How to download GIF from Pinterest. You have seen some animated GIFs in this photo network and you want to use them with your friends in chats, forums and other networks but you don't know how to do it.

If you are wondering how to download GIF from Pinterest Because you have doubts about how it is possible to use the social network in question to download images, keep reading. In the following paragraphs you will find the step-by-step instructions to register on Pinterest (if you have not already done so) and, above all, on how to download GIF from the service's official application Android e iOS or from a computer, using any browser to browse Internet.

How to download GIF from Pinterest step by step

Sign up on Pinterest

If your intention is download GIF from Pinterest, I suppose you already know and enjoy this popular social network, which is often used for the possibility of finding new ideas in the form of images. In this case, you will know that to view and download the content on the platform it is necessary to be registered on it.

In case you have not done so yet, you can easily register on Pinterest from mobile phones and tablets, by downloading the official application of the service for Android or iOS, or from a PC, by connecting to their website.

So to sign up for Pinterest from your mobile phone or tablet, download the app from Play Store Android (visiting the link I gave you a moment ago and pressing the buttons Install / Accept ) or from the iOS App Store.

Once the app is downloaded, complete the creation of an account, entering your address e-mail in the text field visible on the screen (in iOS to see it you must first press the button Continue with your email ) or by pressing the buttons Continue with Facebook o Continue with Google, to continue and customize your profile by choosing the Name displayed and pointing the topics of your interest, to view the content according to your needs.

However, if you want to continue from a PC, once the social network home page is displayed, use the text fields you see on the screen ( email, create password, age ) to enter the requested data, then click Next.

You can also register through profile Facebook o Google pressing the buttons Continue with Facebook o Continue with Google.

Download Pinterest GIFs from Mobile Phones and Tablets

For, download GIF from Pinterest to mobile phone / tablet, you must use the official application of the social network for Android or iOS. Once started, log in with your account credentials, to be able to see all the images on the social network and thus proceed to the search for GIFs to download.

To log in, tap the button Log In, then enter e-mail es password in the corresponding fields and press again Log In or touch the buttons Inicia sesión with Google o Log in with Facebook, in case you have registered with them.

Once you see the main Pinterest screen, use the search engine at the top and type in your term GIF, to identify all animated images on the platform.

Once you have found the one you are interested in, tap on it, press the button with the symbol (...) located at the top and, in the context menu, press the item Download image.

The GIF will be saved in the memory of your device, that is, in the application of Gallery from iOS or in the application Photo gallery from Android. So to see it, all you have to do is open the default media gallery app on your device.

Alternatively, on iOS, if you don't want to use the Pinterest app, you can download the GIFs by connecting to the official Pinterest website through the browser ( Safari ) and logging in with your account details, as indicated above.

Once done, use the text field you see above to write the term GIF and locate the animated images of your interest.

If you've found an image that interests you, tap on it, then hold your finger on it and slide your finger from bottom to top.

Now in the context menu, click on the item Save image, to download the GIF in the application Gallery from iOS.

On Android it is not possible to perform this alternative procedure and therefore it is necessary to use the application Pinterest.

Download GIF from Pinterest to your PC

For, download GIF from Pinterest even from a PC, you must have previously registered on the social network, through the procedures indicated in the previous chapter.

If you have already registered, you have connected to the official Pinterest site using a browser to browse the Internet (such as Google Chrome), Press the button Log In that you see in the upper right and use the text fields that you see on the screen ( e-mail o phone number es password ), to log in with your credentials. Press the button Log In.

If you have registered an account on Pinterest through the account Facebook or in Google, click the button Continue with Facebook o Continue with Google.

Now, use the search engine above to type the word GIF and thus identify all animated images on Pinterest.

If you have found the one you are interested in downloading click on it to see it, then right click and click on Save the image as (Windows) or Save image with name (Mac OS) . Did you see how easy it is to save GIFs from Pinterest?

Caution: GIFs downloaded from Pinterest may be copyrighted, so don't use them without permission on sites or, worse, on commercial projects. Use them in personal areas, like private chats with friends and family.