How to disable a phone stolen cell phone. He came back a few hours ago, realized he no longer had his mobile phone in his backpack and, after having searched in vain at home and having returned on the path he had taken, he had to accept the bitter truth: someone proceeded to collect it without permission from the pocket where you left it.

Surely, after so much searching, you have started to think about the consequences of this theft: what would happen if someone continued to use your phone or, worse still, had access to your personal data?

That is why you immediately jumped to Google looking for a solution to these very serious problems - well, I'm happy to announce that you are in the right place, at the right time. Today, I want to explain How to disable a stolen cell phone, also protecting your personal data.

First, I will explain how to request operator lock, so that the device can no longer be used on national cellular networks. Later, I will take care of explaining how to remotely block and / or format the terminal in question, so that those who have used it incorrectly cannot use it.

How to disable a stolen cell phone step by step

Report theft and get operator lock

The first thing you should do, when you realize that your mobile phone has been stolen, is denounce immediately the incident to the competent authorities, and then send the blocking request to your telephone operator.

Normally, this will not return the stolen mobile phone to your hands. However, it is a mandatory step to render it unusable and put those who stole it improperly into difficulty.

IMEI code

The first thing to do to file a report with the police is track IMEI code of the mobile phone. It is a unique identifier through which it is possible to "recognize" the phone in question and block access to national cellular networks (we will talk about it shortly). The IMEI code is displayed on the mobile phone sales box, usually on a white label attached to the side of the package.

If your mobile phone has not been stolen but you are reading this guide as a precaution, know that you can track the IMEI code of it by typing the code * # # 06 in the keyboard dialer number (the screen you use to manually dial a phone number).

Once you have identified the code, write it down and go to a police station, report the intention to report the theft (or loss) of a mobile phone and answer all the questions that will be asked (make, model and color of the device, code IMEI and circumstances in which the event occurred). You must also provide your identity document.

Once the complaint has been filed, you must proceed to request the operator lock at your current service provider. This operation will block SIM card stolen (you can request another with your old number) and will insert the IMEI of the device in a kind of black list.

In this way, the mobile phone will no longer be able to connect in any way to the networks of the different telephone operators. This simply means that the phone will no longer be able to make calls, send SMS or connect to Internet through the cellular network, regardless of the operator used and the SIM to be inserted inside.

You have two possibilities to request the lock of the IMEI and the SIM card. The first is to go to a point of sale from the telephone operator, the second is to send a fax / mail form in the direction of the operational headquarters.

If you decide to go to a store, just provide the IMEI code from the phone the number of the SIM card it contains, a Document from  identification valid and, if necessary, the report of the previous complaint. After this, the IMEI of the mobile phone will be blacklisted and you will have the opportunity to request a new SIM with the same number (and the same residual credit) as the stolen one.

How to disable a stolen Android phone

After carrying out all the 'bureaucratic' procedures of the case and inhibiting access to mobile operator networks by phone, it is time to take concrete action and understand how rendering a stolen mobile phone unusable, starting with devices with a operating system Android.

The most effective method of doing this involves the tool Administrator of Android device o Management of product and service <strong>standardisations</strong> Android devices. Thanks to a convenient interface, it allows you to locate the mobile phone in question on a map, lock it with a code (which cannot be omitted even by turning off the device) or completely erase the data stored on it and restore the phone to the factory state .

In particular, this last operation avoids the subsequent location of the device, however, it is extremely useful for destroy the data on your phone.

Also, for Android versions equal to or later than 6.0, the initial setup procedure requires the inclusion of the previously used Google account on the device. In other words, there are excellent chances that, after recovery, the phone can no longer be exploited.

However, before continuing, I must warn you that you can use the Device administrator Android to lock / reset device only if it is switched on and connected to the Internet ; to use location services, in addition, the GPS must be active and also remote location permissions.

With these necessary premises, it is time to act: first, connected to the Android Device Management website and enter, if necessary, the credentials of the Google account configured on the phone that was stolen from you.

