How many days of dreams have you been thinking about how to solve GTA San Andreas PC? This is probably not the first time that some of the errors below have occurred to you. Do not despair or dream of breaking your keyboard or your computer, because you will need it when you realize how simple it is to answer any of these problems.

1. The error is due to the type of file in which GTA was downloaded

There are two main versions in which GTA is downloaded. The first one is known as FULL, which is installed automatically with all files, program y applications necessary for the game to work. The other modality is called RIP, in which those applications essential for the operation of the game are not downloaded to us.

If your version of GTA is RIP you will have to download a file in Internet, known as DirectX9. Make sure you download it from a safe, trustworthy, and legal website, and verify that the file is downloaded and installed correctly. If you still do not run the game, our recommendation is that you go back to download GTA, but this time in FULL version.

2. The error is due to the type of mods installed

This type of error usually occurs once the GTA has been played for some time, but when the mods are downloaded, the respective application stops opening. This happens because these mods, such as new vehicles, new weapons, new animations or new sounds, have been incorrectly installed and do not allow the game to function properly.

In these cases, it is important to verify that the respective mods have been installed properly. If you still have bugs, the best thing you can do is remove them and download them in better quality on a different page.

3. The error is due to compatibility mode

Another of the most common problems is that the compatibility mode has not been chosen correctly. You can check and discard if your error is due to this by going to the shortcut of the game and, by right clicking on it, go to the properties option.

Once in properties, go to the compatibility tab. In the compatibility mode section, click on the first box "Run this program in compatibility mode for… ”, we select Windows 98 or Windows 2000, then save changes and everything is done.

4. The error is due to a file installed in the game that prevents it from running properly

This error occurs when the game has previously opened and worked correctly but suddenly the application stops opening. To solve this failure, we must go to the folder "GTA San Andreas User Files ”, located in My Documents.

Once this is done, find the file "gta_sa.set" and delete it. Keep in mind that when you perform this trick, the game options will be installed by default, so when you open it you will have to reinstall the file that has been deleted and configure the graphic mode