How to create your own avatar. Forum, chat, social media. An image that distinguishes you from other users and makes you easily recognizable by all your friends. So, today in the following lines, I will teach how to create your own avatar taking advantage of some special online services and special applications for mobile phones and tablets, very easy to use and capable of generating a well done digital alter ego.

How to create your own avatar step by step


The first advice I can give you if you want to create your own avatar is to try your best Avatar It is an online service that allows you to create animated images from a photo, to which the effects are applied in real time. Collage, wacky filters and much more. Everything you could want to create a special avatar without spending a penny and work from anywhere Web navigator.

First of all, connect to the Avatar website and select the effect you prefer from the many available, they are divided into categories.

On the next page, choose, depending on your needs, if you want to upload the photo that will be used for the avatar from the PC, by clicking the button from the PC, or from Internetby clicking on the button de URL o de Facebook.

Wait a few moments for the photo upload to start and complete, then you will find yourself in front of your animated avatar. To download it to your PC in GIF format, right-click on it and choose the appropriate item from the menu that appears.

If you wish, before downloading the avatar to your PC, you can also make customizations by cutting it, adjusting the number of shots and the speed of the animations and / or adding custom text, all using the buttons on the left.


To create your own avatar even more elaborate than the previous service, you can use PhotoFace. In fact, it is an online application that allows you to generate an animated, three-dimensional, and even talking avatar from your own photo. The voice can be added either by recording it or by writing text to read as text-to-speech. All free and from any web browser.

The only thing that must be taken into account is that to function it is necessary to have Flash Player installed on your PC (for more information you can read my dedicated article) or you need to use a browser that integrates it (for example, Chrome).

To use the service, first make sure to connect to the relevant internet site and then choose, by clicking the buttons at the top left, if you want to upload your own photo from the PC, if you take it right now with the webcam or pick it up from the web.

If you want, you can also choose images that are ready to use from the following. Then specify if the face shown in the photo is a man or a woman and press siguiente twice in a row.

Then click on the box Default photo and in the central part of the browser window you will find yourself in front of the preview of your avatar.

If you prefer to mask your celebrity avatar, click on the box Be a celebrity top right and select the character you prefer.

So customize the expression using the commands on the left and the aesthetic features, trace the following commands below. If you wish, you can also add a background by choosing tar from the list at the bottom left.

To make your avatar speak, click on the links found in the section Add audio. Pressing Pre-recorder you can upload an audio file ready, above Type in can write a text for the avatar to say, while pressing Use microphone you can choose to use the microphone of your PC to make a recording at that moment.

Once completed, choose if you want save your avatar as an image or video by clicking the link respectively Download image or in Video download which are in the lower right and to accept. Alternatively, you can decide to share the avatar by email, Facebook, direct link or embed code by selecting the other available links

I also point out that if you choose, instead of using your own image, you can create a custom three-dimensional avatar starting from scratch. To be successful, you just need to talk to the box Change age and gender, make the appropriate customizations related to age, gender, weight, and ethnicity and proceed analogously to how I showed you some lines.

The online services mentioned above did not convince you in a particular way and are you looking for something alternative to create your own custom avatar?

Then there is nothing I can do but suggest you visit immediately Unlike the previous solution, it allows you to create a comic style avatar without starting from any photos, but using a very simple step-by-step procedure in which you can choose the various elements that will make up the character: face, hair, nose, ears, etc. It is free and you can use it from any browser.

To use it, connect to the service's website and choose whether to generate a male or female avatar by clicking on the figures shown. Wait a few moments for the service editor to load, then use the tabs at the top right to finish if you want to customize the face, eyes, hair, between face and background, additional options and tabs below to Make your choices and palettes on the bottom left to customize the colors of the selected item.

In the left part of the window you can see a preview of your creation. The buttons below allow you to change the avatar's height, orientation, zoom, and tilt.

When you have created an avatar of your liking, click the button Download located at the bottom right to download it immediately to your PC in SVG or PNG format (you can choose from the menu that opens).

Alternatively, you can share it on Facebook or other social networks by clicking the button share.

You can also configure your creation directly as an avatar in Gravatar by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. If the avatar you created doesn't convince you and you want to start again, press the button reset and then to accept, while you want to generate a random avatar, you must click the button scolding.

Other online resources to create your own avatar

  • - Website that allows you to generate custom animated avatars for everything (even if you don't support uploading your own photos) with lots of audio to follow.
  • Digibody - Website that allows you to generate a personalized avatar using the numerous tools available. Once created, it can be saved in old image formats.
  • Avachara - Another Internet site that belongs to the category that allows you to generate highly personalized avatars in cartoon style choosing the various elements that will compose it.
  • Character Creator - Website to create a complete avatar, both male and female.
  • AvatarsDB - It does not allow you to create personalized avatars, but it is one of the portals with the largest collection of "profile images" available on the net.

Application to create your own avatar

Instead of acting like a PC, would you like to understand how to create your own avatar from mobile? Nothing could be simpler!

Use the appropriate apps you find below and you will be successful. These are free resources (some, however, offer in-app purchases), available to both Android as for iOS and very easy to use.

  • FaceQ (Android / iOS): very popular application for creating avatars that allows you to choose the type of face, hair, eyes, etc. and to save the final image in PNG.
  • Bitmoji (Android / iOS) - This is one of the most popular apps ever. It allows you to create avatars in the style of BitStrips, the famous application for create cartoons and comics to share on social media.
  • Avatar Maker: Profile Maker (Android / iOS): Allows you to create a cute avatar in manga sauce offering the possibility to apply numerous customizations.
  • Smartphone avatar (Android) - Very simple application thanks to which you can generate good avatars using the different on-screen customizations. It's not exactly the ideal for faithful reproduction due to the decidedly playful style, but for those who don't have this kind of hobby, it's a more than recommended resource.
  • Myidol 3D Avatar Maker (iOS): application that allows you to generate three-dimensional avatars with a very realistic and highly customizable appearance.