How to get all the legendary weapons in Deathloop. In this game there are not too many weapons, there are a total of 12 weapons available, but within these There are 4 unique ones that you can only get in certain places. In this guide we explain How to get all the legendary weapons in Deathloop.

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How to get all the legendary weapons in Deathloop, complete list

The new PC and PS5 exclusive shooter (video game) offers players a number of weapons to launch into battle. Nevertheless, only a few weapons are best suited to break the time cycle that Colt is trapped in. In this guide we show you where and how to get all the legendary weapons in Deathloop.

  • Strelak Verso 

A truly versatile weapon this is a pistol / submachine gun: Strelak Verso, can be transformed from a double pistol into a submachine gun with the push of a button.

You can get it you have to go to the Complex, in the time slot of noon. It will be in an area available only on that occasion, beyond a door with a large red X painted on it, inside the bunker. After going through the door with the X, you will find on the right an open door that will take you to a room with a generator: this powers another door, but it needs several batteries to power and open ... and yes, the weapon is beyond from that door.

Then go back and start playing inside the area, exploring the different rooms and using the different doors. There will also be several turrets, from which batteries can also be removed. When you have all the batteries inserted, you can open the door and take the gun.

  • Constancy Automatic 

Get this dual pistol It will not require you to perform extra actions that will take you away from your main objectives, because it will be dropped directly by one of the 8 Visionaries you will have to kill: Frank Spicer. Time to kill it and get it? In the morning at Fristad Rock.

legendary weapons in Deathloop

  • Heritage Gun 

A shotgun / rifle devastating to say the least, will be available at night in Karl's Bay. You will get it by completing Reward Scheme, one of Charlie Montague's games. This takes place in very specific phases, with a random enemy, so pay attention to get the weapon.

Deathloop full list weapons

  • The tombs of Breteira

The fourth and final special weapon in Deathloop is Sepulchra Breteira, a sniper rifle which also completes the types of weapons available in the game. This will be obtained as a reward for completing the main mission «Keep giving», available in Updaam in the afternoon.

So far this article on how to get all legendary weapons in Deathloop with which you can eliminate your enemies more easily. You can check our guides for help Deathloop: Photo location at Fristad Rock.