How to delete numbers from the SIMs.. You have noticed that all phone numbers appear twice, because they are both on the SIM and on the phone. For this reason, you have decided delete numbers from SIM but, in practice, he could not find the option to do so.

Below, I will provide you with all the information you need to get rid of the contacts from the SIM card in a few taps, showing you the two functions connected to the operating system Android , and a couple of excellent applications designed for this purpose.

How to delete SIM numbers on Android

If you have a smartphone with a Android OS, this is the appropriate tutorial section. Next, I will explain how to delete the contacts from the SIM card installed in the phone and use the proper functionality of the operating system of Google (available only in some versions of it), or through the use of two third-party applications designed for this purpose.

Operating System

Initially A Ndroid it provided the "standard" functionality to act on the contacts on the SIM card. However, over time, the ability to view, add, and delete SIM contacts has been phased out, leaving the import and export functions intact.

However, this does not apply to all variants of the operating system. Some versions of Android customized by manufacturers, for example, MIUI de Xiaomi, have kept intact the ability to delete contacts from the SIM.

How? Very simple: first, start the contacts (the icon in the form of little man or address book). Then press the button (⋮) located in the upper right and select the adjustments from the menu.

Once this is done, activate only the display of the SIM contacts by moving to ON the lever corresponding to Show SIM contacts, then touch the item Set up contact lists. And touch the entry of the SIM currently in use (ex. SIM 1 ) to display only the phone numbers contained in the SIM card in the list.

Once done, press the button twice < to return to the contact list, which should now contain only the entries that belong to the SIM. To delete a single number, make a long touch in it select the item Remove.

However, if you intend to delete all SIM contacts at once, long tap on one of them, please choose item Multiple elimination and in the next panel press the button Select all located at the bottom.

To continue with the deletion, touch the icon in the form of a trash can located in the upper right and confirm the desire to continue by touching the button Delete contact / Delete contacts and that's it

If everything was in the right direction, the list of numbers should now be empty since, previously, you have hidden all other categories of contacts (for example, those added to gmail). To restore the previous view, press the button again. (⋮) touch the adjustments from the menu, put in OFF the lever corresponding to the article Show SIM contracts and finally click on Set up contact lists.

Please note that the instructions provided above refer precisely to the Android version characteristic of Xiaomi devices. In others OS, the menu items and buttons to be pressed may vary slightly, leaving the procedure almost identical.

SIM contacts

If the version of Android included in your device does not provide the functionality to access (and delete) contacts from the SIM, you can use an "external" application that can perform this task.

For this purpose, I recommend that you trust SIM contacts, a small piece of software available for free at Play Store able to perform the operation requested by you very well.

After downloading and installing the application, launch it and grant it access permissions to contacts by pressing the button allow. Done that, click on SIM contacts located at the top, identify the number you want to delete and tap the icon in the form of paper bin  in correspondence and in  to accept.

If you want, you can also delete multiple contacts at once: do a long touch On one of the numbers in the list, put the check mark next to the items you want to remove and when you're done tap the button paper bin  placed on top and confirm deletion by tapping the button to accept.

SIM contact manager

If you did not find the previous application useful, you can give the opportunity to SIM contact manager. In this case too, it is an application available for free at Play Store allowing you to easily access SIM contacts and, in a way quite similar to what we saw earlier, delete them in a few taps.

Once the app is downloaded and launches, tap the button allow to allow you to access the contacts on the phone, touch the tab SIM contacts placed on top, press the button (⋮) corresponding to the phone number you want to delete. And to continue, select the item Eliminate from the proposed menu and conclude by pressing the button to accept.

If you want, you can also delete multiple contacts at once. Of a long touch On one of the items in the list, put the check mark next to the numbers to be removed (or press the button (⋮) and choose the item Select all from the proposed menu to select them all). Then press the icon in the form of paper bin from the top and confirm everything by touching the button to accept.

How to delete SIM numbers on iPhone

Has iPhone and would you like remove SIM numbers inserted into the phone? Unfortunately, I have no good news for you: although it allows access, Apple prevents the modification of the data saved on the SIM card, therefore, you cannot do it through iOS (nor are there any apps designed for that purpose).

But do not despair, all is not lost, since you have at least two valid options to choose from: the first, as well as the simplest, is to extract the SIM from the iPhone and insert it into any phone Android. Afterwards, remove the unwanted phone numbers by following the steps I have provided above.

If not, the other option is to trust a USB SIM reader for Pcs. It is a special adapter from which you can insert the phone card and access it directly from the PC.

Once you get the adapter, simply connect it to the PC through the USB port, install the supplied software and, after having correctly inserted the SIM inside it, launch the mentioned program and proceed to delete the contacts using the buttons and menus. available in its interface.

So far the entry on how to delete numbers from the SIM.