How to link Twitch account to PS4. You have started to appreciate the popular video platform of Amazon, to the point that now you follow several lives every day and, in fact, you are looking for a way to enjoy them to the maximum by watching TV of your home.

You probably already know that Twitch is available as an application for Playstation 4 - which would solve all your problems - but you don't know how to download the latter or how to log into your account on the console.

How to link Twitch account to PS4 step by step

Previous operations

Before entering the tutorial and explain how to link Twitch account to PS4, I want to remind you of a couple of previous steps necessary to continue.

I mean the connect the PlayStation 4 to Internet and associate your user profile in the console with a Count of PlayStation Network (free). You have almost certainly done both already. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

To connect the console to the Internet, if possible, use a Ethernet cable, which will allow you to have access to the Internet without interference and without configuring.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use the WiFi connection, go to the menu configurations On the PS4 (the briefcase icon at the top of the main console screen), go to Network> Set up the Internet connection> Use Wi-Fi> Typical,

Select the RED Wi Fi what do you want to use and enter the password. Otherwise, leave all the default options active.

For, access PlayStation Network (which is free, is only used to access PlayStation online services and should not be confused with the PlayStation Plus, which is instead paid and used to play online), go to the menu Settings> Account Management PS4, select item Sign in to PlayStation Network and enter your PSN account details.

If you do not have a PlayStation Network account yet, press the buttons New to PlayStation Network? Create an accountSign up now.

And complete the form with the country, language,   birthdate, City, State province,   Postal Code…

How to link Twitch account to PS4 to watch content

If your intention is connect Twitch account to PS4 to view content offered by the famous platform owned by Amazon, all you have to do is download the corresponding application on the console and log in with a confirmation code, which you will have to enter on the Twitch site acting from a PC or other device.

To download the Twitch app on PS4, select the checkbox TV and Video from the main menu of the console, to access the store with applications dedicated to entertainment.

Then select All applications located at the top, scroll through the list of available apps, choose Twitch  and proceed to install the application by pressing the button Download.

If you get a message that you don't have enough space on the PS4 to complete the installation, increase the memory of the console by following the suggestions found in my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

However, in case of other errors, check for updates for PS4: if you do not install the latest version of the console firmware you will not be allowed to install new applications.

Once the installation is complete, all you have to do is start the application Twitch of menu TV and Video or from the main screen of PS4 and connect your account to access the service. To do this, press the button Log In located in the upper left.

A bar code on television. At this point, visit the site from a device where you are logged into the Twitch site and enter, in the field located in the center of the page, the bar code what do you watch on TV. Then press the button Enable.

In a few seconds, the Twitch app on PS4 will automatically recognize your account and allow you to access your favorite content from the TV screen.

You will then be able to watch the live streams of the channels you follow, continue watching on-demand content that you had stopped, find potentially interesting content based on your previous views, and more.

There is not much to say about the operation of the application, as it almost completely reflects the operation of the Twitch site: I assure you that you will not find any difficulties in using it.

Final report: if you are a user Twitch Prime and you wonder how to connect Twitch Prime to PS4, do not worry. The Twitch app for Sony console automatically recognizes the benefits associated with the account in use and therefore no additional steps are required to use them.

How to link Twitch account to PS4 to stream content

If you intend to link your Twitch account to your PS4 to stream your gaming sessions, you can take advantage of the streaming feature included "as standard" in the operating system console.

However, before proceeding, run a speed test and make sure you have a connection with at least 2 Mbps upload - Below this threshold, you will have difficulty streaming quality.

With that said, to link your Twitch account to your PS4 for streaming, go to the menu configurations from the console, go to Share and broadcastConnect to other services and select Twitch from the proposed list.

Now, if you've already logged into the Twitch app to view PS4 content, the system should automatically recognize you - in this case, all you have to do is confirm by pressing the button. Okay.

However, if you haven't installed the Twitch app on your PS4 yet or aren't logged in, visit the site from a device where you are logged into the Twitch site and enter the bar code you see on your TV (as explained above for the Twitch app). Alternatively, you can also scan el QR code you see on the TV and follow the on-screen instructions.

Mission accomplished! You have now connected your Twitch account to the PlayStation 4 and can use it to stream your games online.

To do this, start the game you want to stream, press the key Share from the controller, hit Stream> Twitch  as a platform to broadcast, confirm that you are using your account and touch The transmission begins.

If you prefer a more professional setup, you can also consider connecting a Capture card to PS4, go crazy with a webcam while you play and manage everything from the PC, with programs like OBS.

How to unlink Twitch account from PS4

In case of doubt, I point out that you can log out of Twitch account from PS4 In a very simple way.

In the case of the service application, just start it, go to little man icon located at the top right and select the item Logout in the menu that opens.

In the case of content streaming, however, you need to go to the menu Settings> Share and stream> Link to other services> Twitch on the PS4, press the button Logout and confirm.