How to make a cell phone cover. Recently bought a new mobile phone and, with the intention of protecting it as much as possible from possible bumps, drops and scratches, he thought well of applying a cover.

However, what he found in all the stores he visited did not satisfy him. As a result, you would like to create yours, completely customized. But how do you do it?

In the following lines, you will find explained how to make a cell phone case using some online services. These services allow you to select the mobile phone model of your interest, the material that will be used for the case, the colors, photos and motifs that will be printed on it and much more. All in an incredibly simple and fast way.

Alternatively, you may consider making a cover yourself, such as the famous Do it Yourself. Use a variety of materials and supports. But, let me tell you how to do it.

How to make a cell phone cover: apps and tools.

As I said at the beginning of the guide, for make a cell phone case can trust sites Internet specifically designed to make custom covers for mobile phones. Below, therefore, you will find the ones that, in my humble opinion, represent the best in the category. Put them to the test right away and I'm sure they won't let you down.

The first online service to make cell phone cases that I want to suggest you try is It is a portal that, as the name implies, allows you to buy covers for mobile phones, tablets and other devices and create personalized ones.

The covers are made of soft silicone, with the possibility to select the base color and add photos, texts and other decorative elements. Prices start at € 14.99 and shipments are fast enough.

In order to use it, go to the home page. Move the mouse pointer over the menu Create your own custom cover located at the top. Select the brand from your mobile phone or, if it is not on the list. Choose the item All the models and select it from the next page. Then indicate the exact model of mobile phone for which you want to present the case.

On the new page that is now displayed, click the button Customize the product located on the right, then use the editor proposed to make all the appropriate customizations for your case.

More precisely, through the menu on the left you can choose the basic color of the cover, apply clipart, texts, photos and logo you can manage the levels of the various added decorative elements. On the right you can find the preview of the case. And you can use the available commands to move, resize, edit, etc. All decorations.

How to buy it?

Once you have customized your cover, click the button Add to cart located at the top right and press the button again Add to cart in the menu that opens, to add the product to the cart.

To finalize the purchase, click site logo located in the upper left, to return to the home page. Move the mouse pointer over the icon with the shopping bag located in the upper right and click on the button output.

Then complete the form that is proposed, providing your personal information (name, surname, telephone number, etc.) and your direction. Indicating the shipping method you want to use and by providing data related to paid. Afterwards, all you have to do is wait for the cover page you created to be delivered to the address indicated above.

Another website that you can consider relying on, if you want to make a cell phone cover, is, which allows you to create covers for mobile phones and other devices in a fully personalized way, as well as various other devices, such as shirts and bags.

The covers can be changed by choosing the type and material, adding photos, illustrations and other details. Prices start at € 19.90 and shipments are quite fast.

To create your custom cover in Personalize, go to the site home page, move your mouse pointer over the item crear located at the top. Select the option cover from the menu that opens. Then select the brand of your mobile phone among those available. Later, the exact mobile phone model.

At this point, indicate the type of cover you intend to make, choosing, depending on the mobile phone model: soft, hard, shiny,  matt ...

Customize it with photos

With this done, decide whether you want to personalize the case with your own photo or with one of the ready-to-use graphics available directly from Personalize. In the first case, also upload the image of the PC, while in the second, choose the graphics of your preference from the proposed catalog.

Then use the internal editor on the site to make more customizations for your cover. More precisely, on the right, in the section Personalize, find the controls and menus to move, rotate and enlarge the selected image.

While in the section advanced Find useful functions to add texts, change the background color, apply additional effects, etc. On the left side of the screen, however, you are shown a preview of your cover.

When finished editing, click on the item crear located at the bottom right and on the new page that opens press the button confirmation. At this point, click on the button Login / Register located at the bottom right, after which you register on the site by entering your address e-mail and password, or log in with a Google o Facebook.

After registration, on the new page proposed, click on the button continued and provide your shipping address by completing the appropriate fields attached to the form that opens. So choose if you want to receive the receipt or invoice, click the button follow  and select the methods of expedition y paid you want to explode

Once this is done, you simply have to wait for your custom cover to be shipped to the address given above.

Other sites to make a cell phone cover

Along with the sites for making a mobile cover that I have already informed you in the previous lines, you can consider trusting the portals that you will find in the list below. They are equally valid, with affordable prices and equally fast shipping. Take a look at them and you will surely be able to find a solution that satisfies you.

  • GoCustomized - is a portal that allows you to create custom covers for all the most popular mobile phone models. You can choose from various materials and types, while for decorations, images, patterns, colored backgrounds, etc. can be applied.


  • - another portal that allows you to create custom cases for mobile phones of various types, as well as t-shirts, hats and other devices. All covers can be changed by adding photos, texts and drawings, as desired, and you can also select the background color and opacity.


  • Snapfish - is a famous portal that allows you to order prints online and also allows you to create custom covers for mobile phones and iPhones Samsung, decorating them with the photos you want.


  • photobox - another web service that allows you to order printing of photos and through which it is also possible to create custom covers for Samsung devices and for iPhone, choose the design, the photos to be used, insert a title at will, etc.

How to make a DIY cell phone cover

If you are a particularly creative and "witty" type, you may seriously consider the idea of make a diy cell phone cover or edit a cell phone cover already existing, to beautify or repair it.

In this sense, do some research on Google and YouTube. There are numerous tutorials that provide useful ideas on how to make and customize mobile phone covers using Various materials y objectssuch as balloons, socks, jeans, felt, etc. In most cases, these are easy solutions for almost anyone to implement.

Yes then you have one 3D Printer, you can make a completely new case for your mobile phone starting practically from scratch, using the many models available online ready to go. print or create one directly. If you don't have a 3D printer yet and want some advice on which device of this type to buy, you can check out my buying guide. There are numerous tips on makes, models and features that can certainly help you.