In this post How to install SQL server 2008, The different users are offered the complete process of how to carry out the installation of this system successfully.


How to install SQL server 2008

Microsoft SQL server 2008, is an efficient and reliable data management system, which provides a series of characteristics, data protection, as well as performance of different applications linked to data storage, such as user registration systems or administrative payroll.

But first we are going to present the different elements that take part in this installation to achieve it safely and reliably.


This part shows us the different options for planning or knowing how to prepare the computer where SQL server 2008 will be installed. Then, "Installation Center SQL Server 2008 planning" appears.

Then, there is the option "Installation" to begin the installation process, in the case of a new installation, a switching cluster must be installed beforehand and nodes added, it is updated from a previous version of SQL server, or in its default SQL server updates.


In this section there are 3 options that have the function of allowing you to modify the edition SQL Server 2008 Developer, if this version is installed, by Enterprise, it is an option that serves to repair SQL, if the installation fails.

It also offers an option that is intended to remove a node from an existing failover cluster.


In this option of tools, there are also 3 alternatives that allow checking and verifying that the computer where SQL server 2008 will be installed, that does not have problems, as well as once I update the equipment in the case that it has a different version than format of the new SQL to install.


This section shows a series of options that will grant entry to official resources and communities that point to examples, as well as development groups, in order to have more knowledge about the functions, events and others.

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You advanced

3 options appear which allow you to install some SQL server 2008 options in an advanced way.


In this part, the type of architecture to be installed and the root directory where it will be installed are specified.


Having seen all the elements involved in the installation, the installation process will begin, displaying the "SQL Server Installation Center" window, and starting such an important process that allows the correct installation to be carried out.

  • You must click on the "Installation" option, alternatives appear, you must choose "New SQL Server Independent Installation or add features to an existing installation".
  • The window "Auxiliary Rules of the Installation Program" appears, the program tries to detect probable difficulties that may occur when installing the auxiliary files, once it is finished it shows how many rules are carried out, and how many do not comply, as well as the warnings and omissions exist.
  • The auxiliary rules that are composed of the following way: Advertisement and Report this ad.
  • Something vital in this process is to verify the detailed report. It is a way of detecting the existence of problems. In the event that problems appear, they must be corrected to ensure optimal installation, once this step has been completed.
  • You must click on the option "Return to Run”Located on the far right below the progress bar.
  • Continue with the installation, clicking on the "Accept" option, the "Auxiliary Rules" window closes immediately and a "Product Key" window appears.
  • In this window you select the edition you want to install, you must verify that it is a trial or licensed version.
  • In the case that you do not have a license, you can select any of the free alternatives that are shown in the menu "Specify a Free Edition", you must click on the "Next" option.
  • In the case that you have a license, you only have to select the option that says "Enter the product key", in this field you enter the key and the version and click the option click "Next".
  • Select the Edition to install, then a window appears showing the "License Terms", you must click on "I accept the license terms", and click "Next".
  • A window "Auxiliary Files" is displayed to install the auxiliary files of the program, click on the "Installation" option.
  • Once the process has been executed and the files are installed, the "Auxiliary Rules" window appears, which is in charge of verifying and displaying options that were not verified.
  • Another window "Selection of characteristics" appears, the directory of shared characteristics must be checked. It must have the following path: "C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server", it is suggested to use this indicated path.
  • You must select the features to install and confirm the path by clicking on the "Next" option.
  • In the option "Instance Configuration", it is suggested to leave the same values ​​that appear.
  • Click on the “Next” option, the Disk space requirements window to where the installation is going to be performed and how much available space exists on the disk is displayed.
  • After verifying this part, click "Next" to continue.
  • The engine of the Databases, the "Analysis Services Configuration" window appears, it is assigned to the user by clicking on the option "Add Current User" and clicking "Next".
  • A window "Reporting Services Configuration" appears, select the option "Install the default configuration of native mode".
  • At the end, a "Error and Usage Reports" window appears, select whether you want to verify some data in case an error has occurred.
  • Once the installation rules are finished, a detailed report is displayed to see which rules generate errors, and which give a warning signal, if everything is correct.
  • You must confirm in the report and in the details window everything appears to be correct, you must click the "Next" option, a new "Ready to Install" window appears, which shows a detailed summary with the configuration that has been made.
  • Once the installation process is finished, a window appears showing a short summary of the features that have been previously selected, confirming their status if everything is correct or an installation error has occurred.
  • The installation summary must be compiled and the status of the selected characteristics must all appear checked that they are correct.
  • When you click on the "Next" option, a "Operation Completed" window is displayed, which has the objective of warning that the SQL server 2008 installation process on the computer has concluded, it also provides a summary log file that is saved at HDD.
  • You must click on the "Close" option and with this step the installation of the program has been concluded, and surely you can start using it and working immediately without any difficulties.