Recently bought a new mobile phone o tablet: very happy with the choice made, you ran home to be able to experience all the functions immediately, but once activated, did you encounter any problems downloading the application? Don't worry: if you want, I can help you and explain how to download the application on mobile phones and tablets in a very simple way.

Also, if you are interested in it, I can also show you how to download applications to Pcs and Smart TVs - other devices for which hundreds of applications are now available, suitable for all tastes and needs, both free and paid. I assure you that, in any case, it is obvious. In addition, I will also give you some "tips" on how to save on the purchase of paid apps, taking advantage of the recurring promotions that can be found in the stores of Android and iOS.

Courage: can you know you're still standing there? Take a few minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and dedicated to reading this guide. You will see that in the end it will give me a reason why downloading the app is actually a very simple operation to complete. I wish you a good read and, given the subject of this article, especially a good download!

How to download apps on mobile phones and tablets

Let's see first How to download apps on mobile phones and tablets. The procedure to follow is very simple: just enter the store included in the device ( Play Store en Android y App Store en iPhone / iPad ), identify the application of your interest and start your download or purchase, using the corresponding button.

In order for the application download to be successful, you must associate an account with your device (a Google for Android Play Store or an Apple ID for the iPhone and iPad app store). For the purchase of paid applications, then, it is also necessary to associate a valid payment method, such as one credit / debit card or a PayPal account.

Another tip I'd like to give you, to avoid downloading apps or games that don't meet your expectations, is check the comments left by other users, who are on the same download pages as themselves. Everything clear so far? Well then, let's proceed!

How to download apps on Android

guidance on download apps on Android, the first thing you should do is access Play Store by Google, by tapping the icon with the color symbol ▶ ︎ on the home screen or on the drawer of your mobile phone (that is, the screen where there are icons of all the applications installed on the device).

Then press on the item Application located at the bottom of the screen, to display the list of applications in foreground. To explore them in a more orderly way, you can press the items located at the top of the screen.

Pressing the tab categoriesFor example, you can view them according to their category, while tapping the item You can not lose thisYou can see what is considered essential.

To download an application, all you have to do is press your card preview and then on the button to Download, present on the descriptive page that opens later.

Please note that Free and paid are available in the Play Store. In the case of free apps, after pressing the app preview, you will simply have to press the button install and wait for the automatic download and installation of it.

For paid apps, instead of the button installYou will find a button indicating the purchase price application: by pressing on it, you can confirm the transaction and thus start the download and installation of the application. If some steps are not clear to you, I suggest you read my guide on how to buy from Google Play.

Another great way to download apps on Android is write investigation Camp Located at the top of the Play Store, the name of the application you want to download and, therefore, start searching for the latter (by pressing the button that represents a magnifying glass appeared in the keyboard).

In this way, the application of your interest and those related to it will be shown directly. After identifying the app to download, press its preview card and then touch the button install (or on the button with the price ), to start downloading and installing it.

Note that on Android you can also download apps from sources outside the Play Store. If you want to learn more about this, I recommend that you read the guide in which I explain in more detail how to do it .. However, I warn you that this is a largely risky procedure and that I do not recommend it: the font applications other than Play Store, in fact, they can contain malicious code and cause harm in terms of privacy and operation of the device on which they are installed.

How to download applications on iPhone

If you wish download applications for iPhone or iPad, the first thing you should do is access App Store pressing the blue icon with the Stylized white 'A' present on the home screen.

Then play the voice Application placed at the bottom, scroll through the new screen that is displayed, press the name of the category of your interest, for example children, games, Newspaper stand o Education (to see the list of all available categories, touch the item Full list ) and wait for the splash screen of the main applications (and collections) that belong to the selected category to display.

Once you find the application that interests you, to download it on iOS, press yours icon (to see the description page), then on the button get and confirm the download through Face ID, touch ID or placing the Apple ID Password associated with the device.

Please note that free and paid applications are available on the App Store. For paid apps, instead of the button getYou will find a button indicating the price the same: pressing you will be asked to type password associated with your Apple account or, if supported, to confirm your willingness to purchase using the Face ID or the touch ID. If any of the steps are not clear to you, I suggest you read my guide on how to buy from iTunes.

