How to create trailer in FilmoraGo? FILMORAGO is a very interesting application that offers multiple benefits and advantages to users who make use of it. Among the advantages it offers is video editing, trailer production for different purposes, among many more. Precisely in this article we will see some important functions of it.

What is FilmoraGO?

FILMORAGUSAs we mentioned before, it is one of the best known tools for video editing, it is really easy to use, through it a quality work is achieved, being able to work on both PC and Smartphone equipment.

What are trailer?

Here we are going to highlight that the term trailer, is of great importance when you have a channel, since it allows a more extensive and prior visibility of what said channel is about. This is intended to convince users to subscribe to it.

How to make a trailer from FilmoraGO?

Next we will detail the way a trailer can be made from the FilmoraGo tool, for them we carry out the following steps.

Steps to create a trailer using FilmoraGo

Download and install Filmora

As an initial step, we will click on the button located in the lower area, in order to download the FilmoraGo tool in its current version, it is absolutely free.

It is necessary to create a plan for the elaboration of the trailer

At this point it will be necessary for the user to review the movie or creation several times, just before the trailer is made.

Importing the file to the FilmoraGO tool

For this step we open the program and it will take us to the general area, we will have to import the video that we will pass to the movie trailer, from the computer.

Drag to the timeline and cut the video

Once you let's watch the video in the general program area, we will click and move it to the timeline, which we will see in the lower area of ​​the screen.

Add musical background and sound effects

It is important to highlight at this point and recommend to users that, moments before editing the video, they should add a musical background and also chord sound effects. This in order to make video editing easier.

Add title, subtitles and credits

A An important part of the trailer is precisely the addition of textThis allows users to have better information, thus making them know what the film is about. This type of text can be created through templates, which Filmora's own tool has.

Export and Share

This is quite an important point, since within it it is vital that the configurations are absolutely complete, this with the intention that the best visualization and export of the movie trailer is achieved. the same It can be stored within the same computer or uploaded and shared directly on the YouTube page.