Do you want to update your iPhone to iOS 10 but you have read about some errors that may arise during the installation of the operating system? Don't panic. It is true that on September 13, 2016, when the first stable version of iOS 10 was released, there was an error on the part of Apple that caused some iPhones and some iPads to crash during the update phase, but the problem came back into question. minutes and now it's possible install iOS 10 In all tranquility.

You do not believe it? So, let's do this: Take a few minutes of free time and try downloading iOS on your iPhone (or even your iPad) following the instructions that I am going to give you. I assure you that everything will be fine and that in a very short time you will be able to enjoy all the news of the latest Apple operating system. All you need is an iOS 10 compatible device (we will see the full list of all upgradeable devices soon), a quick connection to Internet and a power supply to use in case your device was less than 50% charged.

As for the speed of the operating system at the end of the update, I will not tell you lies, if you have an iPhone or iPad model a few years ago (for example, iPhone 6, iPad Air and earlier versions) you will probably notice some minor slowdowns in comparison with iOS 9 But you will gain in functionality and security, so forget about it and proceed immediately with the installation of this update!

Minimum requirements to install iOS 10

Before starting work, make sure your device is compatible with iOS 10. This is the list of all iPhones and iPads where the update can be installed.

  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air / Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2 or later
  • 12.9 "and 9.7" iPad Pro
  • iPod touch (6guidance on generation)

Also make sure you have one fast internet connection (to be connected to the network via Wi-Fi and not via 3G / LTE), one workshop of battery equal to or greater than 50% and at least 2GB of free space in the device memory. If you need to free up space on the iPhone or free up space on the iPad, follow the instructions I gave you in my tutorials on the subject.

Preliminary operations

Before install iOS 10, as prudence is never too much, make sure you have a copy of Backup of all your data and have the latest version of iTunes on your PC (you will need it in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong to restore the device via PC).

  • To do one iPhone backup and iPad on PC, connect the device to the PC, select the iPhone or iPad icon from iTunes (top left) and click on the button Backup now present on the screen that opens. If in the backup you also want to include the data related to the health and domótica (recommended), place the check mark next to the article Encode iPhone backup and choose a password to protect the backup.
  • To make an iPhone and iPad backup in iCloud, I went to adjustments iOS, keep going iCloud> Backup, activate the option ICloud backup and press the button Go back now. For more information on both backup procedures (offline and online, for run both), read my guides on how to backup iPhone and how to backup iPad.
  • For, update iTunes to the latest version available, open the application Apple software update if you use Windows or select the tab updates la Mac App Store if you use macOS More information about the whole procedure is available in my tutorial on how to update iTunes.

How to download iOS 10

After completing the backup operations, take the iPhone or iPad you want to upgrade to iOS 10, go to the menu adjustments device upload General> Software update and wait for the availability of the new version of the Apple operating system.

Then press the button Download and install located at the bottom of the screen, type the unlock code from your iPhone / iPad and start downloading the update by first tapping to accept and then I agree.

The iOS 10 download is quite substantial, it is more than 1 GB of data, so the procedure will take a long time. At the end, you will be asked if you want to install the update immediately or if you want to postpone the installation. I advise you to press the button Install Now and patiently waiting for the iOS 10 installation procedure to complete.

Your iPhone / iPad will automatically reboot and it will take around 15-20 minutes to install the new operating system files. During operation, the device screen will be completely black with the Apple logo in the center and a progress bar underneath.

At the end of the installation, you must unlock your iPhone / iPad by entering the unlock code of the device (at first you cannot use the Touch ID), after which you must press the button continued, you must accept or reject the use of location services and you must enter the password for your Apple ID. Once you are logged in, simply press the button starts and you can start using iOS 10. All your data, applications and settings will be where you left them.

Alternative procedure

Personally, I consider it an anachronistic procedure, unnecessarily long and cumbersome, but if you want, you can update your iPhone or iPad by connecting it to your PC, starting iTunes and accepting the download and installation of the latest version of iOS on your device (the update will be detected automatically and the software will ask you if you want to install it.)

Another important thing to note is that, using the iTunes update system, the full version of iOS 10 is downloaded and not the one normally distributed via OTA (which includes only the files necessary to update the device in use. and therefore it is more »light« is discharging).

IOS 10 clean install

The only situation in which iTunes is really useful is when you want to make a iOS clean installationThis is when you want to install a new copy of the operating system by deleting applications, data and settings (basically configuring the iPhone / iPad as if it were a new device).

To perform a clean installation of iOS, connect your iPhone / iPad to your PC, start iTunes, select the device icon that appears in the upper left corner and press the button Reset iPad / iPhone. For the procedure to be successful, you must deactivate the function Find my iPhone / Find my iPad of menu Settings> iCloud of iOS. More information on this is available in my guides on how restore iPhone and how restore iPad.

Frequent problems and first steps with iOS 10

You could not install iOS 10 due to an error? Can't take advantage of one of the new features included in Apple's operating system? Do not despair! Below you will find a number of problems that can be found in the installation or use of iOS 10 and the steps to follow to solve them.

  • Is updating to iOS 10 blocked during installation? If you are one of the unfortunate users who came across the iPhone / iPad locked During the update to iOS 10, connect the device to the PC and launch iTunes. The program will detect the device in recovery mode and it will ask you to restart it. Next, accept the device restore, wait for iOS to download and install, and restore your previously made iTunes backup to recover your apps and data.
  • Do you find it inconvenient to have to press the Start button to unlock your iPhone / iPad? I understand you Apple has modified the iPhone and iPad release mechanism by adding the home button to fingerprint recognition, but luckily it can come back. To restore the old iOS unlock mechanism, go to the menu Settings> General> Accessibility> Home button and activates the lever relative to the function Place your finger to continue.
  • Raise to wake function not activated on your iPhone? One of the first innovations that can be noticed after the installation of iOS is the so-called "get up to wake up", which is the automatic turning on of the iPhone screen when you pick up the phone and move it towards your face. If this feature is not active on your iPhone, you are probably using an iPhone 6 or earlier iPhone models, which are currently not supported. The "Raise to Wake" feature, as stated on the Apple website, is only available on iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and later versions.
  • Does Siri still have his old voice? Another major new iOS 10 feature is Siri, which finally opens up to integration with third-party apps and includes two new entries for the Italian language: one for women and one for men. To activate them, go to the menu Settings> Siri For iOS, select the item you prefer and wait for the files you need to use it to download from the Internet.

For more information on news and iOS 10 features, see Apple website - you can find all the information you need.