Method a how enter the router It is always practically the same for the configurations for both PCs and tablets or even to do it through the mobile phone And although it seems strange, there is an easier way than another and shortened from so many unnecessary steps to get to the same point that is the most important of any application of techniques.

All the menus are similar and for that reason we want to simplify any unnecessary procedure and what matters most to us is that it serves for the operation of various teams Yes that's how it is! Watch this.

Stay here to explain how to enter from a cell phone so that you get to optimize the operation at once and optimize this tool from the same menu and process that will take you minutes.

Easy method to enter the router

You will see that it will be such an easy experience that you will remember it whenever you need to change and do the router login anywhere or if you have changed teams, I know you will like it and above all, you will remember it.

Enter to router and do a good job so that your equipment works perfectly and with optimal quality and maximum range.

  1. To start you have to go to enter that IP address of the router and all the other data that by default are already printed on the back or reverse of the one we want to enter, this in the case of doing it for a pc with a system installed for the Windows MS-DOS window to write ipconfig
  2. We will transcribe bliss IP address as the gateway for the link and then it is easy for us to enter the web to configure router.
  3. It will ask you to authenticate the router control
  4. This will be resolved by entering one of several Password which are of standard type, example, admin / admin or admin / or / admin or 1234/1234 or admin / 1234 or 1234 / admin
  5. Enter the bar code168.1.1.
  6. He begins this one, marking on the box

Security to enter the router

  1. Optimize the ssecurity is to protect the network from Wireless that you have installed for any another person use it without your authorization and for this you must choose with what type of encryption you will prevent the network from leaving it open and someone else using it.
  2. Change Password A more complicated one and combined with letters and numbers will make it more difficult to discover but do not forget that it must be easy to have it in your mind.
  3. For this it is advisable to use the encrypted section of the WPA2-PSK
  4. Place the nueva password
  5. Make the entrance to the IP
  6. Connect the router
  7. Check the configuration your Wireless
  8. Verify the signal as well as its coverage from equipment that you have connected.
  9. If you have done it for a smartphone
  10. Enter the menu and locate router and carry out the procedure the same as for a pc as I have described in this article.