How to download GTA San Andreas. Of all the video games you've played, the ones that excite you the most are the series Grand Theft Auto ( GTA ). You have played all the newest ones and would also like to try the much discussed e GTA San Andreas, which dates back a few years but is still a favorite of many.

The problem, however, is that you have no idea how to download GTA San Andreas. That's the way it is, right? Then you will be happy to know that, in today's guide, I will show you in detail how to do this and also how to install it on PCs, consoles and even smartphones and tablets.

All you have to do is carefully read the procedures that you will find in the following chapters, so that you have all the information you need to start playing GTA San Andreas.

How to download GTA San Andreas for free

GTA San Andreas is a famous chapter of the GTA series, created by Rockstar Games. Although it originally came out in 2004, it still turns out to be one of the most sought after and loved by fans of the series.

It is available for the most popular consoles ( Play station es Xbox ), For him PC with Windows and for mobile phones and tablets (both Android That one iOS /iPadOS ).

As you probably already know, GTA San Andreas is a paid game: this means that in order to download and play it on one of the platforms that I mentioned in the previous lines, you will have to buy it first. Its cost is variable depending on the platform on which you want to install it.

  • PC (Rockstar Game Launcher) - € 14,99.
  • PC (Steam) - 9,99 euros.
  • playstation 3/4 - € 14,99.
  • Xbox 360 / Xbox One - € 14,99.
  • Android - 7,99 euros.
  • iOS / iPad OS - 7,99 euros.

On some occasions, however, you may be able to get a discounted or even free copy of GTA San Andreas, thanks to temporary promotions. For example, Rockstar Games has given a copy of GTA San Andreas to everyone who downloaded the new Rockstar Games Launcher, the video game management platform of this development company.

My advice is also to pay attention to the platform epic Games on PC, which offered GTA V (the latest chapter in the GTA series) for free for a limited time. This may also happen for other titles in the GTA saga, so I invite you to check this store from time to time, which periodically offers free games.

How to download GTA San Andreas on PC

If you want download GTA San Andreas on PC, you can continue through the Rockstar Games Launcher or Traves de Steam.

Rockstar Games Launcher

Download GTA San Andreas de Rockstar Games Launcher, you must first create an account Social Club free. To do this, you can act directly from the launcher, but for your convenience, you can perform this procedure directly from the official website.

When you have created an account for the social Club, you can download the Rockstar Games Launcher. Access the appropriate section of the Rockstar Games website and press the button Download for Windows located in the center of the page, to download the client installation file.

After downloading the archive .exe, double click. Then choose your language and press the button Next  four consecutive times to complete the client installation.

Now start the Rockstar Games Launcher  through its icon on the desk or Start Menu. Wait for the download of the necessary files to complete, then reach the login screen, where you will need to enter the details of your Social Club account.

After logging in, you can buy and download GTA San Andreas. Then go to section shop, located at the top, click on the item All titles and select the option Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Once this is done, press the button Buy, enter your billing information and select one of the payment methods in your possession, among those listed ( credit card, PayPal o PaySafe card ). Finally, press the button Confirm purchase.

Good: Now that you bought GTA San Andreas, go to the tab Games, at the top, and click on the item of the game you just bought, in the side menu (in My collection ). Then press the button Install on pc and confirm the destination path with the button Install on pc, to begin the automatic download and installation of GTA San Andreas.

How to download GTA San Andreas with Steam

Do you want to buy GTA San Andreas in Steam? In this case, the procedure is as simple as the one I showed you in the previous chapter on Rockstar Games Launcher. First, you need to create a free account on Steam through its official website.

Once you have created your Steam account free, it's time to download the client to your PC. To do this, go to the official website of Steam and press the button Install Steam, to collect the .exe file of the program. Then double click on it and accept.

Now, on the installation screen, press the button Next, choose the interface language and click first Next and then click Install on pc, to install the client. Once done, start Steam via its icon in the desk or in Start Menu and log in with the previously created account by pressing the key Sign in to an existing account.

After logging into the Steam client, go to the tab shop, at the top, and use the search bar (always at the top) to write the terms "Grand theft auto san andreas", to get to the video game card.

After selecting the corresponding search result, scroll the screen and press the button. Add to basket and then click on Buy for me. Then choose one of the supported payment methods ( credit card, PayPal, PaySafe card o Skrill ) and press the button Next, to finalize the purchase.

After the purchase is complete, if you are not offered the installation screen, click the tab library At the top, locate GTA San Andreas in the sidebar and press the button Install on pc. Then confirm the installation path and click Next, to start downloading the necessary files.

How to download GTA San Andreas on the console

GTA San Andreas is a game that was originally released on Playstation 2 y Xbox. It was then made for other later versions of these game consoles, such as Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 es Xbox One.

If you would like to download GTA San Andreas on PlayStation 4, what you need to do is buy a digital copy of the title from PlayStation Store.

In the latter case, after launching the appropriate application from the home screen of PS4click on the tab Games and use the search box in section All the games, search for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

At this point, add the product to the cart and enter (or select) the payment method to complete the operation.

Also Xbox One You can proceed in a similar way to what I showed you in the previous lines for PlayStation 4. If you have an account Xbox Live, you can buy GTA San Andreas in the Microsoft Store from the official website or through the store application built into the console.

In the latter case, after starting the Microsoft Store, tap the tab Shop and then Search games. Use the chart provided to search Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and press the button Buy, to add your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

Download on phones and tablets

Wants download GTA San Andreas at their mobile phone a tablet Android or in iPhone es iPad ? In this case, know that you can also play this video game from the GTA series on your mobile devices, buying a copy directly from the reference virtual store of the operating system installed on the device.

If you have a phone or tablet Android, you must first create an account Google and associate it with the device. In this case, you can also perform this operation directly from the Play Store, through the corresponding screen that is shown at the beginning.

At this point, start the Play store and use the search bar at the top to search for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. After touching the corresponding search result, press the button that indicates the price, select the payment method in the box at the bottom and confirm with the button Buy with a twist.

If you can't find the game, you can tap this link from your device to instantly locate it in the Play Store. Once the transaction is complete, if the download does not start, press the button Install on PC, In the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Play Store and wait for all the necessary files to download to complete the application installation.

If you have a iPhone or iPad, the procedure is almost similar to the one I indicated in the previous lines regarding Android. Therefore, make sure you have associated an Apple ID with your Apple device.

After that, add a valid payment method to your Apple ID. You can do it directly from the iOS / iPadOS App Store. If you don't know how to do it, I suggest you consult this guide of mine, in which I also explain how to make purchases without a credit card.

Finally, open the App Store and search Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas through the card Search, down. You can also quickly access the video game card directly through this link from your Apple device.

At this point, press the button indicating the price and, in the box that appears, press the button Buy. Then confirm the download by pressing twice side button and letting you frame the Facial identification (if you have a notch iPhone or iPad Pro), with the touch identification or with the password of Apple ID.

In case the automatic download of the application does not start, go back to the video game tab and tap the button Get and then Install on pc.