How to eat in Monster Hunter Rise. One of the most important aspects of this game is food as it will help increase your stamina, this advantage will provide you with extra help when hunting and fighting monsters. If you want to know how to eat in Monster Hunter Rise, you can continue reading this guide.

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How to eat in Monster Hunter Rise and increase stamina

Eating in Monster Hunter Rise is vital as it allows you to regain your stamina and maximize your health, for when the time comes to face big monsters. There are three areas where you can feed in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Kamura canteen.
  • Meeting room.
  • The tents of the main camps.

dangos in Monster Hunter Rise

What is it and how to eat dangos in Monster Hunter Rise

In Kamura's tea house you can find this new food called dangos in Monster Hunter Rise. Three dangos can be purchased for 200 Zenis or 100 Kamura points. The Dangos are based on a typical dessert of Japanese food, there are different flavors that offer you different advantages in the game, they can be unlocked as you complete missions and progress through the game.

Depending on what is asked of you in each mission, you will have to eat before, since you may need more attack or defense in your mission.

Dango Effect To unlock
Dango Defender Reduces damage with a probability of 85% when activated. You must complete the mission with 4 ★.
Dango Feet Help keep you on your feet and has a 55% probability of being activated. You have to achieve 5 ★ in the Gathering Center.
Dango Medic The elements of health increases its effectiveness by an 85% probability. From the beginning.
peep Increases the chance of enemies getting closer. At the beginning.
Potato Weaken the biggest monsters. From the beginning.
Sparks Sharpening speed increases of weapons. From the first moment.
Restorative Decrease stamina uses. Initially.

This is all you need to know about how to eat in Monster Hunter Rise, to discover more tips and tricks you can also consult all weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.