How to get Brawler for free

You just started playing Stars of fight But don't you understand how the title characters are unlocked? Does your favorite streamer have a legendary fighter that you would also like to have but don't know how to get it? Would you like to unlock the dozens of characters present in Brawl Stars and would you like to have a hand to achieve your goal? I get it: Brawlers are pretty flashy and it's normal that you want to collect them all.

What can I say, you have come to the right place at the right time! In fact, in today's tutorial I'll show you how to get free Brawlers. Yes, you read that right! All the characters present within the Supercell title can be unlocked without spending a single penny and I will explain how you can do it. In case you were wondering, you will not have to do any "tricks", just have good will and follow my instructions.

Courage: why are you still standing in front of the screen? Do you want to go hunting Brawler? In my opinion yes, since you are reading this post. Come on then, you just have to take five minutes of free time, read and put into practice the brief instructions that are found below. I can assure you that you will not regret it and that, thanks to them, you will finally be able to get to know Brawl Stars better. I have nothing left to do except wish you a good read and have fun.

  • How to get free Brawler in Brawl Stars
  • How to get legendary fighters free
  • How to get all Brawlers for free

Before going into the details of the procedure in how to get free Brawlers, I think you may be interested in understanding the differences between the different Brawl Stars characters and understanding why it is important to unlock the latter to continue the game.

Well, each Brawler has unique characteristics that directly affect performance during matches. Brawl Stars characters have different stats in terms of Health, Offense and Super. The first factor clearly allows the Brawler to hold out as long as possible within the battlefield, while the other two allow for as much damage as possible to enemies.

Let's take a concrete example: Shelly, the Brawler that is generally "gifted" to the player at the beginning of the game, initially has 3.600 hit points, 300 damage per shot from the basic attack, and 320 damage per shot from the Super ability. The Super Rare Brawler Carl, on the other hand, starts out at 4400 health, 640 basic attack damage per hit, and 400 rotational damage for the Super. In short, you can understand well what to unlock Brawlers offers a good strategic advantage over opponents.

However, we must not forget that Brawl Stars characters can also be to update via Star Tokens, which is the virtual currency of the game, which can be obtained simply by playing the games offered by the Supercell title. However, you also need to have Energy Points in order to upgrade your Brawlers, and the latter can only be obtained through Brawl chests or through offers. Ultimately, as you may have already guessed, unlocking new characters is very important to the continuation of the game.

How to get free Brawler in Brawl Stars

After explaining how Brawl Stars characters work, I would say that you are ready to go ahead and understand how you can get the latter for free.

The operation of the release system is very simple: there are some Brawlers that can be obtained simply by winning trophies within the game and others found in the fight boxes. Trophies are provided at the end of the various games, along with the tokens needed to open the fighting speakers. The former are obtained only when you win, while the latter can also be obtained in case of defeat. In short, it is possible to unlock the Brawlers simply by playing and winning as many games as possible, in order to obtain a greater amount of rewards.

To understand how to unlock a certain character, all you have to do is press the icon Troublemaker present on the left on the main Brawl Stars screen: there you will find all the information to obtain each individual character and, by pressing on their name, you will also find the item TEST, which you can use to test that Brawler on the battlefield without spending anything, to understand which character you like best.

Also, by touching the name of your character On the home screen of the game, you will access the page THE ROAD OF THE TROPHIES, where you can see how long you have to go to unlock various rewards, including Brawler and Brawl Crates. As you may have already noticed, it will take several hours to unlock everything.

After explaining how to get the Brawlers for free, I proceed to describe the microtransactions. To access the latter and thus accelerate your progress in the game, you just have to click on the item SHOP present on the home page of the game.

In the store you will find all the offers of the moment, which usually cost between 5 and 10 euros and include numerous fighting cases, gems and coins. In some cases, Supercell also offers the possibility to buy rare or super rare Brawlers, but this depends on the active offers.

How to get free legendary fighters

Contrary to what one might think, even me Legendary brawlers it can be obtained completely free of charge.

Indeed, all the legendary Brawl Stars characters can be found inside the brawl boxes. As already explained above, the latter can be obtained both by playing and through microtransactions. Legendary fighters are clearly harder to find than those Mythical, epic, super weird and weird.

To know the rarity of a character, you just have to click on the icon Troublemaker present on the main Supercell title screen and tap your name. The writing that will appear in the upper left indicates the rarity of the Brawler you have chosen.

Also, on the Brawler page there is a subdivision by background colors : yellow means legendary, Red indicates a mythical character, Violeta means Epic, azul indicates a super rare character, while green It means weird. If, on the other hand, the bottom is Light Blue, means that Brawler can be unlocked through trophies that can be obtained in the game. For more details about the character unlocking system, I invite you to consult the chapter on how to get Brawler for free in Brawl Stars.

How to get all Brawlers for free

As you may have guessed, all Brawlers can be obtained completely free, without having to spend a penny on the Supercell title. How do you say? Would you like to understand how to specifically obtain a certain character? I'll explain it to you right away! The unlockable characters through trophies in Brawl Stars are the following.

  • Shelly : It is "given" at the beginning of the game, it is the "Basic Brawler".
  • Nita : obtained by reaching 10 trophies through the Trophy Trail.
  • Potro : Awarded for collecting 60 trophies in the game.
  • Bull : Unlocked at win a total of 250 trophies.
  • Jessie : obtained by reaching 500 trophies
  • Brock - Awarded for reaching 1.000 trophies on the Trophy Trail.
  • Dynamic : obtained with 2.000 trophies.
  • Bo : obtained with 3.000 trophies.

All other browsers, including those León y The cousin, on the other hand, can only be obtained through fighting speakers or, in some cases, through the offers of shop. For more details on the Brawl Stars character unlock system, I recommend that you take a look at the chapter on how to get free Brawl in Brawl Stars of this guide.

In addition to this, please note that Brawlers are constantly updated by Supercell and therefore the above list should be considered indicative. In any case, you just have to press the icon Troublemaker Present on the game screen to get an updated list of available characters and what to do to unlock them.

My advice is to play as many games as possible without necessarily spending real money in microtransactions. In fact, the number of fighter boxes that can be obtained from the Trophy trail or through free tokens it is very high and therefore, sooner or later, you should be able to find all the characters you need. Of course, it is also a matter of luck, but I assure you that getting all the Brawlers for free is an achievable goal.

Think that when you have achieved 3.000 trophies and unlocked accordingly all the Brawlers that can be obtained in this way, the game will also give you a dozen fighting cases, where you can find the other characters you need to complete your collection.