How to increase the volume of the headphones Bluetooth. You consider yourself to be quite a prudent person, and to protect your safety, you usually rely on Bluetooth headphones during your travel by car. However, after receiving a couple of calls, he realized that the listening volume is far from sufficient. He hears nothing, put another way. So, intending to deal with this unexpected as soon as possible, he opened Google looking for information on him, and my guide ended well on this.

Did I identify your problem exactly? Perfect, let me tell you, you're in the right place, at a time that couldn't have been better. In fact, I will illustrate below How to increase the volume of Bluetooth headphones both Android as in iOS. All this through some simple application procedures that do not require "advanced" changes to the operating system. Also, at the end of this guide, I will take care to provide you with some tips to increase the volume of the headset microphone as well.

Just a small premise before we get started: Volume issues aren't always attributable to communication between the phone and the Bluetooth device. Sometimes the fault of poor audio quality on the call is found in poor network coverage mobile phone. Therefore, even before doing any operation, make sure to make / receive a phone call in an area where your operator has a sufficiently high network coverage. Everything clear? Well, let's move on.

How to Increase the Volume of Bluetooth Headphones on Android

Have you noticed that the audio emitted by the Bluetooth headset connected to your phone android definitely leave something to be desired during phone conversations? First of all, check that the audio level in the call is set to maximum.

To do this, with the headset connected, make a call and, during it, repeatedly press the physical button Turn up the volume phone. Continue until the cursor reaches the maximum available level. In the best case, this operation could solve your problem immediately.

More accurate settings on Android

Otherwise, you could try to improve the quality of the sounds coming from the headphones by acting on a precise Android setting, included in the "secret" menu of the Developer Options. What is it about? I will explain it immediately. This section, disabled by default on most Android terminals, allows you to access some more advanced operating system settings. They are mainly dedicated to those who are actively involved in the development of the platform (and related applications).

For this reason, even before I explain everything in detail, I invite you not to perform any additional operations compared to the ones I am going to illustrate. This could affect the stability of Android and the integrity of the operating system. Do not say I did not warn you!

Having made this premise more than necessary, it is time to get down to work. The first thing you should do is make the menu dedicated to developers visible. To do so, go to adjustments touching the icon in the form of gear placed in the drawer. Touch articles work y Phone Information, if you are in Android 8 or more or Phone Information, for earlier versions of the operating system.

At this point, tap to seven times in a row the Build Number. Then enter, if necessary, the sequence or bar code unlock Android and voila. A message on the screen should notify you that the development menu has been activated.

Access the menu

To access the menu you just activated, go to Settings> System> Advanced> Developer options, if you are in Android 8 or later, or in Settings> Options developer, if you are using an older version of the Google operating system.

Finally, identify the entry Turn off absolute volume, Upload ON   the corresponding lever, reboot the system and ready. Just make a phone call or listen to a voice note received through the earpiece to verify the actual improvement in audio quality.

How to increase the volume of Bluetooth headphones on iPhone

If you noticed that the audio is coming from the Bluetooth headphones (or the AirPods)) it matches yours iPhone It is far from satisfactory, the first thing to do is to check that the audio level is set to maximum, thus making sure that the problem cannot be attributed to wrong volume setting.

To continue, repeatedly press the button Turn up the volume, located on the side of the terminal, during a phone call (or, in general, while actively using headphones), until the squares of the volume indicator that appears on the screen are colored.

You need to make sure that the volume limit option is not set on iPhone. That is, the automatic decrease of the maximum volume level that can be reached by pressing the side buttons. This is a security standard activated, generally after connecting headphones and / or headphones of any kind, to avoid incurring hearing problems due to too high listening volumes.

To perform this verification, touch the button adjustments (the gear-shaped one) located on the phone's home screen. Tap the item music and make sure that under the heading Volume limit, the option is configured no / off. If not, tap the last item and move the indicator located on the next screen all the way to the right to set the maximum volume level that can be reached, thereby abolishing the restriction. Finally, make sure that the lever Verify volumes is set to OFF. Otherwise you do it.

