not completely satisfied your needs, you should know that they exist other solutions to make cartoons On Pcs, Mobile Phones, and Tablets - Here are a few that might help you.

  • FlipaClip - Cartoon Animation (Android / iOS) : It is an excellent free application to draw the individual pictures of your cartoons in flip-book style.
  • Animation and drawing of Do Ink (iOS) - App available only for iPad that allows you to create animations. It is the ideal solution for novice users who have just entered the world of design and animation, but it can also be used by more experienced users who want to create advanced animations using powerful tools. It costs 5,49 euros.
  • Powtoon (online) - is an online service that allows you to create animated presentations. In its free version, it allows you make videos up to 5 minutes long, and then upload them to platforms such as YouTube. It is also available by subscription starting at $ 19 / month.
  • Wideo (online) - An online editor for creating cartoons using the objects and characters available in the service library. After a 7-day free trial, you must sign up for a subscription by choosing between basic ($ 19 / month) pro ($ 39 / month) or ($ 79 / month).