You recently bought a device Android and there are some things you just can't figure out using your new tech gem. For example, you would like to download applications and to be successful at this some of your friends have explained to you that you need to log into Google Play Store. Since this is his first time in the company of a Android device, you would like to participate in this operation and therefore you are reading this tutorial of mine, waiting for my help.

Well, if you really think that way, you'll be glad to know that I'm more than happy to help you out. To log in to Play StoreYou must first perform some preliminary operations, the most important of which is related to creating a Google account. In any case, you do not have to worry, since these are very simple operations to perform that can be performed from a PC, but also directly from the Android device in use. In this tutorial, I will explain how to proceed in detail to help you achieve your goal.

As you say, now that you have understood what I am going to talk about in this guide, do you see the time to start? I can imagine it, and for this very reason, I advise you to first take a few minutes of free time to carefully read the instructions in this tutorial. I am sure that by the end of the reading you will be absolutely satisfied with what you have learned and will not take the time to share this information with a friend who needs a similar heterosexual. Are you ready to start? Yes? Very well! I wish you a good read and a good job.

Create a Google account

If your intention is Accede to Google Play Store, or the virtual store through which you download, buy and install games and applications in Android devices, the first procedure you need to do is create the account google, since this is essential to configure your device and also to use Play Store. In the following lines I will explain in detail how to carry out this operation directly from your device, but also from your PC windows o MacOS.

From Android

Usually create an account google It is a procedure carried out during the configuration of a new Android terminal, but if you want to create a new account to add to your device, you can proceed from the configuration menu, located inside it.

Then click on the icon with the gear symbol on the home screen and then tap the item account, its Add account and in the writing google. Now, tap on the link Create a new account that you see on the screen, to proceed immediately with the creation of it.

Use text fields name y surname To enter information about your profile, press the button siguiente and continue to create the account, providing the basic information requested. Indicate the birthdate and yours sex, through the appropriate text fields of the drop-down menus that you see on the screen and press again on siguiente.

Now, indicate through the text field Username, the username you want to use and which will be used to log in to the account you are about to create and then press siguiente. Use the following text field create a password and the one called Confirm Password, to enter the password you want to use to access your account, click siguiente to continue and finally, if you also want to add your phone number, press the button yes acceptable otherwise, it's the wording Salta.

Finally press Other options and mark the item Add my number just for account security ; this way you will add a phone number and this will only be used for an additional security issue such as the case where you need to recover your account or reset your password.

Subsequently, accept the terms and conditions of the Google service, putting a check mark on the articles I accept Google's terms of service y I accept the processing of my data as described above and as explained in the privacy policy and finally press the voices Create Account y confirmation.

Once this is done, click on siguiente, to use the account google newly created to access to the device and sync data in the cloud. Later, if you are asked to configure the payment data, entering the data of the credit card, debit card or an account of PayPal, place a check mark on the item No thanks since these are optional options and press continued to finish the procedure

From the Pc

guidance on create a google account It can also act as a PC, connecting to home page of the well-known search engine, using a browser to navigate the Internet.

Then on the main screen click on the item to access located in the upper right, then in the newsroom Create an account and indicates all the information required to create your profile, using the text fields name, surname, Username, password y Confirm Password.

In this way, you can create an address of e-mail. but if you don't want to use the email account in question, click on the link Use the current email address to use the email address you already have. Then click siguiente and use the following text fields to indicate other information related to your account, such as the phone number un recovery email address (both fields are optional) and it also indicates yours birthdate and yours sex, using the relative drop-down menus.

Click on siguiente and accept the terms and conditions of the service, placing a check mark next to the boxes I accept Google's terms of service y I accept the processing of my data as described above and as explained in the privacy policy , then click on the button Create Account construction and also in confirmation, to complete the creation of your Google account.

Log into Google Play Store from Android

Once an account is created google, this must be configured on your Android device, in order to use the services google and to access the Play Store.

If you have created an account Android Google, performing the operations that I have indicated in previous paragraph that should automatically have access Play Store, or the virtual store of Android devices, whose icon is on the main screen of the same. Then touch it (ha the symbol of a work of color ) and wait until you can see the main page called casa. This procedure to log into Play Store it happens automatically so you don't have to do anything.

Once you're signed in, use the search engine at the top to find the app you want to download, and then install it on your device by pressing the buttons install y I agree. At the end of the installation and automatic download, start the application by pressing the button open de Play Store or tap its icon on the home screen of your device. For more information on installing applications, read my dedicated guide.

Sign in to Google Play Store with another account

Alternatively if you have created a Google account from your PC and if you want to log in Play Store Android with this secondary account, you can perform a quick operation related to adding an account google to the device

To do this, go to the settings menu of your mobile phone or tablet by tapping the app adjustments on the home screen (the icon with the symbol of a gear ) after which it reaches the sections account > Add account > Google.

Then you must log into Google with the additional account you want to configure on your terminal. Therefore, it indicates the email or phone number associated with it, using the text fields you see on the screen, click siguientewrite the password count in the respective text field and press it again siguiente. Now complete the operation by pressing Yes I accept and up to accept. If a billing method is requested, you can put a check mark next to the wording No thanks, since this option is optional. Then press continued to finish the operation

We're almost there: now tap on the icon Play Store on the home screen of your device to see that access to it has already been done automatically with the account google main that you have configured on the device. However, if you want to log in with the additional account you just logged in for, press the icon with symbol and then tap the icon that represents the Google account you just added. If you don't see it on the screen, press the ▼ button, and then tap the account name.

Log in to Google Play Store from your PC

If you want, you can log into Google Play Store even from a PC, so you can see the complete list of applications and games that you can buy and install on Android.

To do this, open the browser you normally use to browse Internet and go to the site so you can see the home page of the Play Store by Google

Now click on the button to access located in the upper right corner and use the text field you see on the screen to write the email address of the Google account you created or the phone number connected to it. Then press the button siguientewrite the password your google account and click again siguiente to complete the procedure and thus access the Play Store with your Google account.

Login to Play Store from a PC can be useful for remote downloading of games and applications. To do this, simply locate the application you want to install and then press the button install from the drop-down menu Choose a device. At this point, click on the Android device you are using, click install and to good. The application you selected will automatically download to your Android mobile phone or tablet. Convenient, don't you think?

Before leaving, I inform you that you can possibly access the Play Store from PCs with more than one Google account. To do this, click on your profile icon located in the upper right corner and press the button Add account from its context menu. In this way, you can log in with another account that you have. To learn more about this operation, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the subject.