How to locate someone else's cell phone

Among the requests I receive most frequently are also those regarding the creation of a guide on how to locate someone else's cell phone. It is clearly not my intention to invite my readers to invade the privacy of their friends or family, as these activities can easily result in violations of the law; so I want to talk about the cases in which it can be considered legitimate to locate someone else's cell phone. For example, I mean the use of parental control applications, or the use of predefined tools for remote location of mobile phones Android, iOS o Windows Phone.

La technology GPS integrated in mobile devices allows to determine the geographical position of a person from their mobile phone. If you want to know how to locate the mobile phone of another person because you want to monitor the activity of a minor, you can use a parental control application that allows you to see the position of the latter, through their mobile device. . If you want to locate a mobile phone, you can also take advantage of the predefined tools of mobile devices, which I will talk about in detail in this guide. However, keep in mind that these latest applications are intended for personal use, as they allow you to find your mobile phone in cases such as theft or accidental loss. Using these tools to locate someone else's cell phone would be considered incorrect.

Also remember that this tutorial was written for illustration purposes only; I am not responsible for the potentially inappropriate use that may be made of the indications contained therein. That being said, all I have to do is wish you a good read.

Table of Contents

Mobile fence (Android)

If your intentions are to locate the mobile phone of a minor, for example, you can use the parental control application Mobile fence. It is an application that performs numerous useful functions to control and control the remotely a mobile device. Its features are really numerous and its user interface is quite clear and intuitive: on the other hand, however, it takes time to configure itself in the best of cases and also requires that the device to be controlled (and also that of the controller) have permissions. root.

To use Mobile Fence as an application to locate someone else's cell phone, you must first complete the initial setup of the application, which consists of two basic steps. In fact, one procedure will be performed on the device to be controlled, but also a second procedure on the controlling device. In particular:

  • On the controller device Installation and registration of Mobile Fence is required by downloading it from Google Play Store and pressing the button Record to create the main account. Once you have registered an account, you need to log in with the newly created data, and once you have selected your name from the app's user list, press the button Enable, in correspondence with the notice that will require the acquisition of administrator rights.
  • On the controller device Obviously, you also need to install the application. Then once started, as a controller, you will need to log in with the login details created in the other device and press the button Add a child to connect Mobile Fence to the device to control. Once you have specified the name, date of birth and gender of the child to verify, simply press the button Add to add it to the list of monitored devices. As a last step, you need to select the child's user from the list of available and click Enable to authorize the application to acquire administrator rights. To finish the initial configuration, you must click on Okay thus confirming that the device is that of the person to be controlled.

Also, keep in mind that the application needs access to root permissions, therefore please allow this setting when prompted by Mobile Fence.

Once installed and configured, the Mobile Fence application will allow you to monitor and possibly limit device usage. To perform any type of monitoring and limitation, you must log in to the Mobile Fence website, or you can track the use of the controlled device through the application installed on your device.

The application available free but only for a 30-day trial period. After this period, it will be necessary to pay a monthly subscription, with prices that vary according to the number of devices you want to keep under control. In detail:

  • Map family 3 - allows you to monitor up to 3 devices and the price is $ 28.80 per year
  • Family plan 5 - allows you to monitor up to 5 devices priced at $ 48.80 per year
  • Map family 10 - Allows you to connect and then monitor up to 5 devices at a price of $ 96 per year

If you need more information on how Mobile Fence works, read my guide on how to spy on an Android phone, where you can find more details on how the application works in relation to monitoring.

Find my device (Android)

For devices running Android, the default application that allows you to locate a mobile is called Find my device. This is a tool designed to help you find your device if it is lost or stolen.

Using it as an application to locate someone else's cell phone is not as simple as you might think how to use it, remote location must be activated on the device to be controlled and GPS must also be active. Next I will explain how to proceed for both cases to activate these options on the user's device to control.

To activate remote location, first activate the location on your mobile phone. From the main screen, where all the applications on your device are located, locate and touch the application configurations (The icon is shaped like a gear). On the screen that opens, continue to touch the item Google in the menu that appears. Now locate the article Safety and touch it. Also plays the voice Find my device and activate the voices Locate this device remotely es Allow remote lock and reboot. In this way you will have the possibility to locate the device remotely. To enable GPS, go to configurations from Android, click on the item Geolocation and activate the lever by moving from OFF a EN.

To locate the mobile phone of the person to be monitored, you must now go to the Website Administration of Android devices and log in by entering the username and password of your Google account associated with the device to be controlled and then pressing the button Log In.

Once the session is started, you can locate the mobile phone of the person you want to monitor through a geographical map, seeing their movements in real time.

Find my iPhone (iOS)

If you want to locate someone else's cell phone for parental control purposes and the person to be controlled has an iOS mobile phone, you can use the app Find my iphone.

Also in this case it is an application whose main purpose is to track a device in case of theft but, having the data of the iCloud account Connected to the smartphone to be monitored, the application can be used to locate another person's cell phone.

To locate a mobile phone with the application Find my iPhoneAlso in this case, remote location and GPS must be enabled on the device to be controlled.

To perform these steps, touch the application configurations iOS and press the name of your iCloud account. In the screen that opens, then click on the item iCloud and make sure it is set to SI in the article Find my iphone. To activate the location on the iOS device to control, go to the app configurations on the device, touch the item Privacy and then activate the voice Location moving the lever from NO to YES.

After completing these preliminary procedures, you can locate the mobile phone for which you have activated the location by accessing the iCloud website. Then you will have to log in by typing the address e-mail es password of the Apple ID connected to the device to be monitored. In this way you will be able to view a map and see the position of a person in real time, through their mobile phone.

Find my phone (Windows Phone)

Similar to what has been seen for Android and iOS, the devices Windows Phone they also include a native tool that allows you to locate a mobile phone. Such a tool is called Find my phone and it does not require any type of installation, since it is present by default.

Also in this case, however, you must bear in mind that, by locating another cell phone, you must be able to activate previously having activated the geolocation and also him remote monitoring of mobile phones.

If you have access to the cell phone of the person to be monitored and located through the cell phone, go to configurations device and then locate the input Find my phone. Now verify that the voice is active Save my location periodically and before runs out la battery to find the phone easily.

Once this is done, you can locate the mobile phone of the person to be monitored via the Web, by connecting to the Microsoft device management page.

To see the device of the person to locate, you will now need to log in with the Microsoft account connected to the device and click on the device name and then on the item Find my phone.