Internet as a global network It has become a very important tool in the lives of many, due to this many of our friends, family and colleagues find it difficult not to have internet available on their smartphone or on their home PC.

It is very common to observe families paying for a more or less stable internet service; and now we can include another essential element in our formula: the now famous network WiFi. Hence the question:

How to install WiFi in your home or office?

Having a PC at home or in the office with internet is no longer enough, it clearly deserves a wireless network so that all our home or office devices have the possibility of connection and can surf the web. global network.

Many devices include this way of connection WiFi to work in a more expeditious and simple way; since Smart tv Even refrigerators, a lot of these devices are being modernized by updating to this consumer.

If you are a newcomer in this world of technology and you lack the slightest idea to start, now we will explain in a simple and enjoyable way how install your WiFi network in your home also applicable to your office, following these steps you will achieve it:

  1. Insert the cable outlet into the modem:

Prior to this point, of course you must have a paid internet contract, of course a modem and of course a wireless router. Now you can connect the cable with the modem in the output that you will find in several parts From home.

  1. Connection between router and modem:

When connecting to the cable outlet, you must have an internet connection from there, henceforth, the connection between modem and router.

An ethernet cable is used, this is connected to the back of the modem through a router port located in the back of it, it is generally identified as WiFi.

  1. Insert modem and router to source:

After making the connection of both devices each other, they will need to be inserted into a source to turn on.

When working properly, all the lights in the two devices blink and they are maintained.

  1. Router Configuration:

Now you must configure the wireless network to which the other devices will connect. You must place the SSID (your username) and the security password of your router. These data are brought by the device by default, so that the user enters its configuration and can change it according to their preference.

The user name and the security password are provided by the manual of the router that you have purchased, it will only be enough to place the router model and these data will emerge.

I hope I have been helpful in your network installation project Wi-Fi in your home, which will also work for you without any inconvenience or problems in your office.