How to kill all visionaries in Deathloop. This game begins when Colt wakes up every day on the beach of Blackreef Island, he will soon understand that he is trapped in a time loop and to break it is necessary eliminate all eight visionaries in one day. If you wonder: How to achieve this in a single loop? We detail below how to kill all visionaries in Deathloop.

Deathloop can be a somewhat complicated title to explain, if you need advice to understand it better you can take a look at other guides How to get all the legendary weapons in Deathloop.

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How to kill all visionaries in Deathloop, complete guide

Before revealing the ultimate goal of Deathloop is to kill all visionaries, we will give you some other initial tips that will help you.

  • The island is divided into 4 districts: The complex, Updaam, Fristad Rock and Karl's Bay, which you can visit at certain times of the day: morning, noon, afternoon or evening.
  • There are different ways to eliminate each of the visionaries and you can use whatever weapons you want. But this will not change the place and time of day each visionary must be eliminated.
  • Before I can kill the eight visionaries, You need to get all the clues and complete the various missions in Blackreef, which will allow you to unlock codes, combinations, secret areas, etc.

How to find and eliminate Deathloop visionaries

Below you will find a list of where and at what time of day you can eliminate all Visionaries in Deathloop:

  • Karl's Bay - Morning

Visionary Harriet is only available in Hangar 2 in Karl's Bay during the morning. Meanwhile, however, before leaving Karl's Bay, you will have to sabotage the fireworks which will later be destined for another visionary, Frank. In this way, in practice, you won't have to visit Frank at Fristad Rock at all as the man will die from his fireworks alone.

eliminate deathloop visionaries

  • The Complex - Noon

At noon, go to the Complex and damage Egor's experiment. To do this, simply take a field amplifier from Egor's lab, place it in front of the experiment machinery, and activate it by inserting the code. Since the experiment fails, Egor will go to Updaam to Aleksis's party that night..

  • Fristad Rock -Afternoon 

In the afternoon at Fristad Rock you can find Charlie and Fia, and eliminate them both at the same time. They are locked in a bunker that you will find along the coast, which you will surely visit throughout history as you investigate them. Following the story, in fact, you will have the code you need and eliminate them quickly, although if you have doubts this Deathloop Trophy guide: Violent Delights it will help you.

How to find Deathloop visionaries

  • Updaam - Afternoon

The visionary Wenjie, who thanks to the plot that we will have to solve, which also involves 2-BIT, the scientist will surely be at the party in Updaam during the night: in fact, the pc will repeat the action in each loop and therefore we will not have to do more than proceed with the removal.

At Updaam's party, during the evening, doing what we have described so far, we will find Wenjie, Egor and Aleksis, the last three goals.

At this point, you should have practiced several times how to kill these targets, but if you need help you can consult Deathloop Trophy: Ghost at the party where is detailed how to kill Aleksis, Wenjie and Egor without being seen. One way to get rid of Aleksis quickly is, for example, to lure him onto the dance floor, while Wenjie and Egor feature moments where they are very close to each other, and you can take out the two visionaries together.

After defeating these three targets, you will have to go back to the RAK bunker in Updaam (the one you opened with the three passwords and inside which is the flying vehicle), and at that point you can head towards the core of the machinery that controls the loop.

This is all you need to know about how to kill all visionaries in Deathloop We hope you find it useful and practical.