How to get all the weapons in Resident Evil: Village and where to find them? Resident Evil 8: Village is the latest release in the Resident Evil saga, developed and published by Capcom in May 2021, and long before its launch it had already conquered the fans of the saga, not only for its audiovisuals, but also for history and the most unusual villains of all history, until now.

Resident Evil is an action, horror and survival video game, whose main objective is to get rid of the enemies, which at first were simple zombies, however, have evolved as strength, power and history until we reach Madre Miranda, the final villain of this latest installment of the saga.

And despite the fact that as you progress, you will find some weapons, in this post we will tell you how and where to get all the weapons from Resident Evil 8: Village.

Weapons per game

As we already told you, as the game progresses you will get each weapon, however, some of them need certain prerequisites to be able to obtain them or you will need to be within a specific rank or level.

In the first game

Way to the village

It's eighteen guns in all, but you can only get seven in the first game, these are: LEMI Gun, which you will get in one of the first trips in history on the “road to the village. As you keep moving forward, you will find the shotgun M1897, will be in one of the houses where Ethan takes refuge to overcome the first wave of enemies.

Dimitrescu Castle

In this part, you will only be able to find a single weapon, however, is one of the most powerful and necessary throughout the development of history, from Lady Dimitrescu, to Mother Miranda, and it is none other than the sniper rile F2. Found just after solving the castle bell puzzle, on the way to the roof.

Village 1st visit

Here you will find the M1911 pistol, in the village workshop, you must enter the code 070408 in the closet lock.

Beneviento House

There is no weapon inside the house, however, you must complete the level of the ventriloquist to get the shotgun 870 TAC which will be in one of the houses in the village that you could not enter before.

Village 3st visit

To get the GM79 grenade launcher, you must make use of the key badge to open the house that is seen at the beginning of the game with the old woman.

La presa

After defeating the monster Moreau, go back to the start of the dam and use the crank to open the door, inside is the tunnel which will lead you to the chest containing the 1981 Wolfsbane revolver.

Plus game

After the first game is completed, you can go to the duke's shop, as the following weapons are added to its list: V61 Custom pistol, SYG-12 shotgun and Magnum STAKE

Extras Store

At the end of the game for the first time, you can get some of the more special weapons, however, some of them have previous requirements that you must fulfill in order to have them.

No requirements

Among them you can get: WCX short assault rifle, Karambit knife, USM-AI pistol, and Dragoon assault rifle.

With requirements

PZ hand cannon: you must complete the story in hardcore mode; rocket gun: complete the story in Shadow Village mode; and finally, the LZ Answerer lightsaber: to get it you must reach the SS rank at all mercenary levels.