How to make screenshot in MSI Katana GF66? Currently it is possible to find a wide range of laptop computer models on the market, however the MSI line has become perhaps one of the most popular and preferred by video game lovers.

The MSI Katana GF66 offers a lot of advantages and technical specifications that make it one of the most striking laptops of recent times. Its design, comfort and fast processor make it an excellent purchase option. Today we teach you how to take a screenshot on this laptop.

This is how you can take a screenshot on an MSI Katana GF66

If you are fascinated by video games then most likely you know the new MSI Katana GF66, one of the most anticipated releases by the public who follow this brand. This device is part of a whole series of new gaming laptops.

Like most laptops available on the market, The MSI Katana GF66 comes bundled with the Windows operating system. So learning how to take a screenshot on it will not be a complicated task, since the procedure is very similar to any other computer with the same operating system.

Step 1: Click on the "Print Screen" key

If you have a computer with Windows operating system then you must do the following in order to take a screenshot.

The first thing to do is go to the keyboard of your MSI Katana GF66 and find the "Print Screen" or "PrtScrn”. Once you find it you will have to press it only once.

Step 2: Open an editor program

By pressing the "Print Screen" key on your computer, the screenshot will be automatically saved to the clipboard of the system. Now what we must do is open an editing program, it can be Paint or Word and paste that image there so that we can then save it in a folder on our computer.

Users who want take a screenshot of a specific window or program, you must first press the ALT key and then press the PRINT SCREEN key.

Take a screenshot with Paint

One of the easiest and fastest ways we have to take a screenshot is with the Paint program that comes pre-installed in the Windows operating system.

Check if your MSI Katana GF66 computer has this program incorporated. If so, then follow these simple steps that we tell you below:

  1. Locate the screen what do you want to capture
  2. Click on the Print Screen key or PrtScrn
  3. Open the Paint program on your laptop
  4. Click on the button "Edit"And then click"Catch"
  5. The screenshot will already be available in Paint. Now you will simply have to edit it (if you prefer) and then store it on your laptop.
  6. Click on "Save or save as”. Choose where you want to store the screenshot, and voila.