At this point, press the physical button again Turn up the volume to set the audio volume to maximum and try to listen to the audio (also a vocal note from WhatsApp, for example) through headphones: if the result is satisfactory, the problem should be considered resolved.

In this way, you should have a significant volume gain, with a relative improvement in audio quality.

How to Increase Microphone Volume on Bluetooth Headphones

After seeing the steps necessary to increase the volume of the Bluetooth headphones, you started wondering how to improve the quality of the audio generated by the microphone too. And sometimes the people you vocally interact with complain about quite low volume.

Before even applying "software" solutions, verify that your voice is correctly reaching the headset microphone. Make sure the latter is free of obstacles (which could be an earring or a wide headdress, for example) and that it is long enough cleansed. If not, proceed to gently clean it with a dry cloth, with the help of a toothpick, if necessary. It will serve to remove any accumulation of dust that may have formed in the corresponding hole.

If, after following these steps, you still cannot get the desired result, I recommend that you intervene in the mobile phone software, following the steps that I will explain below. I can't guarantee the safe resolution of the problem, but at least it's worth a try!


If the Bluetooth headset in question is paired with a Android devicemake sure you have turned off first absolute volume through developer or configuration options.

Verify that the operating system installed on the phone is updated to the latest version available. And if not, apply the updates published by the manufacturer. If you need help with that, feel free to check out my guide on how to update android.

Also, I recommend you try record your voice through the handset, to exclude any problems due to the poor quality of the cellular network. To do this, download and install a voice recording app. And, once started, press the icon as red microphone (or in Red circle ) and to start acquiring the audio, then say a few test sentences.

When you're done, listen to the result again: If the audio is distorted or interrupted and the voice quality is good, the problem is almost certainly due to the poor quality of the perceived network signal in your area.

As a last resort, you could also try to improve the situation by using a third-party application, such as a microphone amplifier, which allows you to apply an “audio gain” to the microphone volume using some custom amplification parameters.

The effectiveness of this application, however, can vary by Android version. In some cases, the result obtained may be satisfactory. In others the audio may be distorted, in others you still can't use the camera / microphone when the app is active. For this reason, I advise you to try this approach only if the solutions I have provided above do not have the desired effect.


As for the iOS, There are very few software-applicable solutions to improve the microphone volume of Bluetooth headsets. Apple, by company policy, prevents third-party applications from accessing the device's equalization options.

What you can do, in principle, is to intervene in the operating system to try to improve the situation. However, even before acting in this regard, I recommend that you also make a voice recording and listen to it again. It will serve to exclude a priori any problem related to the quality of the cellular network you are using.

To do this, start the application Voice Memos installed "standard" on the device. Press the Circle placed at the bottom to start a recording. Then say a few test sentences and tap the same button to stop the audio acquisition. Then touch the button PLAY to start the newly acquired clip.

Other tricks to improve the microphone's audio

If the voice played well and the volume was loud enough, you would undoubtedly look into the quality of the network in use. Conversely, in case you encounter obvious problems hearing your voice, you can perform a number of operations to try to improve the microphone volume.

  • Turn off the device completely, pressing the side button and one of the two volume keys (At iPhone X and later) or the button power, Then move the cursor displayed on the screen to the right. Then press the power button again, pair (if necessary) the Bluetooth headphones, and record your voice again to check for improvements.


  • Make a partial reset device: if you have iPhone 8, iPhone X or later, quickly press and release the button Turn up the volume, repeat the operation with the button costumes down and hold down the side button until the bitten apple logo appears. in iPhone 7/ 7 PlusInstead, you must simultaneously press the keys Volume down y power, until the device restarts; in 6 iPhone Plus and before, the keys to press are Home + Power.


  • Check the presence of updates for iOS and if successful apply them, as I explained in my guide on how update iPhone.

If, after following all the advice provided in this guide, the result still does not improve, the problem is probably due to the poor quality of the Bluetooth headphones in use or the damage of the hardware of the same.

I hope you found this guide helpful.