At this point, the app you have chosen to download / buy will be downloaded to your device and its icon will be automatically added to the iOS home screen, so you can start and use it.

Another great way to download applications on iPhone and iPad is to directly search for the application of your interest. To do this, you must open the App Store, press the icon in the form of magnifying glass located at the bottom right, type the application name of your interest in the field Search and touch the button Search, appeared on the keyboard.

Then the search result will be shown with the application of your interest and those related to it. Once you have identified the application you want to download, press the button get or the one that indicates the price of the same and proceed as I have already explained.

There are also sites that allow you to install applications on iPhone and iPad through the Safari browser. or programs to download to your PC - stay away! In many cases, these are solutions that transmit malware or, in any case, unverified software.

How to download free paid apps

As I said in the previous paragraphs, both Android and iPhone have paid applications. Do you wonder if it is possible to download them for free? The answer to this question is "nì", in the sense that it is usually not possible to download paid applications for free (except for some applications available in limited versions at no cost).

However, it is not uncommon to find promotions and initiatives that allow you to buy applications and games at greatly reduced prices or even at zero cost. If you want to find out where to find these promotions and how to use them, read my guide on how to download paid apps for free.

How to download applications on PC

Let's see now how to download applications to PC using the default stores of Windows 10 y MacOS that, in addition to Android and iOS, allow you to download all kinds of programs (or games) safely and conveniently. Happy reading and enjoy!

How to download applications in Windows 10

guidance on download apps on Windows 10, call to Microsoft Store by clicking on the icon shopping bag located in the taskbar (the black bar at the bottom of the screen) or in the Start menu (the one that is opened by clicking on the flag icon, at the bottom left).

Once you enter the store, choose if you want to explore the highlighted apps by pressing the plugs Most popular apps, Spotlight, Collections etc. or browsing the tab Application (up to the left). Alternatively click the button Search, in the upper right, and write, in the appropriate investigation Camp, the name of the application that interests you.

Click, if necessary, on the icon of the application of your interest, to go to its download page, press the button get and wait for your installation to begin. When done, click on the button. starts, To open the program you just downloaded.

If you want, you can add the application icon to the Start quick menu: to do this, just press the button Add to top and that's it

Please note that in Windows 10 you can also download apps from external sources to the Microsoft Store. In this case, the procedure to follow in order to install them varies depending on the type of application you want to download.

In general, simply download the installation package from the official website of the software developer, start it and follow the instructions on the screen (which usually consist of always clicking on Forward / Next ). More information here..

How to download applications on Mac

guidance on download apps on Mac, the first thing you should do is start the Mac App Store by clicking on the blue icon representing the Stylized white 'A' located in the bar spring or in Launchpad.

After that, type the name of the app that interests you investigation Camplocated in the upper left, click on the corresponding occurrence and then on the application icon you want to download.

Once you are on the program's download page, click the button Get / Install or on the button with the price (if it is a paid application) and, if necessary, confirm your download by inserting the password your Apple ID or through touch ID (if your Mac has one).

Doing so will automatically download the application to the folder applications macOS and it is immediately ready to use.

Even on macOS it is possible to download apps from third party sources - to do this you usually need to go to the website of the reference developer and click on the download button.

Once the download is complete, you must open the .dmg package obtained and drag the program icon to the folder applications. In other cases, however, you must open a executable and follow the installation procedure that is suggested on the screen, as with the "classic" programs for Windows. More information here..

How to download applications on Smart TV

You recently bought one Smart TV And now you would like to know what to do to download applications on it? The procedure to follow may vary significantly depending on the make and model of the television in your possession and, above all, depending on the operating system In use.

However, in general, to be successful in this goal, you must have connected the Smart TV a Internet and then you must access the reference store (eg. Smart Hub on Samsung Smart TV, LG Content Store on LG Smart TV, Play Store on Sony TVs and other manufacturers animated by Android TV, etc.), identify the application that interests you and start downloading it.

Find detailed information on how to download apps on Samsung Smart TVLG and Philips, also check out the guides that I just linked with you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more generic study, read my tutorial on how to download apps on Smart TV.