How to increase FPS in Fortnite PS4. The difference in performance in Fortnite may be due to different settings of videoEspecially if you consider that this famous game is available on very different platforms, each with different characteristics and capabilities: from game consoles to PCs, to mobile devices.

Therefore, the factor comes into play FPSThat is, the frames per second, which determine the fluidity of the action shown on the screen and, therefore, can have a very important influence on the performance of the game.

How to increase FPS in Fortnite PS4 step by step

First steps

A smooth gaming experience in Fortnite can mark success during the fiercest and most exciting matches. Activate the 60 FPS mode (the maximum in terms of frames per second, which allows you to have a high fluidity of all the actions reproduced on the screen) makes the games in general even more beautiful to follow.

Before talking to you about how to increase FPS on fortnite ps4  I would like to better explain what frames are per second and how to assess their importance.

As explained above, the acronym FPS (in other words images per second ) is, therefore, the number of frames (images) displayed on the screen for each elapsed second.

It goes without saying that the greater the number of images that are transmitted in one second on the screen, the more fluid the video will appear to the human eye. By increasing the FPS to 60 (the maximum value currently set as the standard for games), therefore, you will be more reactive than what happens on the screen and, in the specific case of Fortnite, you will be able to more easily respond to enemy fire or attack enemies first.

After this necessary premise, you will surely have understood the importance that a higher FPS can have in an online game. I invite you, therefore, to continue reading to discover what are the proper attentions to enjoy the Fortnite experience at 60 FPS on PS4.

Increase FPS in Fortnite for PS4

While console games generally don't allow you to fine-tune graphics settings as is possible on PC, the PS4 version of Fortnite includes a dedicated FPS setting, to "balance the scores" with players from other players. platforms, mainly the PC.

In fact, I remind you that the popular title of epic Games It is cross-play enabled: this means that in online games you can meet players using other consoles, the PC or mobile devices with the 60 FPS video mode.

At this point, you will have understood by yourself the importance of having these video settings on your console as well. So read on to find out how to adjust these preferences and what other precautions to take to keep the game as smooth as possible.

Update the game

I start right away by telling them to stop play Fortnite on PS4 with 60 FPS, the bottom line is update the game to the latest version available.

You should know that before the 3.4 update In game, it was not possible to set the FPS beyond 30. This limit was called the "FPS limit," which is the limit for frames per second.

At this point, the question will have arisen spontaneously: "How do you update the game?"

Relax, there is nothing easier, and do you know why? Well, because on PS4 the game updates automatically: just set the connection to Internet the console correctly.

Perfect, now that you've taken a few minutes to make sure that the latest version of Fortnite is installed on your PS4, you've met the fundamental requirement to activate 60 FPS mode and finally be more competitive online.

Don't stop now and read this guide to find out how to adjust the settings and make sure you keep your PlayStation 4 in optimal condition for maximum fluidity in the game.

Adjust game settings

You have finally updated Fortnite to the latest version and are therefore ready to enter the video settings. I tell you immediately that, fortunately, the console version of the game does not have as many graphic settings as the PC, so the operation will be somewhat simple.

The first thing you should do, as soon as you see the main menu of the game, is to enter Mode Battle Royale and press the key Options controller.

Then select the icon with gear shape that you see in the upper right corner and look for the article "60 FPS", to enable it.

Finally press the triangular button controller, to apply and save changes.

That's it? Exactly! In this way, you will have enabled 60 FPS in Fortnite for PS4. However, despite this, I advise you to continue reading to take some very important precautions that not only guarantee the fluidity of any game, but will also serve to preserve the optimal functioning of your console.

Clean the console

You wonder why I'm talking to you cleaning the console in a game fluency guide in Fortnite? Well, simple: keeping the PS4 clean not only prevents overheating of the console, it is also synonymous with better performance.

By keeping the console dust free, the heat dissipation produced by its components, CPU and GPU in the first place, will be better, and consequently the operating temperature will decrease. When the PS4 fan and louvers are dusty, the temperature internally maintained by the console increases, which, to further dissipate the increased heat produced, further increases the fan speed.

The result will be that, rotating at maximum speeds, the fan will produce more noise and when it cannot keep the temperature below the safe temperature (the maximum allowed by the engineers of the PS4 system), the performance of the processor and the video card It will be the ongoing processes will be slowed down or even stopped (what in the jargon is called "blocking").

I bet now that I'm pointing this out, you're remembering how noisy your PlayStation 4 has gotten lately, probably if you take a close look at the side and rear vents you'll see some accumulated grime you hadn't even noticed before!

Now you wonder how you can take care of your console and not risk slowing down while playing Fortnite. There is no need to alarm you, no problem. If you want, you can put your console back to "new" by following my tutorial on how to clean the PS4, both externally and internally. I assure you that there is nothing complex to do.

Verify network settings

Game fluidity issues are not exclusively due to FPS settings. As a result, even setting 60 FPS as I just explained, you can continue to have a less smooth gaming experience than your opponents or teammates.

In this case, the first suggestion I would like to give you is to check the Network settings from your PS4. For example, try playing online by connecting the console to the router / modem directly through ethernet cable, avoiding the use of the Wi-Fi connection (which, as is known, can be subject to interference and problems due to a poor signal).

Another check that I suggest you do is related to NAT from the PlayStation 4, that is, to the communication of the consoles with the network ports. It is very easy to proceed: from the PS4 home screen, go to superior menu with the directional arrow up, then scroll down to the entrance adjustments (the briefcase icon) and select it.

Now find the entrance RED and press the X button controller. Then confirm the entry Check internet connection and wait for the test result.

In this way, you will have discovered in a short time the NAT of your PlayStation 4: if it is equivalent to NAT type 1 you're in the best possible situation, so if you continue to have lag issues, I suggest you do a Speed ​​Test Because in this case, the problem may lie precisely in the reduced browsing speed of your Fiber / ADSL.

Reinstall Fortnite

It may seem like rash advice, and yet if notes unmotivated slowdowns during games in Fortnite, the cause could also be the corruption of installed game data.

To solve these problems, the move I propose is uninstall the game y reinstall it. If you want to continue with this attempt, from the PS4 home screen, go to Fortnite icon and press the button Options the controller to go down to the second to last entry clear and confirm everything, with the X button controller.

You should know, in fact, that canceling the game will remove all downloaded updates. Consequently, if during the Fortnite update some data got corrupted, by re-downloading and reinstalling everything, you can fix the error.

In case of doubts or problems

Still having trouble and just can't make the online gaming experience in Fortnite smoother with 60 FPS? If even after following my advice the situation remains the same, I invite you to contact Epic Games support directly.

To do this, simply connect to the official Epic Games support page and click on top barthen write the term "FPS" and get the most relevant answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

If you still can't find an answer to your problems, you can contact Epic Games support directly by clicking the button CONTACT (find it at the top right) and complete the online form with the Language, name, address of e-mail and platform (The platform for which you request assistance is PS4 in this case).

Then click on the item. to select, then choose Game progress issues / challenges, write the message with your request and enter Security text, then click on the purple box with the writing SEND. Just wait: Epic Games support will respond to you as soon as possible.