How to disable Vo LTE

How to disable Vo LTE. Lately, have you noticed that your mobile phone consume more battery during phone calls and that in case of poor 4G / LTE coverage, you cannot answer a call without the line dropping several times? Are you desperate for a solution to this problem, but you just can't get over it and your patience is wearing thin? Before you rage at your trusted phone store, it's good for you to realize what could be causing your problems: the Volta.

VoLTE (acronym for Voice over LTE), to put it simply, is a technology which allows you to make "normal" calls using the network 4G instead of the classic grid 3G / 2G - This brings some advantages (I'll talk about that later) but it can also lead to some communication problems, like the ones you are experiencing.

To work, it must be compatible with the mobile phone in use and with your own mobile operator. In case these requirements are met, the technology is activated automatically.

How to disable Vo LTE step by step

What is VoLTE?

Before taking action and understanding how to block VoLTE on your mobile phone, it is necessary to clarify some details about this technology and understand why, in many ways, it can be very convenient.

Volta is the abbreviation of the sentence Voice over LTEie "Voice over LTE": as it is easy to understand, it is a technology that allows you to make calls normal using the 4G / LTE network, fully automatically, thus theoretically improving its quality. Now, VoLTE is compatible with more and more mobile phone models.

However, to better understand this calling system, we must take a small step back in time: initially, calls from mobile phones were made through calling. 2G network and through his successors GPRS (or 2.5G) and Edge.

These technologies, in particular, also allowed (and still allow) access to Internet at extremely low speeds, with maximum peaks of respectively 14,4 Kbps, 40 Kbps y 60 Kbps.

The real evolution took place with the introduction of the network. UMTS / 3G, whose development began in 2000: In addition to making voice calls, the UMTS network provides Internet access with speeds that can even touch 700 Kbps.

The successor to 3G was called 3.5G, which includes technologies HSPA y HSPA +, capable of reaching effective speeds of 3,6 Mbps (which, in theory, can increase up to 14,4 Mbps ).

3G and 3.5G networks, like the previous ones, can be used to make and receive classic voice calls, with a significant structural characteristic: involving the 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 / 2G network to make a phone call means that it does not It is available for browsing the internet. In other words, you can't call and surf the net at the same time when you have coverage less than 3.5G or earlier.

The goal of VoLTE technology is to abolish this limit: thanks to it, in fact, it is possible to carry out high quality phone calls (o HD Voice ) making use of the data traffic offered by modern and very fast LTE connections (so-called 4G networks), through a particular "encapsulation" of the data ( IMS ).

To be clear, the LTE network can touch effective connection speeds of 75 Mbps and theoretical speed equal to double.

In practice, this means that by activating VoLTE you can call and use your phone's Internet connection at the same time. In other words, during a phone conversation you can send or receive messages from WhatsApp, consult maps online, etc. to take advantage of a support Wi-Fi network (which is essential for browsing and calling under the 3G network).

Thanks to the speed of LTE, call quality is generally better. Among other things, if LTE coverage is missing during a call, the mobile phone automatically switches to the 3G network, without any apparent line and signal interruption, using a particular defined procedure SRVCC.

However, as I have already mentioned, VoLTE is currently implemented only by the TIM and Vodafone operators, although almost all other Italian operators now provide 4G / LTE connectivity services. In case you do not have this functionality or you decide to turn it off, the phone will switch to the 3G or 2G network (depending on coverage) when a voice call is initiated.

VoLTE, as you may have understood, has many advantages, but it can lead you to encounter the problems I mentioned at the beginning of this guide: since these are calls made over the Internet, the battery drain is slightly higher compared with what happens with calls on the 2G / 3G network. Also, if the SRVCC system encounters any problems in the transition from LTE to 3G / 2G (a rather rare but not impossible condition), very low quality calls and / or line interruptions will be encountered.

Now that you have fully understood what VoLTE is and how it works, you can perfectly decide if this technology is suitable. If you don't want to use it, perhaps to save a good amount of battery during phone calls or because the LTE signal in your areas is not very stable, you can disable and reactivate them at any time.

How to disable VoLTE on Android

As for the Android, the VoLTE deactivation procedure is really simple and can be practiced with a couple of taps - generally what you need to do is go to the adjustments from Android, select the entry to Mobile networksgo to the section on LTE / 4G and disable the switch related to VoLTE.

Please note that these steps may vary depending on the Android version (and manufacturer's customizations) in use on your mobile phone - I have provided more detailed instructions regarding the most commonly used models below.

  • Samsung (Galaxy S7 and later) - tap the icon phone located on the Android main screen, tap the button more placed in the upper right and select the item adjustments from the proposed small menu. At this point, scroll down to find the item. Outgoing voice call settings, select it with a tap and put a check mark on the item Do not use VoLTE.


  • Samsung (other models) - touch the icon adjustments placed in Android drawer, tap items connections y Mobile networks, then remove the check mark from the box VoLTE call.


  • Huawei / LG / Sony - Press the button adjustments, select the items Network and internet>   Mobile networks and put on OFF the switch on Enable VoLTE. On newer models the procedure is slightly different: always from the screen adjustments, select the items more and subsequently Mobile networks and turn off the voice Enable VoLTE as seen above.


  • wiko - access the section adjustments touching the relative icon in the drawer of the Android application, touch the items successively more y Mobile networks, put in off the switch on 4G LTE advanced mode.

Can't find any of this? So, in all likelihood, you are not enabled to make calls via LTE: the items related to the deactivation or activation of VoLTE technology, in fact, are available only if the support is available both on the mobile phone in question and for the telephone operator. So, if you can't see them, you can conclude that your phone or carrier doesn't support this technology.

How to disable VoLTE on iPhone

From iPhone 6, all Apple mobile phones implement VoLTE technology support directly through the official versions de iOS.

In simple terms, this means that you can turn this technology on or off whenever you want, without having to untangle between particular changes, in a matter of seconds.

To do this, touch the icon adjustments placed on the home screen, touch the items mobile y Mobile data options,   access the section Enable LTE and touches Data only to disable VoLTE.

Also in this case, the presence of the aforementioned elements is subject to the support of VoLTE technology by your mobile operator: if your operator is not compatible with this type of technology, the options seen some time ago will not be available.

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