How to download WhatsApp

Do your friends talk to you about WhatsApp? Well, they are good! WhatsApp is a very famous smartphone application that allows you to send and receive messages through Internet totally free (until January 2016 after the first year of using the application you had to pay an annual fee of 0,89 euros, but now this obligation has expired and the application is free forever).

It works the same as SMS. It also supports sending photos, videos, or other multimedia content. It doesn't require complicated setups and is compatible with all major mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry (although support for the latter two is expected to cease in 2016). In newer versions, a VoIP feature has even been introduced that allows you to make calls free over the Internet to other users of the application.

In short, can you tell if you're still standing there? Run to find out how to download whatsapp and start texting friends and family. Don't make excuses, even if you are oaf With smartphones you will surely be able to install and use it without problems. It's so intuitive that even a newborn baby could use it!

How to download WhatsApp on Android

If you have a smartphone Android, can install WhatsApp just starting the Play store (the icon of the bag with the "play" symbol found on the screen with all the applications installed on the phone), by pressing the icon of the magnifying glass which is in the upper right and looking WhatsApp Messenger in the search field that appears automatically.

Next, you need to select the WhatsApp icon that appears in the search results and press the buttons Install on pc es I agree to start downloading and installing the application.

Alternative method

If your mobile phone no Google Play Store (this can happen with cheaper terminals), you can download whatsapp "Manually" by connecting to the application's website. However, before starting work, enable the ability to install applications from unknown sources (that is, from sources other than the Play Store) on your mobile.

So go to adjustments of Android by pressing the icon gear located on the screen with all the applications installed on the phone, select the item Safety In the menu that appears, activate the option Unknown origins and answer Okay notice that appears on the screen.

Once this is done, open Chrome or any other browser and connected to the address Then press the buttons download now es Okay and wait for the WhatsApp installation package to download to your mobile phone.

When the download is complete, drag down the black bar at the top of the screen to open the Android notification menu and press the item first Whatsapp.apk and then Install on pc es Opens to install WhatsApp "manually". If you don't see the icon in the notification menu Whatsapp.apk, open the application Download and select the WhatsApp installation package of the latter.

Download WhatsApp on Android tablet

You have an Android tablet and you would like to know how to install whatsapp in this last? Actually WhatsApp is not compatible with tablets, officially it is only available for smartphones and PCs (through a specific client or Web WhatsApp, which in any case require the use of a smartphone to work) but there are some "tricks" that you can put into practice to reach the goal.

  • If you have a tablet with phone capabilities, you can install a voice SIM on the device and install WhatsApp normally, as if it were a smartphone. Obviously you will get a new account linked to the SIM number installed on the tablet and you will not be able to use the same account configured on the mobile phone.
  • If you have a tablet without phone functionality, you can install WhatsApp through APK Package and activate it using the number of any mobile phone where WhatsApp has not been installed. If you use the number of a mobile phone on which WhatsApp is being used, you will lose access to the service in the latter (since access is only allowed from one device per number).
  • If you want to use the same WhatsApp account that you use on your mobile phone, you can install Tablet for WhatsApp. It is an application that emulates functionality WhatsApp Web on the tablet and thus allows you to use the same account on both the phone and the tablet (as long as the phone is turned on and connected to the Internet). To use it, you must go to the menu WhatsApp Web of WhatsApp on your mobile phone and frame the QR code on the tablet home screen for WhatsApp on the tablet.

How to download WhatsApp on iPhone

Do you have a iPhone ? So to install WhatsApp all you have to do is open the App Store (the blue icon with the letter "A"), press the button Search located at the bottom right and look WhatsApp Messenger in the search field that appears automatically.

Next, you need to select the WhatsApp icon that appears in the search results and press the buttons Get es Install on pc to start downloading and installing the application. To complete the operation, you may be asked to enter your Apple ID password or verify your identity by placing your finger on the Home button (if you are using an iPhone model with a Touch ID sensor).

Download WhatsApp on iPad

Even in the iOS area, the use of WhatsApp is restricted to mobile phones. In theory it is possible to install WhatsApp also on the iPad But you have to go through a tremendously long procedure and in the end you get a "per service" application. If you want to know more read my guide on the subject, but I personally advise you to take that step.

If you want to experience the thrill of using WhatsApp on iPad, install WhatsPad, one of the many applications available on the App Store that allows you to have WhatsApp Web on your tablet and therefore use the same WhatsApp account on both iPhones (or any other mobile phone). ) and on iPad.

How to download WhatsApp on Windows Phone

Use a Windows phone ? Don't worry, WhatsApp is also compatible with the latter. To install it, start the Shop Windows Phone (the shopping bag icon with the Windows flag "printed" in the center), press the icon magnifying glass what is down and looking WhatsApp Messenger.

In the screen that opens, select the icon Whatsapp and press the button Install on pc to start downloading and then installing the app. That's it! At the end of the installation you will find WhatsApp on the screen with the list of all the applications installed on your Windows Phone.

How to get started on WhatsApp

Now you have installed WhatsApp on your smartphone, but how to take the first steps within this application? How to activate your account? The answer is very simple. After installing WhatsApp, all you have to do is start the application, accept its terms of use by pressing the button Accept and continue and write yours Cell Number in the manner proposed.

When the operation is complete, go is, Press the button Okay and wait for them to send you the confirmation code to activate your account (via SMS). In some cases the code is entered by itself, in others it must be entered manually. If after a couple of minutes you have not received a code, "tap" on the item Forward SMS to resend the SMS or press the voice Giving me a call so that WhatsApp calls you and receives the code by voice (from an automatic service).

After entering the code, choose the First name and Profile picture you want to use in WhatsApp, wait a few seconds for the application to load and press the button Venga to start using it. If you are asked for permission to access WhatsApp to the phone book, accept. In this way, the application will automatically import your contacts and allow you to chat with everyone who uses it.

The operation of the application is extremely intuitive, in any case if you need help you can take a look at my tutorial on how WhatsApp works in which I have explained in detail some of the basic functions of the application.

How to download WhatsApp on PC

As mentioned above, there is a WhatsApp client for Windows and macOS and you can also access the service through an online service called WhatsApp Web. In both cases, however, these are limited solutions. For WhatsApp to work from your PC, you must have the application installed on your mobile phone and the device must always be turned on and connected to the Internet (not necessarily to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, but it must be connected to the Internet).

Having made this necessary premise, if you are interested in finding out how to download whatsapp on the PC, connected to the official website of the application and click on the button Download for Windows / Download for Mac OS X present in the center of the page. Alternatively, if you use Windows 10, connect to the Microsoft Store and download the software directly from there.

Once the download is complete, if you are using a Windows PC, launch the executable file WhatsAppSetup.exe and wait a few moments for the program to install on your PC. If you are using a Mac, get the app Whatsapp you just downloaded from the internet and drag it to the folder Applications of macOS.

At this point, start the WhatsApp client on the PC, open the entry to WhatsApp Web from the application menu on your mobile phone and view the QR Code that appears on the PC screen. In this way you will connect the two devices and you can use the WhatsApp that you have on your smartphone directly from your PC.

The same speech you just made for the WhatsApp client for Windows and macOS also applies to WhatsApp Web, the online service that allows you to use WhatsApp from your browser. To use it, you need to connect to your home page (all browsers are supported except Internet Explorer), you must frame the QR Code that appears in the center of the screen (calling the corresponding function from WhatsApp for smartphones) and that's it.

If you need more information on how to use WhatsApp on PC, take a look at the tutorial I wrote on the subject: there you will find everything explained!