How to install APK. There are several ways to install applications on Android: the simplest and safest is to open Google Play Store and search for apps within it, then there are third-party stores that are just as easy to use. but they don't have the same level of reliability and eventually APK packages can be installed manually.

APK packages are the packages that contain all the Android application files, a bit like the .app files in Mac or .exe files on Windows (although technically they are not exactly the same).

They can be downloaded from any site in Internet and stored offline so you have your favorite applications always at hand. Yet so easily imaginable, they are not the best in terms of safety.

Most Android malware, in fact, spreads through APK files infected that users download from the Internet (from sites that cannot be recommended) and lightly install on their mobile phones / tablets - this is the reason why the operating system Google blocks use by default forcing users to use the Play Store.

But be careful, APK packages must not be demonized! There are many developers who for various reasons do not publish their applications (legitimate and malware-free applications) on the Play Store and many devices that do not include Google Play in them for bureaucratic reasons, so know How to install APK on Android.

How to install APK step by step

Previous operations

If you don't have much experience with the green robot system and need help installing apps that are outside of the Google Play store, rest assured, I can help. But first, please check the site's reliability by searching Google or using tools like McAfee Siteadvisor and WOT.

Also, if you haven't already, choose a good antivirus free for Android and install it to block any root system security threats.

Having made all these necessary premises, let's take action. The first step you should take is to remove the default protection that blocks the installation of apps from sources outside of the Play Store.

It therefore enters adjustments Android (selecting the icon in the form of gear present in the list of applications installed on the device) and select the item fullfilment of security requirements from the menu that appears.

Scroll through the screen that opens to the bottom, activate the toggle located next to the option Unknown origins and press the button to accept To save the changes.

How to install an APK package

Now all you have to do is open the folder Download where you downloaded the APK files, select them one by one and follow the wizard to install the apps by pressing the buttons in sequence siguiente, install y final.

If you cannot find the link to the download folder in the application menu of your mobile phone (or your tablet), install the free ES File Manager file manager and use the latter to navigate the folder Download of your device (or SD card, if you have a terminal with expandable memory).

To navigate the download folder with ES File Manager, start the application in question, press the icon located in the upper left corner and select the icon Download from the bar that appears on the side (or, in any case, the icon of the folder in which the APK package that will be installed on the device is located).

Then, touch the icon APK file of your interest, press the button install to start the application installation and complete the procedure by pressing the buttons siguiente, install y final, it takes a few seconds.

If you have downloaded an APK file directly from your mobile phone or tablet browser, you can also install it by expanding the notification menu Android (sliding your finger from the top of the screen down) and selecting its icon from the last.

If instead you have downloaded an APK package on your PC and want to transfer it to your mobile phone or tablet, connect the two devices via USB cable and make a simple copy and paste of the file. If you need more precise information, you will find everything explained in my tutorial on how to connect Android to PC.

How to install multiple APK packages in series

Have you downloaded several apps in APK format and want to quickly install them on your Android device without having to "draw" them one by one in the download folder?

Can download APK Installer, a free application that allows you install APK in series avoiding the user the boredom of having to identify, and later select, all the applications individually. Its operation is very simple.

After downloading it to your mobile phone / tablet, you need to launch it and press the button Install APK. On the screen that opens, place the check mark next to the icons of the APK package to be installed (they are automatically collected from the download folder) and press the button Install selected which is located in the lower right.

The installation wizard for each of the selected applications will start automatically.

If you need it, know that the APK installer also allows you to remove the applications already installed on the device: just press the button Manage applications, select the applications to be removed and press Eliminate.

Another solution you can trust is Titanium Backup. This is a backup application that allows you to save and then restore all the applications on your device in a matter of seconds - the ideal solution if you need to quickly reinstall your favorite applications after changing your mobile phone or having yours restarted.

The basic version of Titanium Backup is free, but to unlock some features, including installing the application in sequence, you must purchase the full version of the application for 5,99 euros.

Another important thing to know is that to take full advantage of the application's functionality, you must root Android. With that said, let's take action!

To do one Backup applications with Titanium Backup, launch the application and press check mark located in the upper right. On the screen that opens, press the button BEGINNING placed next to the article Backup of all user applications, make sure there is a check mark next to all application icons, and start the backup by "tapping" the green tick located in the upper right.

Subsequently, to restore your applications, start Titanium, press check mark located at the top right and "tap" on the button BEGINNING placed next to the article Restore missing apps with data.

In the PC

Would you like to install applications for Android on your pc? It can be done, but in this case you need to emulate the green robot system on Windows or MacOS, using suitable solutions for this purpose: I am talking about Android PC emulators.

Android PC emulators are nothing more than virtual machines that allow you run the famous green robot operating system on your PC or Mac. The advantage of using them is that you do not need to create partitions within your PC's default operating system.

Please note that to emulate Android, all you need to do is download and install one of the leading emulation software. In this way, the Android OS it will be emulated "externally" and limited to the use of a program.

If you want to emulate Android on Windows or MacOS to download and install Apk packages to run, you can trust famous emulators like BlueStacks, Memu o ARC Welder.

If instead you want to install a full version of Android on your PC, you can resort to Android x86. Below I explain its main characteristics:

  • BlueStacks: is one of the most popular Android emulators, chosen mainly by those who are passionate about video games and who are looking for an Android emulator optimized for games. BlueStacks is also appreciated for the fact that it also supports lower performing PCs from a hardware point of view. In order to download BlueStacks connected to the official website and first click the button download BlueStacks and in Download. The downside to BlueStacks is the presence of various ad banners that come in the form of tips on installing sponsored apps, even if the latter can be safely ignored. Alternatively, it is possible to remove the ads by registering for a subscription at the price of $ 4 / month or $ 40 / year.


  • Memu : As a valid alternative to BlueStacks, it is absolutely necessary to mention Memu, since it is an Android emulator that aims to guarantee high performance of games and application execution. Unlike BlueStacks, Memu has more configuration options, as well as root permissions already unlocked and configured. Therefore, it is an emulator designed for more experienced users who want a personalized experience. Memu has predefined sponsored apps that cannot be uninstalled and a subscription is not available. To download Memu to your PC, just connect to the official website and press the button Download.


  • ARC welder: For those looking for a lightweight Android emulator that doesn't require the installation of a PC software, the answer is without a doubt the emulator. ARC Welder. In fact, it is an extension available for the browser Google Chrome that allows the execution of games and applications for Android directly from the browser you use to navigate. Clearly, since it is a web browser-based emulator, it has some limitations: it allows you to run only one application at a time and does not integrate the Google Play Store. As a result, to run a game or Android application, you need to download each apk package separately.