How to download Sony VEGAS Pro. You recently approached the world of edition of videos and, following the advice of some friends, you decided to try Sony Vegas Pro : a software for processing video (and audio) that Sony developed until 2016 and then gave way to MAGIX, a German software company also specialized in the production of software for video and audio editing in the professional and semi-professional sector.

While you can't count on the same audience as solutions like Adobe Premiere, VEGAS Pro offers a lot of cool features for rendering videos, and more importantly, it's extremely intuitive for novice users. Its only defects, if we want to define them, are the lack of presence of the Italian language in the menus and the cost, which is not exactly among the most accessible.

Don't worry though: if you're interested, you can download VEGAS Pro for free and use it for 30 days without limit. After that, you can calmly decide whether to buy it or remove it from your PC.

How to download Sony VEGAS Pro step by step

Sony VEGAS Pro editions

Before discovering in detail how to download sony vegas pro, let me show you the various editions of the program that are available to download (and therefore to buy) and their main features. I bet it won't be hard for you to find the right one for you.

  • VEGASPro ($399) - is the standard version of VEGAS Pro. Includes the famous video editing program, the software VEGAS DVD Architect to create DVD and components NewBlueFX Filters Ultimate y HitFilm Movie Essentials to add filters and special effects to videos. For the tutorial, I will focus precisely on this edition, in any case, the indications that I will give you must also be valid for the other variants of the software (you only need to download the installation package related to the edition that you prefer more than the one of VEGAS Pro standard).


  • VEGAS ProEdit ($149) - It is the basic version of VEGAS Pro. Includes all the functions and features of the standard edition, except VEGAS DVD Architect and functions to add filters and effects to videos.


  • VEGAS Pro Suite ($599) - It is the most advanced version of VEGAS Pro. Includes all the functions and features of the standard edition plus Boris FX Sapphire rendering unit to create multimedia content and NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5 for the creation of texts and titles.

For more information and to learn in detail all the differences between one edition of VEGAS Pro and the other, see the official website of the program.

Minimum requirements

Before proceeding with the download and installation of Sony VEGAS Pro, make sure that your PC can run the program correctly. The following are all the hardware and software requirements that must be adhered to.

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later.
  • Processor: at least 2 GHz (multi-core recommended for HD processing or stereoscopic 3D video creation; 8 cores recommended for 4K video processing).
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or 16GB recommended for 4K video processing).
  • Disc space: 1,5 GB.
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA, AMD / ATI, or Intel cards that support at least 512MB of memory (1GB recommended for 4K video processing and GPU-accelerated processing).

Download the program

Once you have verified the compatibility of your PC with Sony Vegas Pro, you can go to download the program.

So connect to your web page, click on the item Download found under the name of VEGAS-Pro, put the check mark next to the article I am not a robot and press the button Start download To start downloading the software installation package (it is a very small file, the actual components of the program will be downloaded later).

If you do not want to download the latest version of Sony VEGAS (which is 15 at the time of writing) but an earlier one, click on the item Download located under the title of the edition of your interest (eg. VEGAS 14 o VEGAS 13 ).

How to install Sony VEGAS Pro

When the download is complete, open the file vegasproxx_dlm.exe that you downloaded to your PC, click the button yes to authorize the start of the configuration and choose Spanish from the drop-down menu to select the language (Italian is not available).

Then, press the button continueput the check mark next to the name of Sony VEGAS and everyone else program you want to install on your PC (eg. VEGAS DVD Architect y / o Music Maker ) and click on the button continue (located in the lower right) to start downloading all the files necessary for the operation of the latter. All programs are quite "heavy", so the operation could take a long time.

Once you have finished downloading all the selected programs, you will need to go through the installation process for each one.

In the case of VEGAS Pro, after selecting the language in which to use the program ( Spanish, because there is no Italian), you must click the button siguiente and put the check mark next to the entry I have read the End User License Agreement and the Privacy Policy and accept its terms (to accept the conditions of use). Then you have to click the buttons siguiente e install, wait for the installation to finish and press the button finished.

The installation process of the other programs included in the package (eg. VEGAS DVD Architect y / o Music Maker ) is practically identical to that of VEGAS Pro.

Therefore, you must choose the language in which you will use the software ( Spanish ), click on siguiente, place the check mark next to the item related to the acceptance of the conditions of use and complete the configuration by pressing siguiente, install y finished.

note: some programs may require the installation of plugins, such as Microsoft Windows Media Format 11 runtime. In any case, do not worry, its download and configuration, when necessary, is carried out completely automatically.

How to activate the free trial version of Sony VEGAS Pro

After installing Sony VEGAS Pro on your PC, you need to decide if you want to register the program using yours. serial number (if you already bought a normal license) or if you want to activate the 30 free trial days.

Start Sony VEGAS Pro from the Windows Start menu (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen) and in the window you see on the screen, click the button Activate with serial number to activate the program with a serial number, on the button Purchase online buy a license online or on the button start trial version to request the 30-day trial.

If you have chosen the option to request the 30-day trial, click the button Register now located at the bottom right, put the check mark next to the item I don't have a username and would like to register (on the web page that opened) and press the button come, also located at the bottom right.

Then complete the form that is proposed establishing your "title" ( Sr. o Sra. ) in the drop-down menu Title, writing your name in the fields Name,   Last Name and selecting your country of residence from the menu country.

Enter your address from e-mail in the field Email address, enter the password you want to use to access your MAGIX account (the company that now owns VEGAS Pro) in the fields password y Confirm Password.

Remove the check from Yes, send the MAGIX newsletter to my email address to not receive promotional emails and press the button Complete the registration located in the lower right.

Now, log in to your inbox, open the message you received from MAGIX (if you don't see it, check the unwanted mail ) and copy the activation code you find inside the latter.

Then go back to the VEGAS Pro home screen, paste the activation code you received from MAGIX in the field TRIALC- and click on the button Register now to activate the 30-day free trial.

Mission accomplished!

From now on, calling Sony VEGAS Pro from the Windows Start menu and pressing the button test program you can use the program free for 30 days.

At the end of the trial version, you can decide whether to continue using the software, purchase a regular license, or to uninstall it, by accessing control Panel Windows and go to the menu Applications> Applications and features (if you use Windows 10) or in the menu Uninstall a program (if you use an older version of Windows).