How to install iOS 7

Apple officially launched ios 7, the new version of operating system guidance on iPhone, iPad y iPod Touch that arrives with a completely new look (much more essential and colorful than in the past) and several interesting features, such as the ability to block calls unwanted and automatic update of applications. Are you ready to know how to have it in your mobile phone or tablet?

Perfect, then sit back and find out how to install ios 7 Thanks to the information I am about to give you, I assure you that it is very easy. The operating system is compatible with all iPhone models from 4 onwards, all iPad models from 2 (including the Mini) and the iPod Touch fifth generation.

If you want to know how to install iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the first step you should take is to update the version of iTunes installed on your PC at launch 11,1 (Otherwise, you won't be able to manage the device from your PC after switching to the new iOS.)

For, update iTunes on a Windows PC, use the utility Apple software update found in Start. If you are using a Mac, open the Mac App Store and go to the card updates of the last. If you encounter any difficulties, you can find detailed instructions on how to update iTunes in the guide I have dedicated to the topic.

At this point, connect the device you want to install iOS 7 to your PC (using the supplied Dock / Lightning cable) and select your name from the menu Devices iTunes, top right. Then click the button Copy now and wait a few minutes for the content of your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to be saved on your PC. It is a precautionary measure that should always be taken before an update.

Once the Backup, you can start the installation of iOS 7 on your Apple device by clicking the button first Update iTunes and then Following es I agree. The program will first download the firmware from Internet and then it will install it in the terminal. The whole operation, also given the weight of the download (equal to about 800 MB), could take more than an hour.

In the event that before you start the iOS7 download, iTunes warns you that your iPhone / iPad / iPod contains purchased items that have not yet been transferred to iTunes library (for example, applications purchased from the App Store but still have not been saved to the PC), solve the problem by selecting the item Transfer purchases from [device name] of menu File> Devices.

If you have a heavily charged iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and a good Wi-Fi connection available, you can install iOS 7 even without connecting the device to the PC. Just go to configurations iOS and selected items General> Software Update in the menu that opens.

On the screen that appears, press the button Download and install and continue with the download and installation of the firmware by pressing the button to accept.

Once the update is complete, you will need to complete a brief setup process to ios 7. First, you will have to slide the screen to the right to unlock the terminal. After that, you will have to press Follow, select a Wi-Fi network to connect and choose whether or not to activate the services location (GPS)

Then you will need to enter your password Apple ID, accept the conditions of use of the operating system and choose which contact information to use in iMessage. Finally, choose if you want to keep the service active or not Find my iphone and you can start using iOS 7.

You will find all your applications, your photos and your data in their place, just as you left them in iOS 6. Happy?