Once this is done, select the device on which you want to act using the icons located in the upper left (in the form of phone o tablet ) and pay attention to what is displayed on the screen. In the central part, you can see a map with the exact position of the phone (if available), while in the left bar there are buttons to perform the operations of close  or reset the device.

If you intend to lock the phone with a code and possibly attach a message to its owner (specifying, for example, a phone number to contact), press the Locking your devicewrite the message or number of phone in the proposed boxes and press the button again Lock your device to confirm the will to proceed. The lock set in this way cannot be avoided even by turning off the mobile phone.

As for the total deletion of data, you must press the button Restart device to access the corresponding section. Taking into account that, by performing this operation, all the data on the phone will be deleted and that it will no longer be possible to access location services, you can end everything by pressing the button Reset device and typing in, when prompted, your Google account credentials to confirm your identity.

If the phone is disconnected, the recovery procedure will automatically start when you reconnect to the Internet (unless the thief has previously restarted it).

note: if you want, you can also use Android Device Management from other mobile phones or tablets - the appropriate application is sufficient available on Google Play Store.

How to disable a stolen iPhone

You have a iPhone ? Don't worry, Apple has a mechanism very similar to what has already been seen for Android, which responds to the name of Find my iPhone : Through this service, it is possible to locate, block or completely reset the iPhone in a couple of days.

However, even in this case, the same limitations noted above apply. For the procedure to be successful, it is necessary that iPhone is turned on and connected to the Internet and that option Find my iPhone ( Settings> iCloud> Search my Iphone ) is active on the device.

I anticipate immediately that after the reset procedure, the iPhone is very likely to become unusable. To restart it after recovery via Find My iPhone, in fact it is absolutely essential to enter the previously configured Apple ID credentials otherwise it will be impossible to exploit the operating system.

With that said, let's take action right away: To lock or format iPhone, immediately connect to iCloud website, log in with the Apple ID configured on the device and click the icon Find my iPhone placed on the screen shown to you.

When the new page appears on the screen, access the menu All devices located at the top, choose the name of the device (eg. iPhone by ) you want to act and click on the icon Lost mode to lock the phone immediately. Write the phone with which you want to be contacted, press the button siguiente, indicates a message dedicated to who currently owns your device and, to end the lock, press the button final. At this point, the phone can only be unlocked by entering the personal code specified during setup.

If, on the other hand, you want to completely reset the phone and return it to the factory state, press the button start or restore And, aware that this operation will erase all data from the device and make it impossible to track through Find My iPhone, click the button again start To confirm the operation, If the device is offline, the recovery procedure will be performed as soon as it is connected to the Internet.

If you don't have a PC available, it may render your iPhone unusable from remotely through other device iOS- all you have to do is download the free app Find My iPhone on the device you plan to use. This application works practically identical to the iCloud website.

Other methods to disable a stolen cell phone

If you got here, it means that you have acquired all the necessary skills to rendering a stolen mobile phone unusable by filing a complaint and "zeroing it out" through the tools offered by Google and Apple.

However, if you are luckily reading this guide for informational purposes only and you haven't had your mobile phone stolen, let me show you a couple of workarounds to the reset methods illustrated above. You must know, that there is a anti-theft application which, after the initial setup, allows you to keep your mobile phone safe from thieves and to be able to act through a complete control console.

For example, if you own an Android device, you can trust Android lost. In this case, it is an application combined with a control console accessible through the browser, which allows you to perform a large number of operations remotely on the mobile phone in question, with the possibility of issue commands by SMS If the Internet connection is not available.

Another excellent anti-theft application of this type, always available for Android, is Cerberus. Unlike Android Lost, Cerberus offers a real management console that can be queried from different devices and allows you set restrictions on the occurrence of certain events, in addition to supporting SMS Commands, device lock y remote reboot.

As for devices equipped with an operating system in place iOS, I could trust a solution like Lookout: security and protection against identity theft : with prices starting at € 2,99 / month, this application allows you to block a stolen iPhone and possibly receive a series of emails to locate the device.