How to download BlueStacks

Some of your most knowledgeable friends technology They have told you about the emulators of Android and, in particular, of BlueStacks, a program that allows you run, both in Windows and macOS, applications and games available only for mobile phones and Android tablets.

This topic intrigues you a lot, but thanks to a bit of inexperience, do you have doubts about how it is really possible to use Android on a PC without getting lost in complicated dual boot procedures? If this is what you are concerned about, you can rest easy. Bluestacks is an emulator for Android that is very easy to install and configure. How do you say? Do not you believe it? Keep reading this tutorial and follow the instructions that I am about to give you step by step; I will explain it to you in a simple and detailed way how to download BlueStacks and also how to configure it, to allow you to access Play Store y download applications y Android games.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Sit down comfortably and take a few minutes of free time, I am sure that if you follow my instructions to the letter, you will be able to do it in no time. In fact, they are just a couple of simple steps, since using a android emulator does not affect the operating system your PC's default or Mac. Now that I've reassured you, do you feel ready to go? Yep? Very well! I wish you a good read.

  • BlueStacks main features
  • Download BlueStacks on Windows and macOS
  • Configure BlueStacks
  • Alternatives to BlueStacks

BlueStacks main features

The strength of the Android emulators for Windows and macOS is their extreme ease of installation and use. Emulate the Android OS on PC through software like BlueStacks in fact, it means being able to use the operating system without having to resort to complicated dual-boot procedures. The Android operating system, in fact, is virtualized within software, a virtual machine that limits the operation of the operating system within it.

With this in mind, therefore, you can imagine that using BlueStacks is very useful, especially if you are looking for an easy-to-use Android emulator. This software is available for Windows and MacOS, and it's free, but you can upgrade to the paid version eventually, at a price of $ 4 per month or $ 40 per year.

The advantages provided by the subscription are mainly the absence of banners and advertising interruptions, which are translated into suggestions about the installation of promotional applications or games that are displayed within the software. The prices indicated refer to the current version of the software, but may be subject to change in the event of promotions or new updates.

Download BlueStacks on Windows and macOS

Do you want to download BlueStacks to your PC? Very well, then immediately connect to the official website. On the main screen, press thebutton. Download Bluestacks and then Download.

Now wait for the download of the emulator installation file and then start it by double clicking on it. In Windows, if necessary, click Sip in the User Account Control window, to start running the installation client. Once it starts, press the button Install Now.

There are no other operations to perform to install BlueStacks on Windows; the latter, in fact, once the download of its necessary files is finished and, after having pressed the button Business suit, it will start automatically.

Would you like to download BlueStacks on Mac? No problem. After downloading the installation file with extension. damn double click on its icon and confirm the opening of the installer by pressing Opens.

Now, in the new screen that appears, click on the buttons Continue and then Install, Write the password which you use to log into your Mac and click the button Installation wizard. Once done, wait for the automatic installation to finish and, if prompted, press the button Open system preferences.

At this point you have to act through the section configurations on Mac: first press Allow and then in the symbol of padlock (find it at the bottom left) To finish the installation of BlueStacks In macOS, type the password on your Mac and then click unlock.

Configure BlueStacks

Have you performed all the procedures that I instructed and launched BlueStacks? Very well! Did you see that you did it? Now you just have to configure it with an account Google in your power, so you can access the Play store and download applications and games through it.

To do this, click Begins, enter your login details ( e-mail es password ), then click Venga is Okay to accept Google's terms of service and finally click on the button Get started with BlueStacks. Congratulations, you have officially finished the BlueStacks setup procedure. Did you see that it wasn't that difficult?

In the next chapter, I will talk in more detail about how to use BlueStacks to download and install Android apps and games via Play Store.

Use BlueStacks

Downloading Android applications on BlueStacks is very simple, since the procedure is identical to what can be done on any mobile device that has the latest version of Google's operating system installed.

Therefore, you must first launch the Play Store through its icon located on the home screen and, having searched for the application to download through the internal search engine of the Google virtual store, first click on the button green Install on pc and then I agree. Now wait for the app or game to download and install automatically and press the button Opens, to launch the downloaded application, exactly as you would in a mobile phone or Android tablet.

All downloaded apps in BlueStacks are added to the section Home. So once you've downloaded an app, you can launch it by clicking on its icon, the same way you can on Android mobile phones and tablets.

How about taking a look at the advanced settings of BlueStacks? Click on the icon shaped gear found on the top bar. Pressing on the article configurations You can see some screens that are used to perform some advanced settings, such as to modify the language emulator (tab preferences ) and adjust the amount of UPC es RAM assigned (tab Engine ).

When you have finished using BlueStacks, you can close it and return to the Windows desktop or the MacOS desktop. To do this, click X found in the upper right and then click Yes, to exit the program completely.

Alternatives to BlueStacks

Now that you've discovered the world of Android emulators, would you like to learn more and possibly try others? No problem. If you want to learn more about the topic, I suggest you read my guide titled Android and Emulators Android for PC. There you will find more information about other emulators, such as ARC welder, Memu es Android x86.