Where to place the rubber ducks in Fortnite. One of the tasks that few know, but that everyone must fulfill in Fortnite season 7 is based on place three rubber ducks in some strategic places on the map. The task seems simple, however, you will need to place the ducklings in several of the most densely populated areas on the map. Do you want to know how and where?

In previous articles we have talked about topics how to repair damaged telescopes in Fortnite or advice on how to improve your constructions in Fortnite. However, this time we are going to explain where to place the rubber ducks in Fortnite.

Where to place the rubber ducks in Fortnite: locations

The three locations where you will need to place the rubber ducks are these:

  • Commerce city: towards the houses of northwest of area, there is a small ledge near a blue one. He's in the grass as he goes down the road.
  • Pleasant park: Head to the soccer field and investigate the bleachers at the other end or the scoreboard at the other end of the field.
  • Believer Island Go to the gas station to the west of the area. You'll find it near the sign.

Below we leave you a map where it details the exact places:


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